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How much can make-up do?


On this week’s episode of “Heroes“, IU, Ji-yeon of T-ara, Yoo In-na, Ka-hi of After School, and No Sa-yeon had to reveal their half make-up faces.

For IU and Yoo In-na, there weren’t too many differences between the side of their faces with make-up compared to the side without make-up. However, for Ji-yeon, eyeliner proved to be an important factor in making her eyes look bigger than they really are.

No Sa-yeon and Ka-hi also looked pretty much the same with the side of their face with make-up blending in naturally with the side without any make-up.

What do you think? Does make-up make a big difference?


26 Comments on “How much can make-up do?”

  1. dee;) says:

    still love ji-yeon..
    iu looks tired but apart from that, she is still beautiful…

  2. dee;) says:


  3. jamie says:

    they’re still wearing foundation and concealer on their “makeupless” side

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    whoa… it’s really amazing what makeup can do to enhance your face…
    sometimes, you can look waayy different.

    • mingqi says:

      yeah, i’ve known this for quite some time that make-up can really change a person’s look. While there is surgery amongst some stars, I bet most of them just have really good make-up artists. Then add a professional doing their hair, pretty clothes, and maybe even circle lenses- and they look like completely different people.

      Have you ever seen Sofia Vergara from Modern Family without makeup? She looks like a completely different person and looks much older without makeup. Unrecognizable!

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        No, i have not seen Sofia Vergara from Modern Family, but i just googled her and she does look different.

        Yes, Nana from After School/Orange Caramel has monolids but because of the way she does her makeup, her eyes look bigger and look like she has double eyelids. Same thing with Kin Yuna.
        Plus, the circle lenses.

  5. tyne02 says:

    i like IU! cute! 🙂

  6. dan says:

    as stated previously kahi is a hideous fucking monster

  7. sushinevn says:

    teukie no1

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Super Junior-M’s new MV for 太完美 (Perfection) is out! Finally!
    Make sure to check Sment Channel so that it can get lots of views!!

  9. Maggie says:

    Make up uses to ENHANCE what she already got is fine(example: KIM TAE HEE). It’s when they use make up to totally paint a whole different look from what u truly look like is the problem.

    Alot of these so called ‘beauties of korea’, look nothing like what they look like barefaced. Why do u think they totally shy away from showing their true no make up face.

    And what is up with all these girls wearing circle lenses and colored contacts??? For a country who is proud to say they are a “homogeneous nation”, they sure do try look more and more ‘western’ (for lack of a better word) and even try behave like one.

    • ashley says:

      so true lol

    • Anh says:

      I don’t see how wearing circle lenses is trying to be “western”. It’s quite ignorant to say something like that, maybe people want to wear them because they want bigger eyes and a change from dark brown? I am a circle lenses wearer and I am in no way trying to be western.

      • Aubergine says:

        Yes you are. The whole point of circle lenses is to look western. You’re just in denial and desperate for attention from Korean men.

        • mudpuddles says:

          I…don’t quite understand what you’re saying here. First you say she wears circle lenses to look western and then you go and say she’s in denial and desperate for attention from Korean men? How do those two correlate? Just asking.

        • critias says:

          What makes you think that way? You sound pretty sure that she’s in denial and that she’s desperate for male Korean attention. Can I know why?

  10. pemzey says:

    yeah makeup does enhance your looks a lot….. kahi from after school is beautiful…..i love her natural make up….i think koreans are way more concerned about their look and because of it hallyu has been popular a lot these days….afterall who wouldn’t love to see pretty faces…..i do…!!…and so do many many people….the kpop phenomenon is definitely here to stay….i wouldn’t be surprised if it became a worldwide phenomenon….!!!….they’re just that good at what they do….!!!….^_____^

  11. iris says:

    Jiyeon’s makeup-less eye is friggin fugly.

  12. Cozy says:


  13. huncamunca says:

    I like their makeup-less sides better!

  14. well..... says:

    less makeup? very ordinary.

  15. mudpuddles says:

    Makeup can do a lot, but that doesn’t mean they’re fake or ugly. They’re celebrities so of course they’ll have to look good all the time. That’s why they’re celebrities. They’re pretty brave to do this so I give them props.

  16. fefrefe says:

    jiyeon’s eyes were never very good looking, their weird closeness made her look like she had some sort of syndrome. But without make up it looks even more frightening. Whoever said she looked like Kim Tae Hee must have been on crack.

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