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Seoul District Court Tells SM Entertainment To Leave JYJ Alone

After a year of battling in court, SM Entertainment and JYJ have finally reached a verdict in court, with JYJ walking away unharmed.

Since October 27th, 2009 SM Entertainment has filed a claim against JYJ which since then has allowed them to interfere with all of JYJ‘s activities.

The court ruled that with an unfair 13 year old contract and strict restriction on the members, SM Entertainment has no right to blame JYJ for any financial losses.

On their 2nd ruling the court, criticized SM Entrainment for trying to force JYJ to leave  CJES Entertainment when they were specially told on October 27th, 2009 they had no auhourization to do so.

SM Entertainment announced afterwards though that things are not over yet, as JYJ still has to go to court over their contracts which will be held sometime in March.

One of the biggest challenges JYJ has faced since debuting,  is being blacklisted because of SM Entertainment , but now with this court case do you think things will change?

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126 Comments on “Seoul District Court Tells SM Entertainment To Leave JYJ Alone”

  1. Ruth says:

    SM is the home to my favorite Kpop stars but honestly, I think it’s not right for them to do that to JYJ. I’m glad JYJ won the court ruling. I hope that someday they’re able to accomplish their activities without any SM interference.

    • Ana Santos says:

      SM is the illuminati artists home you mean..and JYJ were intelligent enough to get that and leave! so god bless the guys and you! wake up for whats really going on there…<3

  2. chii says:

    Now that the court favors JYJ, I hope that these three great musicians will be able to perform freely in their country, without any restrictions and with their fellow artists support.

    God bless both JYJ and TVXQ.

    • dan says:

      you’re kind of pushing it using “great musicians” and jyj in the same sentence.

      • Feck_U says:

        ^ lol I was thinking the same thing XD

        JYJ are great performers and entertainers…But they are far from being musicians.

        • sobe says:

          I don’t understand – the three members of JYJ are undoubtedly past idol-status and are musicians. Of course, it depends on the individual’s perception of what a musician is, but as for me, a musician is someone who can translate feelings into music – a skill that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have learned.

          • Feck_U says:

            musicians are people who write, play and create music off of an actual musical instrument ie: Piano, guitar etc…JYJ are performers…They rely solely on composers and ghost writers to make their songs for them…They are not musicians because they can interpret the music that they are given to perform…That’s not musicianship. Might as well say Britney Spears is a musician well pfftt lol XD It doesn’t make them any less credible but to label them as a musician to their repertoire is rather far fetched.

          • Aubergine says:

            You’re talking nonsense. They write the ‘raps in english’ occasionally. That’s not a musician by any stretch of the imagination. They don’t write their music or the words.

            Keep persuading yourself otherwise though.

            • mudpuddles says:

              YooChun does write his own songs but most of them don’t get published. Does that mean he’s not a musician? The definition of a musician is “a person who writes, performs, or makes music.” They don’t necessarily need to play it off of an actual instrument, as the categories of being a musicianship are a) an instrumentalist, someone who plays a musical instrument, b) a multi-instrumentalist, someone who plays a diverse range of instruments such as percussion, plucked strings, etc., c) a singer, someone who is a vocalist, d) Composers, songwriters and arrangers create musical compositions, songs and arrangements. These may be transcribed in music notation, performed or recorded, e) A conductor, someone who leads a musical ensemble, and f) a recording artist who creates recorded music, such as CDs and MP3 files. JYJ does five out of the six sub-categories of being a musician. Hence they are musicians.

              • Feck_U says:

                He plays some tunes on piano…Wow…He still doesn’t know hwo to polish it into a composing peace…he still has to hire a professional composer to make his tunes into actual music. Making tunes and making music are two different things. Alot of people don’t realize it takes more than making up a beat or a tune you hum out of your mouth/head or a few keys on the piano into an actual song.

              • Aubergine says:

                Okay, so he just composes shyte songs which don’t get published. I am also a composer and musician then.

        • Ana Santos says:

          Whaa?? They ARE MUSICIANS bc THEY NOW WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS while Homin are under a contract and have to perform and sing what those illuminati bastards want! so this is the diference between a puppet and a brave singer! ❤ peace

  3. Nicepeterfan says:

    Haha suck it SM!!!

  4. dan says:

    why did SM want a group of talentless guys anyways?

    • Toast says:

      Apparently they make money out of people who by talentless people’s music. It’s interesting how, and why.

      • danufukup says:

        dan stop making multiple accounts and think your cool.

        and btw i didn’t know there’s internet in trailer parks 😮

        • Toast says:

          a) I’m not dan.
          b) Of course you knew trailer parks have the internet, that’s how you got online today. Be more observant.

          • dan says:

            I only aspire to reach Toast’s superior level of intellectual observation and critical analysis skills.

          • Yunhee says:

            Must I remind you of our past tangles on that JYP-J.Tune article? I thought you passed this level of immaturity, but it appears that you have not. I’m lumping you, dan, grape, CadburyCreamEgg, and AngelDelight into one big bag when I say this: please refer to my comments on and be mature people. Even though I do not admire your attention-craving personalities, something tells me that we’d really get along when face-to-face…

            • Toast says:

              I’d never meet anyone from the internet face to face, because people on the internet are inherently psychos who want to cut people into cubes or worse….. and I’M NOT KOREAN OR AMERICAN.

              How many times do I have to tell people.

              • Yunhee says:

                I really don’t care what or who you are, and I couldn’t care less about what you say about me. I just like finding out what makes people act in certain ways, and it became apparent to me that I’ll get nowhere in terms of trying to understand you if I’m stuck talking to you in this blog. And I said ‘I think,’ not ‘we should,’ for your clarification. I hoped you would be intelligent enough to understand that I meant we need to widen ourselves outside this realm.

              • bdean says:

                You’re just a whiny LOSER who tries to get jollies from trolling a site dedicated to country which you obviously have an issue w/ – sounds like a “winner” to me – lol!

                • Toast says:

                  Yes, I’m a loser, just because I don’t want korean women and just because I think their talentless pop stars have no talent. You’re just attacking me because you feel the deity status of your k-gods is somehow under threat.

              • Orange_Fun says:

                Wait so people on the internet are psychos? but you are on the internet…….so does that make you a pyscho?

            • snooki says:

              Stop acting like you’re some intellectual yunhee. I knew you were dumb as shit when you were talking about JYJ , J-tune and their rising stocks like they were samsung and lg. If you think that people will be ecstatic when they get dividend payments of 1000 euros a year than you must be really stupid.

              • Yunhee says:

                I’m very sorry, there seems to be some confusion due to a bit of poor clarification on my part. I never meant that JYP’s stock was rising, but that J.Tune’s biggest shareholders will have their shares worth more because the aggregate worth has increased by combining two companies. Since that’s cleared up, I think I’m done here. I’m disappointed by the level of arguments on both sides, and I don’t want to be made out to be a supporter of either – did I mention I like remaining impartial? I originally stepped in because I was tired of off-topic comments, but it seems I lost myself to my spirited side and created quite a few while I was trying to exterminate them. I don’t think it’s possible to root out any of this until people stop replying to commenters like dan, Toast, Grape, AngelDelight, CadburysCreamEgg, and any more I forgot to mention. If you stop replying, they’ll eventually lose interest. I know I would.

    • bdean says:

      Their talent may be debatable, but your stupidity isn’t.

    • Ana Santos says:

      If they were talentless, they wouldnt have scaped from those illuminati and now sing their own songs so I call that TRUE TALENT oh and why needs SM these guys-?….well thats another part of the history…. peace

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  6. Manu says:

    SM is seriously so awful!! Cassies need to band together and support our boys!!

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I actually like SM, even though i hear tons of bad things about that entertainment company.
    but the reason why i like SM is because they have the best groups ever! Pretty much all of their groups are good looking and talented and they sing awesome songs.

    • dan says:

      stop lying to yourself. all sm girls are pimped out to producers, directors, and men with money. How else do you think those girls get into dramas and all the other variety shows?

      • Samie-sama says:

        You got that right. *coughSNSDexceptforTaeyoncough* But even you have to admit that daym DBSK is prolly the most talented people they’ve had. They’re voices are the shit.

      • Toast says:

        Those entertainment company and korean big-brand CEOs seriously must be getting a lot of k-pop poontang what with all the pimping of k-pop starlets and ladyboy groups to them.

        • bdean says:

          Please, in China, all the women are pimped out to those who are “connected’ – only way they can get anywhere.

          • Toast says:

            “in China, all the women are pimped out to those who are “connected’ – only way they can get anywhere” << Hmm, I see you have a problem with chinese people, is that because people know where their country is, and they don't know where korea, the land of your gods, is?

      • bdean says:

        Don’t you wish you can get a girl, any girl (inflatable girls don’t count).

        • Toast says:

          You seem to equate ‘any girl’ with korean women, because in your head the only women who exist are korean women. Sadly for you, I’m european, so I’d rather have some hot french or chinese lady. They’re more natural and more classy, so get over it.

          • sobe says:

            I understand that prejudice is prevalent among ignorant people like you, but you need to calm down. The comment section is for comments on the article, not the sad results of your pathetically high level of insecurity. But, I have to admit, you’re quite entertaining.

    • Ana Santos says:

      One word : Illuminati, not good trust me.

  8. Orange_Fun says:

    I just hope that one day DBSK can be back together again with out being a slave to SM’s rediculous contracts and I hope SM treats their artists better because SuperJuniorLover6666666666 is right SM does have an eye and ear for talent.

    • dan says:

      if SM as you say has “an eye and ear for talent,” when will they actually use these skills? they haven’t yet.

      • Ana Santos says:

        Yeah and eye they have! the all seeing eye! <- illuminati simbol, just go watch lady gaga's vids or rihannas, any famoues singer you imagine, but you can see it now on GD!why? THEY ARE INFILTRATING ON KPOP!! GOD DAM WAKE UP !

  9. djbullock says:

    Regardless of what any court ruling says, I have no doubt SM will continue to employ every tactic they can to suppress JYJ from showing that success can be achieved outside of the suffocating realm of big entertainment companies.

    A piece of paper is not going to stop this. It will take inside people willing to stand up and testify about the behind-the-back, underhanded intimidation tactics along with some hefty fines and severe penalties to those involved.

    When “shame,” “betrayal” or “traitor” are words freely slung at anyone who raises their voice against what is consider the normal flow, it’s easy to see why so few are willing to put themselves in the line of fire.

    • pat says:

      SM should suffer some penalties for ignoring the 1st ruling and blacklisting JYJ.Or else they wont stop. Such slimy business practices.

      • Aubergine says:

        And ‘the constituent members of JYJ’ shouldn’t suffer any penalties for summarily breaching their individual contractual obligations to SM Entertainment.

        I hope you never employ anyone to do a job, have any savings, investments, pensions or own a company, because if people just go around signing contracts and then not fulfilling them your whole country will fall to pieces if it already hasn’t.

        If ‘the constituent members of JYJ’ want to go sniffing for extra cash before fulfilling their promises, then that’s just legally and morally wrong, no?

        • djbullock says:

          So in your mind a contract is a contract is a contract… with no ifs, ands, or buts.

          If that’s the case then I feel sorry for you. You haven’t developed the mental capacity yet to evaluate the difference between fair & humane vs. exploitive & oppressive. You are exactly the type of person these companies count on to sign up with them and live your life under their thumb fulfilling your “obligations” to them.

          To help educate you, and because *I care* about protecting your future personal rights, please be advised that there are many people and companies who will gladly take advantage of your hopes and dreams along with the naivete of your youth by painting grandeur pictures of your future and dangling promises of fame and fortune if you just sign their contracts.

          The purpose of a contract is to provide documentation of the benefits, liabilities and expectations of all parties. It is supposed to be written in a way which protects the rights of everyone involved. It does not mean that anything written in a contract is either legal or fair.

          There is nothing in this contract that protects the rights of JaeJoong, Yuchun or Junsu. Their “obligation” was to work whenever, wherever and however SM deemed with no limitations on the number of hours, no specification of personal time and no accommodation for time off due to sickness or personal injury.

          A contract like this allows SM to exploit their most successful “idols” by scheduling them on every TV program, product endorsement and concert tour they can pack into a calendar in order to generate all the profit they can off of them. What’s ironic however, is that because of the way this contract is written, it becomes TOTALLY possible for an idol to earn less money instead of more.

          This is probably the point where it becomes clear to the idol that there is indeed something wrong with these contracts which is why we’ve seen past idols also challenging their contracts at the peak of their careers.

          You may want to try to label it as greed but I call it the best place where they’ve got at least a chance to finally get a fair deal because if it weren’t for their popularity they wouldn’t stand a chance in hell against these big entertainment companies and their bully tactics.

          I find it hard to see where greed comes in when JYJ freely admits they were willing to proceed with this litigation knowing full well they might not ever be able to perform without interference again. It had to be blind faith because there is no set precedence that any idol group who has ever defied one of these entertainment companies has ever gone on to higher fame and fortune. I beg you to name one.

          As I see it, the only thing JYJ is guilty of is becoming older, wiser and finally understanding the math in this ridiculous contract and I’m truly sorry if HoMin stayed because they felt obligated to fulfill it. Personally I feel if all five had come out together this case would have been a slam-dunk against SM and DBSK could have achieved fame and fortune beyond their wildest dreams.

          • Aubergine says:

            Thus endeth the lesson. Did you mention the parents who I presume were present when the contracts were signed?

            • djbullock says:

              Parents, unless they are practicing attorneys, are not considered legal counsel. This is why the courts wanted to know if the contracts were reviewed by anyone other than the parents. Even if an attorney had reviewed it and allowed their client to sign it, this contract is so badly written that one could easily appeal to a court that their counsel had badly misrepresented their interests. Citing bad counsel is the basis of many appeals.

  10. ♥؛×ْ~ReEeM~ْ؛×♥ says:

    donghae & tiffany hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. Orange_Fun says:

    SM is just pissed off because JYJ is more successful than ever with out SM. Just imagine if Changmin and Yunho left and joined JYJ and be a five member band again, they would run all over SM.

    • Pupalof says:

      Ain’t that the truth!

      • Toast says:

        Probably not the truth, because none of them are talented, none of them write music, none of them write lyrics, none of them can do PR, none of them can do styling, none of them can do choreography, none of them can cut their ladies’ hair. It wouldn’t be hard for SM to cut them out of the already closed Korean music market, that would only lead to fail.

        • bdean says:

          At least Chinese groups wouln’t be copying them then.

          • Toast says:

            Yep, that’s because chinese people have some element of originality and understand what newness is.

            The only thing new about korea is their history books, and their boat to row to USA.

        • Orange_Fun says:

          Why would they need to do all that when they can just hire people to do it for them, all they need to do is perform and expand their fan base and they have done just that. Don’t really care if you agree or not, just want others to be informed.
          Oh and Toast, please stop worshiping Asians and everything that has to do with them, I they are starting the get creeped out by you. No one likes a stalker.

  12. dee;) says:

    oh my, i’m hearing all these things about top agency (with Kara and dsp, Jyj and sm)
    sure they trai these artist and everything but pay them the way they deserve..
    dont be greedy..

    yes, now that sm will leave jyj alone, they will be in big success then they are now.
    jyj, show them that you can do better!!fighting!

  13. JYJ 110% says:

    Yes…….. JYJ is winning the case with the asshole SM who try to block tthem on everything they do now the court is on JYJ side bcause the court know that JYJ is right when they file a law suit aganist SM for the bad 13 year Contract and JYJ is wining because everything that JYJ said to the Korean Court about SM is True. Its telling SM to Fuck OFF and leave JYJ alone so they can be on tv show and do what ever they want know and enjoy a happy life freedom they never have while under Fucking SM shit hole. I support JYJ a 110% for what they are doing for there freedom and human right which SM never given to JYJ fighting and this is for SM fuck all the peoples that work for SM now fuck the company it self is a fucking shit hole,hell hole and slave. I hope the fucking SM company close up forever and never to seen in Korea again so the fucken owner lee soo mon go behind bar for all the bad thing he did even before what he did to JYJ now. So SM you got to let it go like the song that JYJ sing fuck off and fucking stay off JYJ form now on. JYJ 110% fighting.

    • Toast says:

      Hmm, JYJ trying to write their own music, own lyrics and promote themselves on SM friendly tv channels. That’s going to be an interesting world for them.

  14. Roma says:

    WOW reading all of your comments were an interesting experience, and Yes JYJ boys are talented… leave the boys alone

    • Toast says:

      They’re talented in which way? They don’t write their songs, pen their music, do their choreography.. or anything.

      • Won~ says:

        Do your homework before you make those silly false assumptions of yours.

        FYI,They do WRITE AND COMPOSE their own songs as well as some TVXQ’s songs.

        • xmhmu5slove says:

          couldn’t agree more.

        • Toast says:

          That’s clearly untrue.. ‘the internets’ says their songs are written by ‘SM staffers’ and they co-wrote some of the later songs, but mainly their own tragic attempt at being black raps.

          So, what I said stands. They’re utterly talentless, but that won’t stop you worshipping them

          • ashley says:

            Really you need to just STFU, because everyone is tired of you. I agree some of the things you say is true but other things you say is total Bullshit so just leave JYJ Alone.

            • Aubergine says:

              You’re just angry because you cannot deal with the fact they’re not musicians, they’re just jumping-stage puppets and without SM Entertainment’s huge collection of writers, choreographers, stylists, propagandaists, etc..they’re absolutely nothing.

          • Won~ says:

            Wow,you’re saying false assumptions again without even doing some research.

            FYI, “Wasurenaide”,”Love In The Ice”,”9095″,”Nine” just to name a few are composed or written by the members themselves and prob does’nt fits your definition of “black rap”.

            Go and listen to them before making such passive false remarks.

            Your so called “stand” is terribly weak,my dear.

            BTW,i don’t worship them.
            i support their music,its that simple.

            Try coming up with better points next time before you go into debates with others.

            Anyhow,you’re utterly pathetic,but that won’t stop you from replying and coming up with some false remarks again,which your brain says “you’re right and everyone else that opposes your stand are all wrong.”


            • Aubergine says:

              The fact is, the internets disagrees with you. It clearly says they wrote ‘a few of their raps in english’. I utterly reject the fact they could have composed anything musical and I’m not going to bother listening to it to find out.

              The ‘truth’ for you is that they are utterly talented, the world sees it differently, hence you have a strong faith in your k-gods.

  15. xmhmu5slove says:

    It makes me laugh to see all these comments towards JYJ not being “successful” or “talented”. I mean there are comments throughout this whole page just about that, written by most likely one person…..who certainly does have an interest in JYJ in order for them to keep up the faith to do so. =) How cute!

    • Toast says:

      You’re the one who worships JYJ, i’m just reading what their discography says, their music is written by SM staffers and they occasionally write the ‘raps’, like seriously how untalented do people have to be in order for you to get with the programme?

      • K says:

        Hello! They’re singers! They’re not songwriters, choreographers or directors. It’s the SM staffers job to contribute to JYJ’s voice talent to make them successful. How can someone call a group of people “talentless” because they don’t do the jobs of other qualified people? Unless you hate their singing, it’s unjustified to call a group untalented for the former reason.

      • djbullock says:

        SM is a word you WON’T ever find on JYJ discography and BS is a word I use to describe your posts.

      • xmhmu5slove says:

        Toast, so nice of you to drop by and share your thoughts on JYJ! I’m sure it’s a FACT now that you’re just as much of a fan and you just don’t want to believe it.
        Have a nice day! =)

  16. Pink says:

    Toast, CadburyCreamEgg, Dan, AngelDelight, Potato, Grape, Johnson, Darth, Kevin, Johno, Portcullis, Toilet, Donald, Tyranosaurus Rocks, Cottage Pie, Watermelon, Celery, Flamingo, Whispering, or whatever you are, you need to calm down and shut your stupid mouth because you are getting so annoying and you are really really rude. If you don’t like K-Pop or Korea, then get out of here! Why would you spend your time arguing with people and saying bad stuff about K-Pop and Korea?

    You are such a douchebag….

  17. addikan says:

    i still think that you dont bite the hand that had fed you and made you who you r today.
    both sides are wrong on some levels but are both right in every other levels. i just cant help feeling that JYJ are doing to purposly being that they are a little fame greedy. honestly i have become an anti since JYJ became JYJ. they cant promise the wolrd a DBSK COMEBACK as a whole but come back as a duo with the other three going off to sing in engrish. i have always been a Junsu fan since day one but since the whole issue surfaced i havent been able to even look at their collection of CD’s sitting on my cd shelf. i hadt to take posters down and delete my dbsk folder on my laptop. and when i see JYJ promtions on websites i ignore thm bc it hurts. all the promises and yet our hopes are let down. i honestly dont understand why they are so fame greedy!

    who am i to be saying this? someone who was once a really big fan who is now a really disappointed ex-fan. i know that you all feel the same way regurdless of which side your on. you know i’m right when i say we are all tired and disappointed at both sides bull sh*t. i could care less about what happens to them now.

    i do wish them luck in their journey of the music life in the future though i’m sure with such fame greed that they will stop at nothing to be on top. so, really my wishing them luck wont really matter. i just cant beleive that the group of guys who had me utterly fall in love with Kpop in the first place is now no more. FAME had really gotten to them.

    • djbullock says:

      Even with the courts ruling in their favor, it’s sad to see so many are still unable to understand & accept that there is a place where fairness, happiness & quality of life could possibly have a far greater value than fame, money & your personal expectations of how their lives should revolve around yours instead of their own.

      • Aubergine says:

        However, JYJ were being greedy when they decided to not fulfil their contractual obligations and go sniffing for more money.

        Maybe your definition of greed isn’t the same as everyone else’s.

    • missy says:

      you were never a fan if you think this way
      you are just selfish and greedy yourself…

      Fame greedy? SAYS WHO? YOU
      have you seen their paycheck? how many dvds have their sold, how many concerts, how many shows…
      KESHA MADE 60 MILLION IN 1 YEAR (and she can’t even sing)
      hmm….if DBSK were EACH MAKING 10 MILLION
      fame greedy? what the heck?
      for a-listed celebs they make nothing..I know lawyers who probably make more than them..

      you don’t knwo anything, and most fans wouldn’t agree with you..
      the only reasonw hy jyj are surviving is because fans are supporting them
      jyj sold the most albums, ranked in more cash, why? because SM wasn’t taking most of it..

      the boys deserve better…and true fans unlike you
      maybe not in 1 year..
      but homin won’t be with SM forever..

      if you support SUPER JUNIOR make sure you STOP
      because they are no longer 13, kibum MIA, hangeng sued,
      they aren’t 13, and so you shouldn’t support them either
      oh and hangeng must be fame greedy, hmm….guess you’re wrong

      SM was wrong in every way…and JYJ were right in every way….
      you have no right to judge since you don’t know anything but what the tabloids say….
      thank goodness you aren’t a cassiepeia because you don’t even understand the meaning of it….
      good riddens
      so selfish…

      • Aubergine says:

        You’re calling someone greedy, simply because they said JYJ summarily decided not to complete their contractual obligations and go sniffing for more gold and cash?

        That’s like you calling an angel evil, just because they said the demon was evil… utterly senseless.

  18. Orange_Fun says:

    I kind of hate it when people say that JYJ if biting the hand the fed them. To me that implies that SM just gave TVXQ what ever they wanted with out working for it. SM didn’t give TVXQ’s voices, TVXQ has worked just as hard to obtain their fans just as much as any one could. Just because SM signed them, put them to work, and made loads of money off of TVXQ does not mean they are the only factor of their success and JYJ’s success has proven that. SM is no god and has no right to treat their artist unfairly. I back up JYJ’s decisions all they way.

    • Aubergine says:

      Well, if you sign up to a contract, you should, according to the law, fulfil the terms agreed in the contract. If you decide one day to go sniffing for extra money and not fulfil your contract, then you shouldn’t be allowed to operate under a brand name which is presumably owned by the entertainment company (JYJ, TVXQ, ..) because that’s basically theft. The IP and brand is all owned by the entertainment company who presumably signed separate contracts with them all to prevent them doing this.

      If these people want to go sniffing for more cash and not fulfil their obligations, under the law… then the full force of the law should be shown to JYJ to prevent them, and they should be sued for damages and other costs to the business.

      That’s how the law prevents greed.

  19. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Super Junior-M’s new MV for 太完美 (Perfection) is out! Finally!
    Make sure to check Sment Channel so that it can get lots of views!!

  20. […] an intense court battle against JYJ, that resulted with the court rulling in favor of JYJ, their former label SM Entertainment is […]

  21. Kasey says:

    It will probably won’t happen overnight..JYJ just have to take matters into their own hands. Come up with other ways to get their album sold..They need to come with a tactic that will put SM Entertainment on their assess…showing them they can’t be pushed around. Fight JYJ Fight

    • sobe says:

      Ah I think you’re misunderstanding something – JYJ is selling their albums well :). SM, being SM, tried to stop them, but they couldn’t. (BWAHAHA.) Now, JYJ’s album, The Beginning, is on the Hanteo Chart (Korean equivalent of American Billboard, I guess), and their Music Essay album has been number one in bookstores for quite some time.

      • Aubergine says:

        If SM own the term JYJ or TVXQ or what, and has contracts with these people stipulating that they any cultural products they produce for them or others during the period of the contract, then those all belong to SM entertainment and they are well within their rights to enforce the law.

        The greed is JYJ who decided they didn’t want to fulfil their contracts, and preventing them from performing is perfectly normal. Just look at ‘the artist formerly known as prince’ who had the same issues.

  22. hohoho says:

    A lot of you guys seem to be spending a lot of your time here.
    Time well spent. =D

    -end sarcasm-

  23. gina says:

    All the way with JYJ…..!!!!!

  24. tvxqfangirl85 says:

    Regardless of what all the mindless JYJ haters say on here, I think JYJ are kicking SME’s ass and they are being successful without them. They show that as long as you have talent, you don’t need the support of a parasitic greedy company.

    Don’t bite the hand that feed them?

    Yeah right, they haven’t been paid since Feb 2009 since SME pays them on a whenever- we -feel-like- it basis. In the mean time they have to go into debt with credit cards and loans until SME decides to give them what worked for.

    They are the ones feeding SME. Without their idols, the company is nothing.

    In fact the money that SME invested into DBSK was gotten through all of those naive trainees who pay lots of money for a chance to debut but never do.

    SME is nothing but one huge Ponzi Scheme that uses the hopes and dreams of children to further their money making operation.

    I am glad JYJ are out of there!

    I hope Homin finally gets their freedom as well…..

    • Aubergine says:

      You actually completed a whole comment without mentioning your father is an american lawyer!! hooray, have a prize.

      • tvxqfangirl85 says:


        My father isn’t a lawyer.

        I’m not even a lawyer or law student.

        I have a degree in Marketing and Psychology but I took a semester of Business Law.

        I think you got the wrong person buddy.

        • Teabag says:

          So you instead spent a long time reading all the legal documents… for what reason?

          Don’t you think reading one of the tomes of Shakespeare would have been decidedly better for you than reading about your deities’ legal issues?

          • Orange_Fun says:

            Hey Teabag, stop pushing your religion on people, we dont’ worship Asians like you do. Why don’t you and Toast, Dan, and all the other creepy stalker go create your own blog where you can gush over, make creepy rituals, and worship Asians and everything about them all you want. This is not a blog for some creepy Asian worshiping cult.
            P.S. it seems like you guys worship Americans too…Please stop it.

  25. hale luana says:

    Dan, Feck_U, Aubergine….please let us know when your song/album/tv appearance/song composition is out so we can fairly judge you.

    It seems to me that like all haters/bigots/racists who post on yahoo…..they have nothing better to do w/ their time….

    On yahoo, and i’m sure on many other sites, the first thing that comes to mind is why( if you don’t like and can’t stand topics…(e.g. gays, conservatives, liberals, etc., etc, etc) would you even take the time to read articles about these topics, much less spend time responding to them? The only conclusion is: NO LIFE…….or what kind of parents raised people like that?….or even worse….what kind of parents will these people be and what kinds of children will they be raising? (heaven forbid that they even become or are parents)….w/ their bigoted, prejudiced, racist opinions)……But then, for most of us, it is a free world where ANYBODY can express their opinions….but then again…..isn’t it kinda stupid to show everybody what kind of person you really are?

    • Aubergine says:

      Given that Koreans hate anyone outside of their own race, and have ‘asian music festivals’ which only have koreans in them (because other asians are so rubbish) and maybe a token japanese, then I think you’re right.

      People should ask these questions about the Koreans! And how they managed to treat hines ward so badly.

  26. […] finding out SM Entertainment had disobeyed the courts orders to not interfere with JYJ‘s activities, the Seoul Central District Court had decided to show […]

  27. […] a victory in court against former label SM Entertainment, what better way to celebrate than with a World […]

  28. BeBo says:

    Yeah~ leave JYJ alone!!
    SHAME on yOU SM!

  29. […] a victory in court against former label SM Entertainment, what better way to celebrate than with a World […]

  30. Sweetsmilez says:

    I feel like losing the altogether,Dbsk band..cuz now there’s only two of Changmin and Yunho..three of them..JyJ left together..yup!! entertainment do seem doing contract so cheating..but I still love my K-PoP bands/pplz..

  31. erickylove says:

    i like a lot of bands from SM, but what theyre doing right now is bad dude. im glad JYJ won this. they shouldve won anyways

  32. […] Seoul District Court has imposed a fine of 20 million won ($18,000) against SM Entertainment for constant cockblocking JYJ to do their promotional activities in Korea, even forcing the said group to leave CJES. Things has […]

  33. You have made some really good points there. I checked
    on the internet for more information about the issue and found
    most people will go along with your views on this site.

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