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[Pops it Best] Lee Min-jung Vs Kim Ah-jung

The two actresses are currently starring in dramas on the SBS TV network. Kim Ah-joong stars in “Signs” and Lee Min-jung‘s new drama “Midas” premiered today. They have different days in the ratings battle, but who is the queen of the gray dress?

Min-jung wore a short gray polka dot dress to her press conference,while Ah-joong sported a short gray ribbed dress months earlier at the “Signs” conference.

In your opinion, Who has the “Signs” in the “Midas” touch of fashion?

Image Source: TV Daily


27 Comments on “[Pops it Best] Lee Min-jung Vs Kim Ah-jung”

  1. Pinaycutie says:

    Ah-joong, in my opinion 🙂

  2. Teabag says:

    The one with plastic surgery ‘pops it best’.

    • calix says:

      i smell envy hir! LOLZ

      • Teabag says:

        I’m envious of someone so shallow and self hating that they have to turn to mutilation in order to look like anyone other than their parents? I’m envious because I don’t live in a society which pretty much forces women to look like mutilated skeletons?

        Hmm…. I cannot help being riddled with envy about those things, you’re so observant.

        • calix says:

          if i may ask, between these two who’d you think underwent mutilation?

          • Teabag says:

            Well, considering they are korean women and all korean women have plastic surgery (normally on the eyelids and jawline), I’d put a pretty safe bet on both of them.

            Why? Which did you think think hadn’t?

        • coliebolie says:

          what the fuck are you talking about. bitch i bet youre ugly too but dont have the courage to fix your face thats why you be hating. and its a known fact that lee min jung is all natural. korea doesnt even have the highest rate in plastic surgery. why you even on this site if you obviously dont give a shit about korean entertainment. get a life. you obviously have no life because you have all this time to talk shit about something you hate so much. get the fuck outta here

          • Teabag says:

            Korea does have the highest rate of plastic surgery, they just don’t have to submit their statistics to the world body which collects all these stats. Mainly because face mutilation is so popular there.

            Just so you know.

            • coliebolie says:

              hell naw. The U.S has the highest rate and Japan has the highest rate among asian countries. You do realize that all the stats on plastic surgery is directly from the clinics so it is in fact accurate. And fuck you. I bet your face is so fucked up and already mutilated that it cant be fixed even with plastic surgery. that’s why you be hatin bitch

      • bdean says:

        More like a demented obsession.

        Funny how someone who has so much contempt for another group spends tons of time posting the same garbage over and over again.

        That is the very DEFINITION of LOSER (really, try to outgrow the limitations of your brainstem and do something more constructive, you BRAINSTEM!).

  3. calix says:

    been to her minihompi and saw her pics from 6 yrs ago i think still, she looks the same with minimal changes especially the chubby cheeks, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve been under mutilation.
    but there still other stars who does those things.. and i feel sorry for them
    BTW, are you from korea?

    • Teabag says:

      Face facts, Korean society supports transhumanism, which is why they all have age defying and beautifying mutilation techniques which they all use. It’s what they do there, and they’re shunned from society if they don’t have it. That’s why koreans laugh at people with single-eyelids and kick them in the street, and they all look like shiny skinned botox victims.

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Lee Min Jung

  5. Orange_Fun says:

    I’m sorry, but the dress on the left is hideous.

  6. sweet says:

    lee min jung

  7. bianca san roman says:

    i like to see lee-min-jung wearing it, because her hair compliments the dress…..and she is so cute……..

  8. Anonymous says:

    I first seen Lee Min-Jung’s acting on Boys Over Flowers a year back.
    Seen Kim Ah-Joong’s acting on 200 lbs. Beauty.

    Both are great actresses, pretty and charming.
    But, personally… I’m more IN LOVE with Kim Ah-Joong(not totally her dress, but HER.)

    LMJ’s dress looks good, but I’m not sure about the style. Maybe it’s just me, but her
    dress kinda looks like a see-through. LOL, I’m not good with fashion. ^_^ But nevertheless, she looks great.

    KAJ’s dress looks simple and neat. ^^,

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