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Supernova teaches Korean!

Will you be early for your lessons?

The 6 member Mnet Media band, Supernova, will teach Korean on Japanese TV! The NHK network’s “Korean Language Class TV” will air two times a week beginning on March 29th.

The members of the band are ecstatic to be apart of the educational programming. Leader Yoon-hak expressed that he would love to make his Korean teaching position long-term.

International fans, get ready to have your televisions explode with the incredible language skills of one boy band who is out of this world. With a band like Supernova, you need to prepare for anything that could land in your area.

Sources: TV Daily and Nate


44 Comments on “Supernova teaches Korean!”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    do they think they can actually overtake SuJu?! No, SuJu’s always number in my heart.. They won’t be anywhere near just cuz their name has a ‘super’ in it too!! NO! NO! NO!

    • Cabbage says:

      You should seriously shut the fuck up and stop the excessive exclamation marks. That’s what makes people hate you and your childish nature. Just so you’re aware.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Just shut the fuck up and stop trying to act like me!

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      by the way, their real name is Cho Shin Sung, so technically they aren’t Supernova.
      It’s just said like that for the translation of the name of the group.

      And that doesn’t make sense what you just said
      “No, SuJu’s always number in my heart.. ”
      What number are u talking about:?

      So that proves you’re not the real me and your not a real K-Pop fan! HA! IN YO FACE, MOTHERFUCKER!

  2. Teabag says:

    The fact is.. no one wants to learn korean because it’s useless, unless you’re some desperate, poor and destitute south east asian who wishes any K-farmer would marry them and take them to their kimchi farm, away from whatever.

    The fact is, it’s useless, and your time would be better spent learning a good language.

    • ara says:

      you’ve been working very hard to make sure everyone hates Korea and all-related-to it, haven’t you ?

      you know, just to make sure about your point.

  3. Nigar says:

    i have listened to their song with t-ara they have really good voice but of course suju is better but i also love supernova handsome guys

  4. PhlipPhlip says:

    I hate speaking Tagalog, and I speak Korean all day to my friends because here in the Philippines we all want to be korean and marry korean men. Sometimes my friends get their korean wrong and my teacher hits them with a stick and says ‘you’ll never marry a korean if you don’t practise your korean better’, I also take swimming lessons so I can swim to Busan!

    Korea hwaiting!!

    • Cabbage says:

      Disgrace to your nation.

      I’d disown family and flee my nation if I’m such an utter disgrace, who entirely worships another country and thinks of abandoning the home you’ve grown up at from the moment you rise from bed till you get back n your bed again.

      Let us know when you’re done with your swimming to Busan (if you’re still alive).

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    wow if my professors looked like them. i would be happy to see their faces in class but nah! stuck with my techers.

  6. Ran says:

    Teabag: korean is sure useless if you’re aim is speaking it in order to only being able to understand korean pop song and so on

    But on the other hand, you should definitely stop being so f****** annoying and make some researchs about koreans industries and economics which is one nowadays of the mosth thriving economic in the world.

    Basically, you are so harsh to korean, but I’m sure that 70% of your eletronic stuff is a Korean brand, or if not a brand, made in Korea

    You don’t like korea pop, fine, you don’t like korean star, fine

    But hating a hole country only because you don’t like gossips, I can assure that you appear like a real moron who’s narrow minded and only see he’s navel.

    And before you have anything to say my english, I precise that’s it’s not my mother language, neither I’m asian.


  7. Ran says:

    “”””is one nowadays of the most thriving economic in the world. “””””

    Before correcting others, you should at leat being able to read correctly your own language


  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    OMG! I love Supernova!
    Hey, wanna hear something cool???
    I have ALL of Supernova’s SIGNATURES on their Time To Shine album in silver marker because my dad knows the mother of Yoon Hak (The leader of the group) and so my dad said that I like K-Pop and she said that her son was a singer in Supernova and she asked if i wanted their signatures and i said YES! OMGZZ!

    So now i have all of their signatures and it’s awesome~~

    • ashley says:

      why are you telling everyone this? lol

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        Cuz it’s so awesome!! If you didn’t want to hear it, then u could have ignored my comment….

        • ashley says:

          no lol it just seemed like you were braging. If I knew u in real life I would be like “oohh your so lucky and everything” but since I don’t I find it a little strange that your sharing this news with strangers online. I’m just saying not trying to be rude or anything.

          • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

            oh, i see…

            • Seaweed says:

              Do you now know why you are hated by everybody around?

              There are people bashing your irrelevant (and highly fake) stories, your tales of being Korean and how you speak in Korean when you are an American who eat double-cheese burgers on a daily basis. To make this worse, you make people hate you till there’s someone faking your ID.

              It’s because you do not know when to shut your trap.

              I’d advise you to be mature on what you intend to say, and not blabber shits, ESPECIALLY the ones which emphasize on you being Korean when you’re not, and how privilege you are that your dad knows some of your to-die-for idol’s mom when that’s nothing but what you dreamt last night after watching one of their concerts online.

              Do you actually also behave this annoying outside, have no friends and make everyone ostracize you?

            • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

              You know, u didn’t have to write a big essay for me…. You could’ve just said it in very simple, short words.

              • Seaweed says:

                Not really.

                For someone like you who’s having severe mental disorder 1) Wishing herself is good-looking. 2) Hoping to be a race you’re not. And now, 3) Relating what you’ve dreamt of last night about getting your idol’s signature.

                That’s a sad life you’ve got.

  9. Ran says:

    Well yes, I’m sorry, I made a mistake when I wrote “Cordially”

    What about that: you speak french with a perfect grammar and no mistakes. How is it? good deal ?

    Alors, d’accord, je vais parler français, et il y a 99,9999999% de chance qu’un idiot comme toi ne comprenne RIEN de ce que j’écrive (et ça n’étonnerait personne)

    Tu n’aime pas la musique coréenne? tu n’aimes pas les stars coréennes ?
    Et ben alors bars toi espèce de con, au lieu de passer ta vie sur ce site. Ou alors justement, tu n’as pas de vie et ta seule occupation consiste à déverser tes insultes.
    Je ne sais pas si tu es un homme ou une femme, mais dans les deux cas, tu dois te sentir sacrement seul, et être en manque du sexe opposé pour être aussi CHIANT



    Et bien sur


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