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2NE1 To Bring The Fire To Japan This Spring

Is Tokyo ready for 2NE1?

Following in the steps of YG Entertainment label mates BIG BANG, 2NE1 is ready for their Japanese debut!

Since their debut in 2009, 2NE1 have become one of the biggest trend setters in the industry from their music to their fashion.

Their music has become so popular, they  have made friends with  international stars like Black Eyed Peas and fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

After taking over the charts with their 1st album “To Anyone“, 2NE1 is going international with the release of their 1st Japanese album.

Sigining a deal with Avex earlier last October, on March 9th 2NE1 will release “Go Away” as ringtone, and in the spring will debut to promote their album. on March 16th.

Album’s tracklist:

1. Fire
2. I Don’t Care
3. In the Club
4. Let’s Go Party
5. Pretty Boy
6. Stay Together
7. Lollipop
8. I’m Busy
9. Please Don’t Go
10. Kiss

Avex revealed 2NE1 will be having their long-awaited Japanese debut this spring with the single “GO AWAY”! ,“CAN’T NOBODY (ENG VER)” will also be included. “GO AWAY” will first  be released as a ringtone on March 9th~”.

Are you excited for 2NE1‘s Japanese debut?

Source: Sanspo


52 Comments on “2NE1 To Bring The Fire To Japan This Spring”

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  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  3. pandao. says:

    They’re going to do great no doubt ! 😀

  4. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    What? omg! they r going to rock japan.

  5. Armpits says:

    Love these girls. Hopefully their Japanese version of their music will give off the same vibe as the Korean versions. Sometimes the one song can sound better in one language than in another.

  6. Teabag says:

    “Their music has become so popular, they have made friends with international stars like Black Eyed Peas and fashion designer Jeremy Scott.”

    HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAH…….. that’s hilarious, FACT.

    I love to see this spice girls tribute-act try to persuade people it’s popular outside Korea.

  7. 7 says:

    Fire is nice. Wouldn’t be surprised if they make it on top 10.

  8. Jenny says:

    They don’t really fit in the japanese market with their image, sure there are solo artists like Amuro Namie with a fierce image but in groups it’s not usually popular. And Japan has a lot of better J-urban artists that are 100% better then 2ne1.
    4minute has a similar image and has not been succesful at all compared to Kara, but of course we’ll see how Avex decides to promote them. The grace was also under Avex but never was very popular mainly because Avex never promoted them and now the girls are back in Korea.

    • Orange_Fun says:

      4minute is nothing like 2ne1.

      • JO says:

        They’re worse then? They aren’t doing great in Japan. i just hope 2NE1 will do alright. IDK why people want to see them fail. What;s wrong you?

      • Jenny says:

        What I mean is Japan loves cute girl groups like SNSD and Kara, especially Kara has been really popular or as another example AKB48 and all subunits.
        But like I said it depends how Avex decides to promote them, they are nothing new to the japanese market because Japan has a lot of urban artists.

  9. dan says:

    it’s this idol worshipping trickle down effect. koreans worship the americans. rest of asia worship these no talent idiots running around on stage.

  10. ashley says:

    I love Avex! they only sign the best of the best and don’t let people fly by just because the look cute or were popular in the native country *SKorea*
    so hopefully 2NE1 will do good like the rest of avex artist . It’s a shame that CSJH didn’t get that popular in Japan or Korea though.

  11. bdean says:

    I’d say 2NE1 will make a bigger splash than SNSD; maybe KARA as well but then again, the Japanese have some weird obsession w/ Goo Hara.

    • Dave says:

      2ne1 will get female fans, but very little male fans since when it comes to idol pop music they like the approachable “girl next door” type. They like Hara because she has features liked by the Japanese. This why snsd aren’t as popular as KARA, their “long leg” marketing made them intimidating to the guys.

      • ashley says:

        Japan has a wide selection in music and looks so I think if everything goes well 2NE1 will do just fine they don’t have to act cute or sale out like dbean said

        • kayla says:

          As said previously, they will have fans mostly from females, hence they won’t really reach their max potential with the males combined.

      • RoxyIsFerox says:

        Dave, as long as 2NE1 HAS MORE female fans it’s okay. Having more female fans than male fans mean that you are able to relate what your fellow girl wants, make them relate with you. If you have male fans… that’s OTHERWISE. You know what I mean? Objectification much? Look what’s happening at Japanese girl groups, they ARE existed to satisfy the urges of males. As much as I like them, I feel bad at them. Objectification as your purpose of your existence makes you feel worthless and degraded.

        • kkopoop says:

          so Guys like you, so therefore you are worthless and degraded? Males don’t like 2ne1 because they look unattractive. But that doesn’t stop 2NE1 from dressing skanky and dancing inappropriately for their age humping on the floor. THAT’S degrading.

  12. Momobyon says:

    I will agree with an above comment about 2NE1’s style not fitting with Japan’s ‘cute obsession’. However I will also disagree that Japan has more talented artists than Korea. I had to stop listening to the same cutesy Japanese music in order to find people like BoA, Yoonmirae, Hwayobi, Park Bom. From what I’ve heard from Japan, the best they have to offer is Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru (american), Crystal Kay (black-korean), and Soulhead (hasn’t made an album in a while). Yeah, I’ll take Korea and 2NE1 ANYDAY!! Not hating on Japan but most of their stuff is wayyy toooooo generic.

    • yulia says:

      based on the people you’ve listed in the Japanese section, you’re rather unsuitable for making judgment since it seems you don’t even have a good representation of Japanese singers at all. Not to mention the Koreans you listed are just generic pop stars that are manufactured by their companies and sing what’s given to them. Japan have way more self composers and way more different styles of music. Bands like JE and AKB48 represent Japanese idol industry, not the overall music. Idol pop music dominates Korea, you hardly hear anything about alternative music, Japan has strong base of all sorts. Generic? Music that sounds like 90’s American music with overload of autotune is generic and that’s the current definition of kpop. Not hating either, just pointing out that kpop is filled with too many south east asian Koreaophiles fans who make ignorant remarks.

      • ashley says:

        yulia I agree with u mombyon has not found the Really good and I mean really good Japanese artist yet the people they listed are good but there are better J artist out there .

    • Crayon says:

      I was wondering why she listed a whole bunch of american singers when she was talking about japan…

      utada h – american, crystal kay – american , Soulhead – wannabe americans.

      Curious choices which don’t really uphold anything you were trying to say.

    • ginny says:

      SJ-M’s new single sounds generic. It’s released to the Chinese public though. Still, this generic piece to shyt was produced by Korean producers.

    • lay says:

      i think both k-pop and j-pop have their share of good and not-so-good artists. from j-pop, i don’t fancy their idol singers like those groups from Johnny’s (except some older songs from SMAP and Arashi) but i love artists like Kobukuro, Shibata Jun, Ken Hirai, Anzenchitai, Ryo & Aska, Naotaro Moriyama and KOKIA to name a few. maybe you can look up for these artists (if you haven’t yet) and see if you like them.

    • Crayon says:

      Hahahahah Japanese Pop is too generic for someone who likes K-pop. That’s what we call a cognitive bias. You’re quite likely suppressing a motivation to be korean or supportive of korean pop into your subconscious because this is clearly a fallacy.

      I love how you think 2ne1 isn’t just the spice girls, and you make out they are ‘fresh’ hahaha. gosh that’s funny.

  13. SonicEvolution says:

    Guys this is just not true. Sure Japan tends to lean towards cute but that by no means is the rule. Look at M-flo as has worked with many Japanese artists. I love the M-flo loves series. He even did a collab with Boa M-flo loves Boa “Love Bug and m-flo loves melody. & Ryohei / miss you. Those are both sick tracks and more where that came from. I also like Japan for it’s focus on J-Rock which is something you don’t see to much in Korea. So each has their strengths ya know. In reference to Urban pop or the like I would say Hime is probably the best known urban rap artist in Japan. She is really really good but more underground. Don’t anyone even dare say her being gangster as her music sends strong message to empower women in Japanese culture. That in and of itself makes her different. Korea to has a sort of outcast even though she is among the best rappers in Korea. Tasha might be part black but she is Korean as well. I am not even going to get into that debate here so don’t bother. I don’t think there will ever be a Korean artist which will ever top Utada’s success though. Boa deserves a lot of credit but is no where near the success Utada has achieved.

    Ayumi Hamasaki on the other hand is completely out of the question as she is Japan. I hate to think what is going to happen when she retires lol. In closing 2NE1 has a shot but I agree proving can connect with female fans there. Who cares about the males fans they don’t matter anyways. I personally am looking forward to their US debut which will likely be sometime next year. I feel they have a very good shot unlike others that have tried. What amazes me is that they have already be featured in Vogue magazine. Not to mention have barely did any overseas promotion but have already landed number 2 on the I-tunes chart. Add this to working with the news just keeps getting better all the time on this. I think people are going to fall in love with them. People also need to take into consideration that the closest thing we have to 2NE1 is PussyCat Dolls which is kinda an insult lol. No comparison at all which is why I think they have a shot. All in all I wish 2NE1 the best of luck in their Japanese debut. God knows the Japanese music scene changes faster then the weather so staying on top will be a major challenge.

  14. Don Bigote says:

    Good most of d songs frm last yr latest album all autotune crap.

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