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Will IU and Woo-young…

… finally lock lips?

On the 14th episode of the KBS drama “Dream High” which aired on February 21, 2011, the preview for episode 15 was shown. In the preview, there is a short scene where Kim Pil-suk (IU) and Jason (Woo-young) look like they are about to engage in a kiss.

According to the “Dream High” website, Kim Pil-suk stars on a cable show with Jason‘s help and during the program, her past pictures (when she was overweight) are revealed. The preview seems to show the two after the occurrence of such situation as Kim Pil-suk is stating that for her, those were happy times. To which, Jason replies, “There is one more person who liked those times.” Then, their faces get closer and Kim Pil-suk closes her eyes.

After the preview was released, fans of Woo-young have been protesting against a kiss scene, saying that IU is underage. On the other hand, fans of “Dream High” are anticipating one.

Do you want to see the kiss scene between IU and Woo-young?

Below is the preview for episode 15 of “Dream High“.


24 Comments on “Will IU and Woo-young…”

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  2. daracanela says:

    Ahh hope to see them kiss!!!

  3. dan says:

    oh yeah i want to see an awkward, forced kiss scene in a korean drama.

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I really wanna watch this drama…

    • Aubergine says:

      Sorry, but you’re an american who lives in USA, so unless you move to Korea as a foreigner you’ll not be able to watch it.

      • Orange_Fun says:

        You and your band of stalkers need to stop harassing Asians on this site. The fact that you worship them is actually creeping them out.

    • weissman says:

      You can watch it an any number of website (Subed quite nicely in english)


      just to name two

  5. Stranded_Angel says:

    aw, c’mon fans of wooyoung, why not give the 2 the privelege of having a petty kiss???

    • peace says:

      Addition to your comment: these fans of Wooyoung should realize it isn’t gonna be serious like most kdrama kiss scenes.

  6. Remember that he said he wants to do kissing scene…hahha…dorky Wooyoung…now yr wish is gonna be true

  7. qqq says:

    Hey IU, say hi to my now steady target “Plaster pull” boy Max 😛

  8. Y says:

    Hallellujah!!!! Pilsuk!!!!

  9. OnYoung ~ says:

    I hope They kiss ~ ^^
    They are A-W-S-O-M-E Together . Even Though I am His Fan , Hey , He and IU Look good Together ~ CUTEEE ~!^^ :DD

  10. PhlipPhlip says:

    Annyeung fellow k-pop fans!!

    Here in the Philippines we all stop work for an hour and all the factories stop so we can watch our daily Korean drama, and this week it was ‘Dream High’. I really like suzy and so I’m saving all my money to get surgery to look like her and then I’m going to swim from Manila to Busan so I can get a Korean husband. Then I’ll be happy, because life is so terrible here outside korea.

    Mabuhay! Sarangheyo!

  11. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    awww!wooyoungie! everytime i look at this guy i have to adore him because of his chubby cheeks. >.< wow i want to pinch them! and iu um u have a nice voice? *shrug*

  12. ... says:

    Suzy and taecyeon also had a kiss And she is also underage She is even younger than IU so why can’t IU have a kiss scene with wooyoung who is by the way younger than taec ?! They should just get over it! it’s just a little kiss –‘

  13. dee;) says:

    totally love the iu n wooyoung couple….

  14. I hope they will!!!! They are so cute!!! Fwighting!!!!! =)

  15. soffy says:

    they MAKe suCH a CUTE ass COuPle…!!!! ^^

  16. casper says:

    They really match together.Kissing on a forehead match them more.

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