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Park Min-young becomes a bodyguard for “City Hunter”

Actress Park Min-young reunites with Lee Min-ho for the first time on-screen in four years. The former “I Am Sam” co-stars, will play lovers in SBS‘s newest drama that will debut in May. Presidential Bodyguard, Min-young, is supposed to fall head over heels in love with Dr. Min-ho (What Boys Over Flowers fan hasn’t fallen for him already?).

The drama is scheduled to premiere on May 25th. Will she join the Minoz’s before the summer?

Sources: Sports Today,Daum, and ilgankg


9 Comments on “Park Min-young becomes a bodyguard for “City Hunter””

  1. Llorainne says:

    Wow! I’m soo excited.. “City Hunter”.. please come soon!

  2. Jenny says:

    The whole story sounds nothing like what City Hunter is about, I can understand to make Ryo less lecherous but they’ve changed the characters completely, it’s not even loosely based on the manga now.
    Kaori is such a kickass character and now she is made into a former bodyguard and is played by Park Min-Young who is way to girly and remotely not like how Kaori is suppose to be at all.

  3. dana says:

    another MANGA remake. Now why can’t they sing Udon in their songs?

    • Aubergine says:

      Because they think they invented Manga about 20 years after the Japanese popularised it, just like they did with Pocky.

      Korean history is so full of lies it’s hard to tell the truth.

      • risa says:

        they also think they invented sushi, Hanja characters, gangster handshakes and kendo. No lies. Many of my Korean classmates actually told me this with an angry serious face: “The Japanese stole so many things from us” pfff.

        • Aubergine says:

          They’re hilarious. Another great game is to ask koreans about their history, and they come out with an inordinate amount of fabricated nonsense that it keeps you laughing for days.

          One korean told me Confucius was Korean, and everyone laughed, I then told my friends from Shandong Province, which is where Confucius is really from and they said it’s normal for Koreans to make up nonsense. They said koreans normally hang about in China looking for second wives and everyone just laughs at them.

  4. comet says:

    She’s too petite to play a bodyguard – what more an elite one! That’s a glaring miscast.

    • Teabag says:

      Look, it’ll be shyte like all other korean tv shows.. however, that’s not going to stop the indovietmalaypinays from watching it and thinking that it’s awesome. That’s just what they do.

  5. Meganfox says:

    Petite?yah xure?? Shes about 5feet 4 to 5 ‘5,,

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