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SM Entertainment Experiences A Backlash From The Public

At the end of their trial against JYJ is SM Entertainment doing itself more harm than good?

After an intense court battle against JYJ, that resulted with the court rulling in favor of JYJ, their former label SM Entertainment is none too happy with the results.

The company brushed the results aside stating  “the legal battle between SM and JYJ isn’t finished. The courts’ decision is only on the injunctions and not on the invalidation of the contract between SM and JYJ.”

As SM Entertainment prepares for its next battle though, the public has grown tired of their pursuit against JYJ.

Many netizens are beginning to look at SM Entertainment as a “stalker management company”, and as one netizen points out “SM, like its name (Sadistic and Masochistic) will continue to torture JYJ.”

The court’s decision also has all eyes on the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) who made sure JYJ was blacklisted from promoting their album “The Beginning“.

Because of court’s decision though KPFPCAI no longer can do so, but they have yet to make an announcement.

The recent court case revealed that despite being told not to SM Entertainment disobeyed the court in trying force JYJ to leave  CJES Entertainment.

As movie critic Shim Young-sup  points out, “Will SM faithfully carry out the courts’ decision? If SM continues to hold back JYJ and refuse to follow the courts’ order, couldn’t fans file another lawsuit against SM?“

Many  believe SM Entertainment has become blinded by greed stating “increasing greed only leads to destruction. We hope SM, one of Korea’s representative management company, will not foolishly continue to grow the public’s mistrust with their myopic vision.“

Do you think its time that SM Entertainment’s policies change against JYJ?

Source: Nate



176 Comments on “SM Entertainment Experiences A Backlash From The Public”

  1. queue says:

    oh my gosh! entertainment is really a serious business in korea, it’s equivalent to those finances and some business here in our country regarding the talks about the contracts!

  2. Ruth says:

    Even if SM is home to my favorite singers, I really think what they’re doing is wrong. I think if they continue on like this, they will lose a lot of respect. Greed doesn’t not take you anywhere good. I can’t help but worry about SM overworking my favorite singers due to all the bad stories I’ve heard and the heavy bags I see under their eyes. It worries me a lot. >< I am really hoping that SM will start to lose their greed and their evil ways but still be a good and booming company. Let's hope for a good future.

    • Aubergine says:

      I’m glad you people know nothing about contractual law and the need for people to fulfil their contractual obligations which they agreed to when they signed certain contracts.

      You all call SM, a company which has one sole purpose: to make money, greedy and yet it’s clearly JYJ who doesn’t want to fulfil it’s contractual agreements, presumably because it wants more money.

      How is that not greed? The fact is, you’re not allowed to say or think your K-gods are anything negative, so in ignorance you attack an abstract legal entity, the company.

      • funnyfatimah says:

        ^ I agree with you.

      • tvxqfangirl85 says:


        It seems you are the one who knows nothing about contract law or you would know that there is a such thing as “unconscionable” which means the courts can deem a contract is null and void due to it being unfairly leveraged in the favor of the person who issued the contract. That is EXACTLY what has happened with JYJ’s contract.

        I suggest you stop typing on here and go actually read their contracts, the contract law of Korea and other base law before throwing around your rhetoric. It makes you look asinine.

        JYJ has many fans who are lawyers and law students. They have reviewed all these things and more. We’re not all immature tweens just because we like Kpop idols. Some of us are actually well educated.

        Arguing with someone who doesn’t have all the facts is tedious so I’m done…..

        • Aubergine says:

          Look, I really really hope this goes to court, and then JYJ win.

          Then the perceived risk of taking on these talentless performers will sky-rocket, because a contractual precedent will be set that any entertainment contract will be terminable and people will look elsewhere for investments. K-pop will be crippled!! JYJ, who have no musical talent, writing ability, money, access to choreographers or investment will slowly disappear with all the other dropped ‘risky’ acts. K-pop will become even more filled with bland ‘safe’ acts. It will be hilarious.

          Happy end to the story !!

          • missy says:

            once against you don’t get your facts straight

            1. THE BEGINNING
            jaejoong solo, junsu’s solo, and micky’s solo, were composed by JYJ and then other people wrote the lyrics.


            FALLEN LEAVES

            UNTITLED SONG

            FACT NUMBER 3:
            Tear’s of Heaven. That takes more talent than you’ll ever have.

            Fact number 4:
            JYJ MADE 6MILLION along on the beginning singe..
            JYJ beat all of the singers in korea with their our story single.
            They concerts sell out at the same rate as american singers..
            JYJ have money now, and should have more but SM too it now

            I can’t forget the fact that in korea JYJ were in 2010 the 7th highest in how much they made on commercials..

            You just hate life and yourself so you go on here pissing people off…You must want to be celeb but no one wanted you..

            • Aubergine says:

              They made 6million Won in their first single? WOW

              Didn’t they recently go to USA and fail?

              Why the hell would I want to be a celeb?? I’m not even a part of your celebrity deification religion.

              • missy says:

                They went to the USA to produce an ALbum but it was NEVER meant for an USA debut.


                ALL of their music in made int eh USA because no one is korea is brave enough to work with them
                They never were trying to be American Celebs..

                THEY DIDN’T FAIL.

                • Aubergine says:

                  Oh yes they did fail, in a huge way. They didn’t even have enough money to do any touring and ended up playing to filipina nurses.

              • missy says:

                i AM BLACK , THANK U VERY MUCH.
                i WAS THERE
                FRONT ROW

                THEY PAID FOR THE TOUR. JYJ PAID FOR IT. SINCE VISA GOT DENIED bc of SM, a source says

              • Orange_Fun says:

                You want to be a celeb because you worship them.

        • Rosemary says:

          I just want to say that you are one of the most smartest people I have come across on this site. I’m not a tween either and I have a paralegal certificate here in the states. I studied contract law and i agree with you. what is it about some people who only think JYJ did this because of money??? wrong—as i said in another post-facebook jyj3 page and find the contract and read more about this situation—– i really like your post

      • Rosemary says:

        I think you should go to facebook jyj3 page and look for the contract jyj had with SM. I don’t think anyone is ignorant just not informed. Take a look at the contract then decide who is right. These men are no K gods just human beings trying to do what is right for them. a 13 year contract is too long for anyone to be in. If you investigate this a little more you may change your opinion on the lawsuit. I’m not trying to insult you, i just wish people would investigate more on this matter before bashing either side. No disrespect intended

        • Aubergine says:

          Sorry, I don’t use lonelybook, as I have real friends and don’t want to volunteer my spare time to fill some company’s targeted advertising database with my behavioural information and family photos.

      • pat says:

        ANY contract is not nescessarily legal because its signed.
        The COURT said it was way too one sided. SO INVALIDATED IT
        SM is nothing but a pimp.

        • Teabag says:

          So their parents let them sign a one sided contract under the full knowledge that they were going to challenge the contract at a point of their choosing, based upon a greedy need to go and find more money.

          Is that basically your summary?

  3. lol says:

    Just give up already SM. You already have other cash cows to milk. Leave JYJ alone!

    • Aubergine says:

      JYJ should fulfil their contractual obligations, or forfeit their ability to work as a group. It’s that simple.

      If they want more money, then they should complete the contract and then set up their own group, rather than rely on the investment from SM who own the brand ‘JYJ’ and have heavily invested in it.

      • tvxqfangirl85 says:

        It’s not that simple.

        It’s your opinion but fortunately the laws of Korea have more sense than you.

        Just because you sign a contract doesn’t mean that you are bound by it.

        If that were true, ppl wouldn’t be able to get divorces and women who are contracted by sex trade traffickers would be legally bound to fulfill their contracts.

        Everything you say is absurd and baseless.

        • Aubergine says:

          “Just because you sign a contract doesn’t mean you are bound by it”, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Well, so long as it’s in the law, then you are HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH

          Gosh, you plebs are hilarious with your lack of knowledge. I’m glad none of you have businesses, it would be hilarious if you did.

          • missy says:

            You can sign a contract, but if it is found out to be unfavorable to one side, it can be void.

            I asked my dad’s law firm and they said clearly, there were many things wrong starting with 7 year contracts, and how young these boys were when being bound to such long contracts.


            • Aubergine says:

              That would be your father’s opinion, and not a legality. You’re not the mouth of your father, and besides he’s american, which makes him an american lawyer not a korean lawyer….. unless you’re admitting korea is a colony of USA.

              • missy says:

                Ah, but the lawyer my dad works at also works in KOREA. just last week a whole bunch of KOREAN LAWYERS came to town.
                SO yeah, my dad’s boss is KOREAN and a Korean Citizen.

                I’m no lawyer, but I WOULD TRUST A REAL LAWYER THAN YOUR BS.

                Law is law. lawyers can work whereever they are hired.

                one smart advance, they told me. Never argue with stupid, because that’s why they’re stupid

      • pat says:

        SM does ‘nt own s*** The talent belongs to the TALENTED.

  4. Kasey says:

    I think it’s childish of them to act that way. They are being unprofessional and making it a personal vengeance instead of a business act. They need to wake up and smell the coffee and then move on. Unless JYJ is their only bread winning performance in their industry. Their actions grow very tire-sum. If I had a magic wand I would wish them away. Their unprofessional act will be the downfall of their business.

    • Aubergine says:

      JYJ is a brand owned by SM Entertainment. If the members of the group don’t want to fulfil the contractual obligations they signed up to, then their word and their signature isn’t worth anything. They definitely cannot walk away from a contract and start working under the name JYJ, because they don’t own the brand SM do.

      • c says:

        the name JYJ is not owned by SMent, DBSK is.

        • Aubergine says:

          That’s fair enough. However, this case surely comes down to the contractual obligations that the constituent members of JYJ made to SM Entertainment.

          Calling a company likes money is like saying a dog likes bones. The fact is, those people had contractual obligations to SM Ent. However, because they wanted to go sniffing for more money they breached their contracts, and now the law should enforce this and find a suitable punishment, for example make them pay damages for early termination of contract up to to cost of lost earnings and associated costs.

          That’s quite normal in these cases.

          • pat says:

            the law told SM not to interfere with JYJ but they did anyway by blacklisting them from tv like thugs would do. So don’t act all law abiding where SM is concerned.

            • Teabag says:

              Like thugs would do? I don’t see the similarity between an entertainment business and thuggery. I think you’re just trying to exaggerate what is essentially three performers trying to get more money from indovietmalaypinays by taking out the middleman. However, they didn’t realise they have no talent, to they’re going to fail and disappear.

            • Sae says:

              JYJ is no better, they breached their contract to SME, thus causing SME to lose earnings months in advanced, not only that they had clean up the damages due to JYJ’s abrupt decision to leave.

              So really, the fact that SME is hounding on JYJ comes to no surprise at all. They’re merely trying to gain back their $$$$$ of loses by being harsh to JYJ, whom started this whole ordeal bcuz they wanted more money themselves.

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Official MV for Super Junior-M’s 太完美 (Perfection) is finally out!!

  6. ara says:

    greedy opportunist ? sounds so like that.

    but who knows.

  7. Nobodybutme says:

    great, now SM likes to think they are the law.

    • Aubergine says:

      No, SM just wants the constituents of a group they created, called JYJ to fulfil their contractual obligations. When you sign up to a contract, you should fulfil the contract if you’re a man/woman of your word. That’s how the law works. SM just want the law to be acted upon, preventing the group from breaking the contract.

      Seriously, you people clearly have no knowledge of law or contracts.. did any of you attend any form of schooling?

      • missy says:



        changmin and yunho had to make new contracts..

        SM are just pissed they lost their biggest CASH COW

        • Rosemary says:

          Missy, you are right about SM losing their cash cow. no one else can bring in the money they do and they want them to make up for the money they are losing on trainees and idols who aren’t producing for them yet

  8. beauty.P says:

    so sad…dbsk not all five together anymore…:(
    *think of…maybe shinee will become like this next time* huuuu~

  9. Aubergine says:

    You people are incredibly ignorant of the law, of business contracts, and of people’s ability to do what they say they would do by an agreement.

    I guess you all just say you’ll do something and then don’t bother, and then blame the other person for being greedy. Utter nonsense, but it’s expected.

    • susan says:

      yes, u are the most knowledgeable in law in the whole wide world and u understand everything happened with JYJ and SM that every pop in seoul readers should listen and accept whatever u say.ok? satisfied?

      • Aubergine says:

        I’m just saying, you should all understand that SM Entertainment as a abstracted legal entity is just protecting it’s investment and contracts. Calling it ‘greedy’ is nonsense, it doesn’t have any feelings, and just exists to make money for it’s owners.

        The fact is, the constituents of JYJ decided not to fulfil their contractual obligations and go sniffing for extra cash, they are human beings, therefore you can call them ‘greedy’ because of their need for extra cash caused them to breach their contracts.

        Why wouldn’t the company prevent them from gaining from it’s loss?

        • susan says:

          i don’t have much time arguing with u. but open ur mind and ur eyes.

          when we started a job as beginner, we get low pay. with time, we get more experience and we expect higher pay.that is what promotion and salary rise are for.

          If you agree to stay stagnant in one position and starting salary ur whole life, and u claim it as loyalty.OK,that is ur life and that is ur worth.

          Contracts are unilateral ,meaning everything is written for SM’s gain. length,,profit division, stellar high cancellation fees, etc

          yes,JYJ signed it.But can’t u see.that is what all wannabe idols do. companies know young people are dying to become singers that they would sign whatever given to them. and these companies are exploiting enthusiasm and naiveness.

          I am not just talking about JYJ. i mean overall wannabe idols.

          do u even know about worse stories of these youth being treated for sexual gains…etc
          alright,that is enough, a lot more to say.
          but when a person choose to close thier mind, nothing say to her will be effective.
          and I am terribly busy with my exams
          live ur life to the fullest but it is hard when u choose to store hatred in ur heart.
          bye 🙂

          • Aubergine says:

            They signed a contract. If they want to breach the contract and go looking for more money, then they should suffer the full force of the law.

            The entertainment companies take risks with these ‘performers’ and they spend a lot of money to cover these risks, and expect risk based returns. The groups are just investment vehicles. If you invested ten lots of $1000 in banks at high risk, and the amount on 9 of these became $0 and on one of them became $1’000’000, then would you be happy if the bank suddenly said ‘we’re going to keep the $1’000’000 and give you nothing back’??? You think you’d be ‘greedy’ for asking for your $1’000’000 back and going to court to ask for it? Well it’s just the same for SM Entertainment.

            You people seem to be either very ignorant of capitalism or just not very educated. If everyone just decided to not care about contracts because of greed, then the whole of capitalism would fall apart.

            • czak says:

              I may agree with you with part about “obligation and contract” or breach of it there of being just wrong.
              but you have to concede, 13 years of complete ruling of a company on a person (in every part of his life) is a bit much for someone who signed it when they are just minor or just on the starting of adulthood phase.
              The thing about their contract that I object to is the taking their youth away from them, cause by the time they are free from SMent they are most likely at their 30′s or mid 30′s. Dont you think that is too much.
              and also about they being minor at the contract signing, that my other problem. that is like tricking a kid into signing a contract so they can have the candy, but in fact they are already intitled for some Chocolates. thats just doesnt sit well with me.

              And i think you already said the magic word about this whole issue of SMent greed.
              capitalism thats okay in some ways cause capitalism makes the economy prosper, I get that. I also get that all contract should be upheld cause that is what one signed up for.

              But look at it in this view, the whole constriction/control and prohibition situation done to the JYJ group was just too much. You think of humanity first before capitalism in that instances..

              But well that is just me, i dont know much about economics and law so I can’t say I understood everything about this whole issue, But basing from all the news that is my say on this matter as a person…

              • Aubergine says:

                This is all win-win. But no one blames the K-parents, it’s hilarious.

                They should have a national parenting strategy created in order to deal with this issue of child slavery.

          • czak says:

            @ Aubergine
            I may agree with you with part about “obligation and contract” or breach of it there of being just wrong.
            but you have to concede, 13 years of complete ruling of a company on a person (in every part of his life) is a bit much for someone who signed it when they are just minor or just on the starting of adulthood phase.
            The thing about their contract that I object to is the taking their youth away from them, cause by the time they are free from SMent they are most likely at their 30’s or mid 30’s. Dont you think that is too much.
            and also about they being minor at the contract signing, that my other problem. that is like tricking a kid into signing a contract so they can have the candy, but in fact they are already intitled for some Chocolates. thats just doesnt sit well with me.

            And i think you already said the magic word about this whole issue of SMent greed.
            capitalism thats okay in some ways cause capitalism makes the economy prosper, I get that. I also get that all contract should be upheld cause that is what one signed up for.

            But look at it in this view, the whole constriction/control and prohibition situation done to the JYJ group was just too much. You think of humanity first before capitalism in that instances..

            But well that is just me, i dont know much about economics and law so I can’t say I understood everything about this whole issue, But basing from all the news that is my say on this matter as a person…

            • Aubergine says:

              I’d agree that every economic system has it’s ups and downs, but if you shaft the central concept to capitalism, which is the sale and provision of goods and services within a free market…. all bound by contracts, then you’re forking your country.

              The fact is 13 years is hilariously long, but you don’t know how much money is involved here and seriously whosoever their legal guardian is, should be publicly flogged.

              It just goes to show how stupid these people are, when left to their own devices.

              • czak says:

                I get that the companies really used A LOT of money to debut these guys, that is the essence of a business. invest before you get interest.

                I also concede that some blame goes to the parents who signed proxy to their minor children.

                and lastly I am not blaming capitalism, cause industries and civilizations thrive on capitalism…

                But as I have said, 13 years is an awful lot of time to be binded to a company who makes it rather clear that in their ruling over someones life –that is just plainly wrong…

                and about the stupid comment, it was wrong of them to sign such an unfair contract at the beginning BUT then now they got smarter, they found out how unfair it was and now demands what is rightfully theirs, cause they earned it. and as you have said capitalism have ups and downs, do you mean to tell me that if you found out how unfair one contract is to you, you will not fight for your right?

                making right the downs of capitalism is one way of making one industry/ civilization prosper more. and making the wrongs right….

                But I guess it all goes down to what a person think he is intitled to. If you are one to think that it is okay to be binded to an unfair contract, then good for your.

                I think the law is an institution that imposes the legal order that safeguards the rights of people. anyway that is my definition of law…

  10. snooki says:

    Seriously, SM need cut their losses. Even if SM wins, the boys will not work for SM again. So SM will gain nothing by continuing this crap. It has nothing to do with doing business, SM is just bitter and they’re making it personal by doing this. Being bitter and making things personal is a characteristic that many asians have.

    • Aubergine says:

      SM have everything to win. They need to show all their ‘investments’ that they cannot wilfully breach contracts and continue performing in breach of the contract. I would imagine that only complete ruination of ex-DBXQ would be of any benefit to them.

      It’s sort of fair in some ways, as they did sign the contracts. Serves them right really.

      • snooki says:

        I agree that they want to set an example to their employees. But that was in the beginning, now they’re past the turning point where in my eyes there’s more to lose than to gain. If I made the decisions, I would never make statements like “the legal battle between SM and JYJ isn’t finished”. Plebs don’t like that kind of arrogance. Either find a way to do things quietly, or cut your losses.

        • Aubergine says:

          The fact is, the plebs clearly don’t understand contractual law. This law keeps their investments safe and their pensions growing.

          The problem is apparently with the quality of Korean parenting.

  11. umi says:

    i dont like jyj.. for me they are just looking for money…

    • tvxqfangirl85 says:

      That’s because you don’t know anything. You just based your opinion on what you see not what you have read. Because you didn’t do any research.

      • missy says:

        I agree….the people bashing JYJ are because they don’t know anything.
        the reason why SM isn’t winning is because they don’t have anything…
        JYJ is going to win, and all of these haters will just keep on hating..but Cassiepeias will show their true power.

        • Aubergine says:

          Sorry, we were just wondering what ‘Cassiepeias’ are, and if they’re so powerful then how come no one has heard of them?

          Are Cassiepeias just lobotomised indovietmalaypinays?

          • missy says:


            CASSIEPEIAS BOUGHT ADVERTISEMENT FOR JYJ IN KOREA when they were being blacklisted to help JYJ…



            watch out..because if SM doesn’t stop,
            they plan on making an example on ow powerful the fanbase can be.

            but since you are a SM lover and jyj hater, there’s no need for you to know anything else.
            just keep on bashing kpop to grave…

            • Teabag says:

              Sounds like a bunch of weirdos to me.

              Besides I doubt there are any Europeans in there, when no one here even knows or cares about korean music.

      • czak says:

        so you are one of those that researched about this whole topic, and you who know and understand the law regarding this matter and also know the going ons around the whole Kpop industry system and the demands of the JYJ team and their legal stand on that matter…?

        WOW… that is a lot of research…
        I am not bashing, just saying that is a slot of research….

        Personally i think, this whole issue goes down to the demands that the JYJ team want. and a lot of the demands seems to stem around the earning aka MONEY…

        I think umi is right in her/his conclusion that they just want more money. you just didnt like her comment cause she said she didnt like JYJ.
        I am all for getting all that money, cause personally I think they deserve it after working their hearts/body and soul in their career.
        I am personally biased that JYJ should win cause the whole Kpop industry has something wrong in that aspect. the earning part…

        • Aubergine says:

          I don’t care who wins, but either way it just outlines how K-pop is just about manipulation and greed. That’s why all the indovietmalaypinays love it so much.

        • tvxqfangirl85 says:

          I most certainly haven’t done all the research in the world and I definitely know that none of us can know everything that is going on.

          But it is quite clear that only a small few people on here have actually read their contracts in full, read their complaint to the court, read the transcripts of the court proceedings, read both sides arguments and also done research on Korea’s law system in regards to this case.

          People tend to forget that this case has been going on since 2009. It didn’t start last year or last month. So it doesn’t make much sense to come in at the tail end and think you know what the case is about.

          There are so many people saying, JYJ are greedy. Why are they asking for money? They don’t even know that these boys haven’t been paid since Feb 2009. If you were around for the first trial, you would know that. People are asking, why are JYJ saying that they have slave contracts? In fact, JYJ never said they had a slave contract. They actually said they don’t like people using that term. It was the FTC who came up with that years ago before this lawsuit ever came about.

          My point is, I may not know everything but its a good bet that I know more than the average person who just found out about the lawsuit last year or last month and haven’t bothered to read any of the legal documents that have been made public.

    • czak says:

      you could be right about that…
      But then again the whole business of the kpop industry is to get money…

      • Aubergine says:

        You’re correct, all the K-pop industry does is manipulate indovietmalaypinays and overseas chinese who hate being chinese out of money.

        How they do it is the interesting part of all of this topic.

        • czak says:

          you know i sometimes agree with your ideas, however much JYJ hater/Kpop hater it goes. Cause frankly some of the things you say are right and makes sense, especially about the LAW part. I also agree with you (at a level) cause you give a lawful explanation against the too-biased opinions of JYJ fans here. and also because You seem knowledgeable about how the LAW is supposed to be unBiased.
          You also give off the SM-lover vibe, which some people here go against with. And to which I can say is not really BAD, seeing that most of their talents still love them(SNSD, SuJu, Boa, Shinee, Fx & the 2 DBSK).

          I have nothing against all those…
          I understand and know that everyone is entitled to each of our own opinion may it pro or anti something. and your opinion is kind of great seeing the LAW side/part of it.
          anyway that is what makes people different from each other (difference in opinion/stand/understanding) thus the diversity of every human life

          anyway what I am really saying is: i dont think you should be generalizing people, especially once RACE. that makes you a a bigot and ignorant.
          and from your previous post, I may have thought of you as outlandish but never ignorant…
          and frankly speaking the fact that you are here in the forum of kpop says something about you.
          If you are so opposed or disgusted at all the Kpop industry why come here…?
          are you that of a HATER to come and spread HATE..
          you bash on everything from JYJ to the kpop industry to the Korean parenting to pinay nurses to indo viet malay pinays and to almost all asian countries…
          you have stated a very far out topic just to SPREAD all this hostility? and to what level..? and to what purpose, just to prove that you are better that all those people..? well you didnt prove anything, it just proved that a bigot however knowledgeable he/she may be will always be a hater who is ignorant…..

        • czak says:

          again i stress:


  12. o junks says:

    My question is why would these guys sign a 13 year contract in the first place? That to me is a bit crazy. I know that these guys were young and wanted to be famous and all, but someone should have told these boys that contract was not a good idea.

    • Aubergine says:

      Because they’re imbeciles in a society which is obsessed with having their imbecile children become pop-stars without considering the consequences of this obsession?

      • o junks says:

        Honey, that’s just not the Korean society. Almost every talent show in every country has children being exploited.

        • Aubergine says:

          Blame the parents then. They’re the ones ignorantly decided to swap the risk and benefits of their child being famous and rich for relatively risk free dependable income for a period of 13 years. SM took on the risk and should they not get the rewards??

          If these parents signed up their children to 13 years of slavery, then shouldn’t korean society be asking what the hell has gone wrong with their parenting ability. Filial-piety isn’t an excuse for not blaming these failed guardians for not getting legal advice and checking out the fine print on a 13 year contract. SM is just an abstract legal entity, a company, which finds investments, takes on contracts and delivers value to it’s owners, which may include pensions companies.

          If DBSQ, or whatever they are now, want to go sniffing for extra cash during those 13 years then they should be prepared to spend a lot of money on a good lawyer or suffer the consequences of their parents actions. Let’s be fair, if the contract is truly slavish then any half-assed lawyer would be able to get them out of it. The fact is, the contract is probably quite reasonable.

          The fact is, asians always say ‘parenting is better in asia’ or ‘asian families are so closer’ … then they sign their kids up to slave contracts. Hypocrisy much?

    • Duekey says:

      So true. My only thing is was there a lawyer (on the singers side) present when they first finalized this 13 yr. contract? This would have easily been solved before they even debuted. A lawyer would have easily seen it as one sided.

      I see that the only reason that they would sign that kind of contract is one they’re desparate or two they wouldn’t be admitted into the agency if they didn’t sign or three they were poor to begin. Any source of income would be better then none. Well if more people didn’t sign such long contracts, these thing wouldn’t happen.

      • o junks says:

        Yes, that’s what I was pretty much thinking as well. Don’t sign anything unless you have a lawyer read it over! I wonder how old they were when they debuted? I’m sure they had no idea what they were getting into.

        • Aubergine says:

          Did their parents not take an active interest in their children’s dealings? Like seriously, what the hell was going on with these people to cause them to sign such a contract?

          • tvxqfangirl85 says:

            Nope, many of their parents did not want them to become singers. Which is often the case in Korea. The kids don’t have the support of their parents. It was the same with Hangeng.

            Not the mention the fact that both Jaejoong and Yunho were homeless teens at the time they signed.

            The fact that they were underaged at the time of signing their contracts means that SME is liable for what Korean law refers to as “Manipulative Fraud” which is using a person’s disabilities or naivety against them to make them sign something which is considered a crime.

            I’d also like to note that the members of TVXQ never signed a 13 year contract. The way that SME has it written in their contracts is that they have the right to extend the length of their contracts without their consent. Which basically means that over time SME added years to their contracts without asking them and their excuse that they would need several years to debut in four different countries (an excuse the court has rejected).

            • Teabag says:

              nope. If you sign a contract and they’re under the age of majority then the contract isn’t legally binding. So their legal guardian or parent would have had to have signed the contract on their behalf. “Manipulative Fraud” is nothing to do with this case.

              The fact is… their parents should have been publicly flogged for signing them up to this kind of nonsense. Of course you will argue otherwise because you’re not allowed to say anything negative about your deities.

            • o junks says:

              Wow..that’s sneaky and underhanded~

  13. gina says:

    Congrats to JYJ….!
    Finally they are coming out from the tunnel…..

  14. Won~ says:

    i hope JYJ will win the lawsuit and end all these once and for all.

    • Aubergine says:

      You hope they win, and then it sets a legal precedent where everyone can sign contracts and then just walk out on them if they want to do something which gets them more money, or just don’t like the contract? I see you never had any investments or ran a business or had a job.

      • Won~ says:

        “and then it sets a legal precedent where everyone can sign contracts and then just walk out on them if they want to do something which gets them more money, or just don’t like the contract”

        this is all just based on what you presumed.
        But really,have you seen alot of artistes doing that even after seeing other celebs who sued their companies won?

        i see your brain seems to be telling you that whatever you think is absolutely right while everyone else who disagrees with you are wrong?

        its my own opinion that i hope they win,does that gets on your nerves?

        • Aubergine says:

          Not really, I just laugh how the underlying problem is with the fact these people’s parents should have read the contract before signing it on their behalf.

          I’d laugh if korean contractual law broke down as a result of this and the economy went into free-fall because no investments were unbreachable.

          • Won~ says:

            i’m not sure if their parents were even present when the guys signed the contract.

            Besides,their families has never been in this industry before,so they don’t know how the system works.
            In other cases,even when the parents disapproved of the career as an entertainer,the child would still be very persistent and refused to give up on the dream he has,thus he’d be even more determined to prove to his parents that he can succeed.
            At that age,they were still young and naive and strong-headed as with most young teens now.

            if their parents were there personally to see them sign the contracts,i’d bet SME would’ve used that excuse long ago.

            • Teabag says:

              You make no sense. The fact is their legal guardians would have had to be present for them to sign anything and any legal guardian worth their weight in salt would have read it before signing, or got a lawyer.

              The issue here is with the terrible parenting, which I guess is endemic in korean society.

              Besides you’re an american so you know nothing about korea, other than it’s your colony.

  15. pi says:

    SM Ent is just digging their own graves. Enough is enough. If they really wanna keep DBSK as a 5-member group in the first place then they should re-negotiate the contract every now and then to avoid this kind of things to happen. No one can deny that DBSK was their biggest cash-cow and up until now, no one in SM Ent has the selling power as DBSK.

    It’s simple really. If you wanna keep the best of the best in your company, then you should treat them better.

    Oh, and I think Aubergine is one of the half-assed lawyer SME hired that cost them this case based on his/her/it baseless argument and apparent lack of knowledge

    • Aubergine says:

      Your opinion is based upon pure emotion, and doesn’t have any basis in legality.

      • missy says:

        And your just some freak that wishes to be as great as JYJ.

        • Aubergine says:

          It’s ‘you’re’ not Your…. your parents should go to your failed school and complain that they’re not teaching you basic grammar.

          • missy says:

            oh FUCK YOU. I have 3 degrees and getting ready for Med School.
            WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT over a typo. Do you have perfect grammar?
            Did you think I’m some uneducated person?
            I come from a family filled with MDs and grammar is amazing, but you’re not worth me showing off my great grammar.


            • missy says:

              a typo just because you aren’t worth it

            • Aubergine says:

              Hahaha, I hope you’re being sarcastic, because you cannot even use english and you lie and say you have 3 degrees! hhahaha then you’re going to be a boring old doctor! hahaah

              • missy says:

                laugh all you want…
                I do have 3 degrees…

                i don’t brag..but I started college when I was 13..
                so you do the math…

                and no i’m not even asian though my sisters are..
                and I speak korean

  16. Puppylova says:

    You know what? ALL of us here don’t know EXACTLY what’s going on there. We just know things released by media. So whether it’s jyj’s fault or sm’s fault, all of our opinion remains opinion, not a FACT.

    • missy says:

      NO we KNOW FACTS
      do your research, fans in korea have posted what was said in court for all of us to must not know korean…


      action will be taken if the blacklist continues

      IF they do so, the judge will get angry, because he has over 1 million angry fans that will file petitions and such.

      I know facts, maybe you don’t. SM is making things worse for themselves.
      They have to obey the judge. The last thin SM wants is AMERICAN FANS, sending over an america lawyer, (who is hardcore), to rip SM to threads.

      Maybe I’ll ask my dady’s law firm to work with JYJ. they are number 1, in what they do in america.
      American lawyers have already said SM was wrong,

      • Aubergine says:

        Hooray, an american whose father is a lawyer and knows nothing about korean law comes to save the day. American lawyers are so good compared to rubbish korean lawyers.

        it’s just like watching Armageddon or Transformers or GI joe.

        • missy says:


          OH, SHUT IT.



          you talk like you know it all when you nothing except for what you can google.

          • Aubergine says:

            Your grammar is atrocious. I’m glad your 3 universities and med school don’t care about essays or any form of written communication.

            • missy says:

              CORRECT GRAMMAR
              ~dear aubergine, you may only critic others about grammar if your grammar is correct. assuming you know grammar, better than me, who’s a college grad, and eve tutored english before, I shall gladly point out your FLAWS.~

              MED SCHOOL = INCORRECT
              IT IS MEDICAL SCHOOL



              Your grammar is atrocious. So, F*ck off our grammar

              • Teabag says:

                There is absolutely no way you have 3 degrees or have exhibit any form of genius given the appalling nature of your spelling and grammar.

                Any academic material you produced would have been ripped to shreds.

      • Duekey says:

        You do know that JYJ is just going to blacklist themselves further right? Who in their right mind would want to work with them if the judges are forcing them to do this or that. They already have created more enemies in the industry just with this incident.

        You and America this. You do know that America is the #1 suer in the world where you can sue for little SH!T. Spilling coffee on youself, running in front of a car eventhough it wasn’t the driver’s fault. Keep on going with it. I can see it now, Koreans are going to start sueing for every little thing. And we know how koreans are following in the footsteps of USA.

        People aren’t being held for their accountability these days. If they don’t like something or someone they blame it them and at the same time get incentives/cash from it.

        You do know none of this would have happened if they didn’t freaking sign a long contract in the first place.

        Since your father is a lawyer, I bet you look at things so differently that once you get treated a certain way you don’t like, you’ll find a way to sue them.

        Enjoyed your mansion, luxury car, and expensive brands you spoiled brat. All thanks to your lawyer ripping off his clients with him charging for every little thing at a cost of $500+/hr.

        • Aubergine says:

          Her father is probably billing her for the advice….

          charge & bill .. charge & bill .. charge & bill… repeat ad nauseum

          • missy says:

            never said my dad was a lawyer..

            and in america, more justice is done than anywhere…

            in korea, SM is clearly wrong, JYJ will make more money than ever, because the fans will spend more than ever, just to prove that SM doesn’t make people popular the FANS do.

            • Teabag says:

              “and in america, more justice is done than anywhere”

              Yes, of course it is, That’s why USA did justice by installing fascist dictators in most Asian Countries and Luis Posada Carriles (the bin laden of south america) went around blowing up planes in the name of USA (Air Cubanna Bombing). We also recall the destruction of Iran Air Flight 655 where the USA gave all the people involved medals. How about the continued support the USA has for Irish international terrorists?

              Hmm, you are so ignorant of history that I doubt they let you anywhere near medical school. But it’s expected for you americans to know nothing about geography, history, grammar or spelling. That’s why you all sit around taking soma (prozac).

        • missy says:

          I PAID FOR MY OWN COLLEGE DEGREE ON LOANS. -.- . people like you are so ignorant.

          Go read my post, and see if I ever said my dad was a LAWYER. Yeah, he’s friend is a korean lawyer, and tells me alot, but you have a right to say that about me, but to me, you mean nothing, just some lowlife who likes to diss people, so I don’t care.

          You must really hate lawyers.
          Did you know, the best always charge a lot, because unlike how liberals think in america, WE DON’T SHARE THE WEALTH. Sorry. If you are talented in anything, you’ll make more money. It’s based on hardwork. If you don’t want an expensive lawyer, then you can go find someone else. But you get what you pay for.
          Just like how idiots like you probably think that doctors get paid too much, Doctors save lives and deserve to be paid alot because they must be perfectionist. The better doctor charges more because he has worked hard to get there..
          Nothing wrong with that, if you don’t like it, don’t go to that doctor or lawyer.

          haters really just hate anyone who’s successful.
          Is that because you are too lazy to work hard like lawyers and JYJ, that you just hate on them wishing you had what they had..

          you can respond to this, but I won’t.

          • Teabag says:

            You’re truly an imbecile.. it’s hilarious how you think you have 3 degrees! hahahah

            This is simply one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

  17. ♥~ْArabiC ReEeMْ~♥ says:

    Donghae & Tiffany ♥
    Donghae & Tiffany ♥

  18. PeaceMaker says:

    With all due respect, Aubergine, you really need to calm down and not get all up in everyone’s faces. People are entitled to their own opinions and you should respect that. I understand your point of view, although I do not necessarily agree with everything you said. This is call being open-minded. I usually ignore things like this, but you have seem to go really overboard with it. It sounds like you want everyone to agree with you because they are absolutely wrong. But it does not matter because it’s their opinion… do not need to respond to every single comment to defend your argument, this is not an IM program. Are people not allow to say what’s on their mind? Don’t get me wrong, I’m just giving you a friendly advice, you can continue doing what you are doing because you have the right to like everyone here. But honestly you sound ignorant in the way you ‘”disapprove” everyone’s responds here. I’m sorry if I sound rude to you, that is not my intention at all. Let’s be nice to everyone shall we? Btw, I’m sorry if my grammar sucked, I’ll admit that…..but it’s not my parents’ fault at all. 🙂 Thank you, have a nice day.

    • missy says:

      i know how you feel. That person is just annoying.
      and that person will still bash your grammar, just wait 5 mins and you’ll see.
      People like them is why popseoul isn’t that popular.

    • Aubergine says:

      Don’t worry about the plebs in here, they always talk about getting to korea in order to marry a k-farmer and worship anything to do with koreans. They’re conditioned not to say or think anything negative about their k-slaves.

      • Stranded_Angel says:

        you are amusing… i don’t understand, though, why you waste your time leaving comments when, obviously, you hate KPop and everything (or everyone) associated with it

  19. fy says:

    @Aubergine you really suck you know that dont bring filipina nurse on the topic this all about JYJ. look we all know your anti and u want some attention and i pity u. if you want to suck up your so called sm company then go ahead will see if they give any dam about u

    • Aubergine says:

      Do you know the difference between your and you’re? Apparently not.

      • missy says:

        neither do you since in one of you sentences you said

        “your 3 universities and med school”

        you don’t either.

        you’re = yo are
        your = showing possession of something.

        bravo, you failed english too.

        • missy says:

          typo : “you are”
          remember, I said you aren’t worth us using time to use perfect english grammar.

          • Teabag says:

            I don’t speak american reduced-vocabulary english like you do. I speak international english where ‘your university’ is simply giving reference to a university from which you graduated, and to which you identify. The term alma mater is latin for nourishing or feeding mother, to which the university is seen as a member of your family… hence your university.

            If you are a doctor, I’m going to laugh so loud if they let you near any medical equipment or drugs. HAHAHAHAHAHA it’s hilarious.

  20. hm67 says:

    hey aubergine are you some kind of grammar expert??? if you are enlighten me…oh hey look so many grammar mistakes…..,.,.,.,./”. fix THIS for me will ya since you have so much time on your hand…..BTW stop trying to be ‘intelligent’ you sound like a conceited jerk……stop being a troll will ya???

  21. fy says:

    @hm67 thank u

  22. JYJfan says:

    Wow Aubergine…someone seriously needs to get a life! Do you work for SM Entertainment or something? You commented on just about every single post there is on here…let the courts of law decide and since they ruled in favor of JYJ…then the law needs to be upheld not null and void contracts. And if JYJ ( which is based off of the first letter of their names Jaejoong, Yoo-chun and Junsu) was so talentless then they wouldn’t have made it a day outside of the care of SM entertainment since they have been blacklisted in Korea but what do you know they continue to thrive and their popularity is higher than ever despite the fact that they can’t be on t.v. for music or variety shows. More than anything I love the fact that they can write their own songs and can create a whole new image for themselves while the TVXQ duo continues to sound and look the same as they always have. This is a big step for JYJ and they’ve braved the giant SM entertainment for more than a year and half. The battle must’ve been exhausting…I hope it ends once and for all soon and that they can continue to improve as artists in the different ventures that they undertake like musicals, acting in dramas, and writing their own albums. Keep on fighting JYJ!

    • Teabag says:

      Yes, you do need to get a life, and stop acting like a lobotomised indovietmalaypinay who is programmed to consume any korean product available.

      Do some education or something.

      • JYJfan says:

        Where the heck you come from I was talking to Aubergine?…unless this is your second alias? What a way to judge…I don’t consume any Korean product…I’ve just been a fan of Jae-joong, Yoo-chun and Junsu for a long while now and how are you gonna act like you know me and say do education or something when I’m a college student. Whatever I guess…you’ll still be seething cause JYJ is gonna get more popular and getting more love.

        • Teabag says:

          Gosh, another imbecile. By buying this talentless dirge and watching korean tv, you consume korean cultural products… do you not understand basic existence and you claim to be at college?

          I guess you’re a nurse, which is why USA claims to have great medical care, based upon filipino nurses who do nothing all day and night but watch talentless shyte like JYJ. I’m not going there for anything medical and that’s a fact.

          • JYJfan says:

            I guess you feel vindicated by calling people imbeciles…when I say I don’t consume just about any korean culture product I mean that my interest has been in only one or two bands…mostly TVXQ when the members of JYJ were in it for their great live performances in Japan and 2PM cause I thought that their stage presence was awesome. This is why you’ll see that I haven’t commented on other blog posts. I’m all about underground political hiphop movement and this is my little bit of interest in pop music.
            And how off topic are you gonna get by calling me a Fillipino Nurse (Which I’m not…keep trying to guess) and insulting America. If you don’t watch the news since you obviously spend most of your time writing hate replies…the American people are divided over health care and no one has ever called it perfect. Yeah don’t bother coming here for medical treatments…it’s not like we were advertising for it or anything. I don’t run my country’s government so how is it relative to this blog post in any shape or form? You’re like the Glenn Beck of making correlations. But I’m not gonna bother to feed anymore blood to a leech like you so good luck on your life mission to spread hate since misery loves company.

            • Teabag says:

              Are you suggesting you like underground political hiphop from Korea by any chance?

              If I’m not actually miserable, does that mean I’m lonely? So it’s basically a contradiction, be happy and lonely or miserable and over-run with friends? It seems a cynical way to see life.

          • missy says:






            I work in the hospital, and we have nurses of ALL races.
            Gawd. Bashing Kpop is one thing, but bashing PEOPLE WHO SAVE LIVES IS JUST CRUEL..

            • Teabag says:

              I see you’ve been well propagandised, and know nothing about the fact that most americans cannot afford healthcare. The two examples you provided were Canada and UK who both have universal healthcare for all their citizens, places that the OECD rates as having a better health and dental record than USA which cannot even afford police.

              It’s funny how you think rolling poor people back into the street to die is saving lives. Quite a tragic world-view you have there.

  23. hale luana says:

    To me what is just as bad as everything about this whole thing is that a lot of “other” SM entertainers are speaking out against JYJ. In fact, one group has posted that “ALL” of their members have renewed and signed their contracts w/ SM.

    I was under the impression that the courts and whatever the equivalent agency monitoring these things kind of made blanket statements that agencies need to look at and revise their contract.

    The short of this is that IF these entertainers who signed and renewed their “NEW” contracts w/ SM signed a contract which wasn’t and didn’t have the same terms of their initial or first contract regarding: length of contract, financial distribution of earnings for concerts, recordings, public appearances, etc……ISN’T IT THE ULTIMATE IN HIPOCRISY THAT THEY SIGNED A CONTRACT THAT WASN’T THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL ONE? Shouldn’t they have said that our contracts that we are renewing should be the same as the ones we signed originally? Everything in the “NEW” contract should be the same?

    I’m not a lawyer or even professes to be one, but just speaking about the contradictory/hiprocritical things these SM entertainers are saying? I don’t know….maybe i’m the only one who has always felt this way. The SMARTEST thing these “othr” entertainers should’ve done was to keep their mouths shut instead of brown nosing SM. At least in that way, support from some of the people who feel like i do, wouldn’t have changed…(I’m taking about support and views i now have of these other entertainers)…my opinion of them is nothing short of disgust and negativism now…

    But, i’m not the most glib of writers, nor have the best command of english, but just trying to get my feelings out….so just stating my opinion here……I know that there will be haters and attackers of my viewpoint, but that’s my bottom most feeling about this mess that SM has created…..

    • missy says:

      agree…i won’t bash you…

      even those in Japan said the contracts were too long, and new ones should be signed every 1 to 2 years based on how popular you are.
      If you get more popular, you get more money, if you get less popular, then your journey ends there…

      that’s how it should be in my opinion.

  24. yui says:

    get a fuck*** life pétasse

  25. Rio says:

    @Teabag or Aubergine
    What’s your point?
    Just my personal opinion, if you said that JYJ are talentless, then most of celebrities in the world must be talentless too to you. If you said that we are stupid to like JYJ, then you must be the smartest people out there. You dare to call me and others stupid, you must be a smart scientist. Am I guessing right?
    Or are you just an ordinary people out there trying to look smart?

    • Teabag says:

      You should read a book called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and afterwards you’d also find Korea and Koren worshippers funny. It’s just out of the book, even the transhumanism and ridiculous lack of parenting.

      • missy says:

        oh I read that book..hmmmm WHEN I WAS 14, I did a college paper on it.
        A book about hmm…testtube babies..and poeple telling you who you are going to be when you grow up, and putting people in to different classes and you can never leave that class.
        no marriage, just lovers, and I believe orgy was also mentioned.
        Basically, this gawd awful world kinda like SM.
        They control everything. It was kinda sick.
        Why suggest such an awful book, which idolizes this weird society, and bashes the kinda of society we hav enow where you have marriage and commitment and work hard for your money.

        Did you even read the book, or google the spark notes?

        • Teabag says:

          No you didn’t. You’re american and so you don’t read books, you read magazines.

          What on earth is google spark? Is that something you americans use when you’re not looking at glossy photos in magazines? Where I’m from we actually read books, so no… it was one of those old-fangled paperbacks where you actually turned the pages.

          I suggest you try reading a book sometime, you might learn something.

    • Teabag says:

      I’m still laughing at the lack of causality between JYJs talent and the talent of all the other ‘celebrities in the world. ‘If you don’t like money, then you must be a criminal’ is an example of your logic.

  26. Dood says:

    It’s funny, reading about kids who think they know all about law but are probably just art majors. :p It’s even more hilarious when they go, “I have a life to tend to so I don’t have time for you,” but they’re here. So LOLing!

  27. sooks says:

    You people are hilarious. Imagine fighting over these when it has no impact on either SM or JYJ??

  28. Momobyon says:

    I don’t care about DBSK. Never was a fan. But I find it amazing how someone can comb through each and every comment and reply back with negativity and ridiculous notions and then call fb ‘lonelybook’ and saying that they have real life friends. I wonder where these real friends are because this person obviously has a LOT of time on their hands. My gosh.

  29. sheilamie says:

    good for them

  30. Kay says:

    AUBERGINE…I am some one who is an outsider looking and reading about this situation. I can tell that you have a stake in SM Entertainment (maybe you work there?) and you are being bias. It does not matter where you are, who you are and who you THINK you are…. there is no reason that an artist and their managing company cannot work something out. it seem to be that SM is been given too much of a rule. some one needs to clip their wings. The issue have nothing to do with breaking contract, SM is seems is just a “dog in a manger” if they can not have JYJ no one should. There is no reason for SM to treat they own people as SLAVE. it is strange throughout history it is usually those from other place that treat others as slave not our own.
    HOLD STRONG JYJ…what GOD has deem yours NO ONE can take it away.

  31. XXX says:

    Aubergine works for SM. leave the board now as this is a general discussion forum and not a business motived platform

  32. kay says:

    every cassie fan has sworn to death to protect JYJ. Beware SM there’s more to see if you don’t let your hands off

  33. itrustjyj says:

    This@teabag, she/he went to every jyj news site & left such bias comment. I saw some old comment post by@teabag a u-kiss regarding band member replacement. . Jus ignore this Lowlife.

  34. MNT08 says:


  35. ikkooo999 says:

    The thrift banking system is composed of savings and mortgage banks, private development banks, stock savings and loan associations and microfinance thrift banks. Thrift banks are engaged in accumulating savings of depositors and investing them. They also provide short-term working capital and medium- and long-term financing to businesses engaged in agriculture, services, industry and housing, and diversified financial and allied services, and to their chosen markets and constituencies, especially small- and medium- enterprises and individuals.

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