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“Prosecutor Princess” makes Park Si-hoo a star in Asia!

China and Taiwan are two of the countries that will have the opportunity to meet their favorite actor.

Since his role on the 2010 Spring drama, “Prosecutor Princess“, his popularity abroad has grown tremendously. The Prince of TV plans to hold fan-meetings: one will be in Yunfeng Theater in Shanghai, China on February 26th. On the 28th, he plans to appear in Taiwan’s Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.

His agency,Eyagi Entertainment, revealed that Si-hoo has been working very hard to prepare an amazing show for his fans. After finishing his last drama, Queen of Reversals, the star has sacrificed his sleeping hours to continuing practicing for the fanmeets.

Will you buy your ticket to party with the prince?

Source: Kyeongin


13 Comments on ““Prosecutor Princess” makes Park Si-hoo a star in Asia!”

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  2. poheijo says:

    it’s a miracle…dan is not around…does he like Park Si-Hoo?…or is dan a she?

  3. miss says:

    God, he is so good! Love u park si hoo …

  4. hyorae says:

    He doesnt need prosecutor princess to make him a star. He did well in DGCH, WSDYCF, Iljimae and Family’s Honor! (:

    • Just Me says:

      I strongly agree with you Hyorae! Si Hoo can stand on his own without any help from his co-star. He has co-starred with so many actresses and he still stands out. He is a very good actor. He’s finally getting the recognition he deserved a long long time ago. I wish him the best!

  5. […] “Prosecutor Princess” makes Park Si-hoo a star in Asia! ( […]

  6. c says:

    @poheijo and aubergine: What do you mean by that? Do you think he is a g? Some of his photos are suggestive of what you were saying…….

  7. restu says:

    Yours aye amazing ^^

  8. restu says:

    Yours eye amazing ^^

  9. Anastazia says:

    Best K Drama in 2011 is >>> TPM
    We look forward to next Ep 16 drama *TPM*
    Love / revenge / bleeding
    Which will win?!!
    God help to our heart!
    best wish in life for all actors (PSH & MCW & LMW & HSH) in this drama.
    PSH -> We love you very much.
    Million,s Spectator

  10. Allen says:

    We LOVE only Park Si Hoo.
    He is Topstar,Popular in Asia. He is ability to all rol and really had Perfect actor.
    We watching all drama of Paek Si Hoo.
    Million,s viewers

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