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2NE1’s Minzy flaunts her O line!

The coveted V line is so…. 2010!

Koreans all want to look beautiful, youthful, and refreshed. The new O line trend is giving them just that. While Minzy tweeted about her enjoyment of the warmer weather for work..we want you to examine her perfect O line.

What is an O line? The fullness of a person’s cheeks is considered their beautiful O line.

Does she have the look, or is our singer an alphabet letter in training?

Source: @mingkki21


100 Comments on “2NE1’s Minzy flaunts her O line!”

  1. Teabag says:

    This is completely wrong. An O line where genetically Koreans have a head like a ping-pong ball and a face like the full moon and it looks like an O. That’s why chinese people call them ‘big biscuit face’ because their faces are like big round biscuits.

    This one has a big round face too.

    • fefrefe says:

      i thought they’re know as pancake face…not biscuit face…variations.

      • Teabag says:

        bing can mean both biscuit and pancake.

        • jasmine says:

          “bing” means biscuit. “laobing” means pancake. “tangao” means cake . mooncake means “yuebing”

          and what were we talking about?
          she is not related to any food,
          OH MY GOD, MINZY IS SO CUTE ~! ^^

          • Pen says:


            Oh, and your pinyin is pretty wrong. 蛋糕(dàngāo) is cake, not tangao. I guess you don’t live in china then.

    • dan says:

      ‘O’ Line = Original before a full on plastic surgery facial structure reshaping.

      • SOJU says:

        Hey go on youtube and watch their debut video.2ne1 were so ugly before!!!

        • arsheen says:

          they are not ugly… dara is pretty ever since… bom too… cl and minzy may not be that pretty but they are natural…

        • riley says:

          they;re not that good looking now either. `CL and Minzy are just as ugly as before and Bom looks like she fell into a pool of botox. Only Sandara is okay looking. Shame she lacks in the singing and/or dancing department.

          • jhang says:

            dara is as same as cute as she was before…but in talent she really lacks with it, even when she’s still here in the Philippines…one of the juror in the artista contest (a celebrity finding here in the Philippines) said that Dara does the looks but she don’t have a talent…she came back here in the Philippines to tell every Filipinos that she had a talent but i think the juror that make a comment for her years past, still didn’t recognize Dara as talented one….

            • Crayon says:

              She didn’t look very talented in her UNO magazine dominatrix pics.

              If koreans with no talent in the Phils can go to korea and suddenly be seen as talented, why do filipinos like what is apparently a less talented pop industry more than their own?

              • jhang says:

                hmmm….appreciation…we just appreciate their beauty…because they are chinita’s and chinito…while filiponos are less than not…but we do love filipino beauty…it is just they are foreigner… and about their songs..??maybe because of the vediocre that’s why pinoy likes it…coz we can’t hear it here in the Philippines…it is all pure voices from the singers that is in here…but actually if a korean star will have a concert here and a filipino star would also have a concert with the same date and time of that korean…i still pick filipino star concert…coz i know that i will be satisfied…filipinos are more talented than korean….people all over the worl knows that…no one can’t deny it…

              • jhang says:

                it is all about appreciation…we Filipino’s just appreciated their beauty with make ups on???and they also have chinita’s and chinito beauty…the one with small eyes…than the Filipino’s have less than not…and about their songs?maybe because of the mediocre or some sort of that kind of thing(words)…coz, we can’t hear it here in the Philippines…Filipino Singers sings with their own voice without editing it…Korean songs are new in the Philippines…but actually we don’t really love it…coz we can’t understand it…just facing the truth…but when a Korean singer will come here in the Philippines to have a concert and accidentally a Filipino singer will going to have a concert with the same date with that Korean singer, I still choose the Filipino singer concert….why?coz i know that i will be satisfied…just we all know that Filipino’s are very talented…and people around the world knows it…and we can’t deny it…

          • Stumbler says:

            Gee sorry their eyes aren’t perfect double eyelids, their noses aren’t as high as the ceiling and their legs arent full of botox? They’re made from talent not beauty and for some reason i doubt ur that pretty if such ugly comments escape ur tongue

            • jhang says:

              are you sure that they are made with talents???if that so why they are called as talentless one??????????because they are not made with talent nor not made with true beauty…they are made just for plastic surgery…lol…

    • SOJU says:

      What it isn’t mooncake???

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hanguk News and Kristy, BIL. BIL said: 2NE1′s Minzy flaunts her O line!: The coveted V line is so…. 2010! Koreans all want to look beautiful, youthful… […]

  3. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    awwww! minzy! she so cute and she can dance her ass off wow that is quite a combination for pure awesomeness! woooo!!! minzy!

  4. ... says:

    just love her!!!

  5. ashley says:

    she has a pretty round face and I don’t think it is necessary for other Koreans to try to change their faces to a have a V line, work with what you got like Minji did.

    • dan says:

      obviously 99.9999999999999% of girls in korea and the plastic surgeons on every street corner don’t agree with you. they WANT to be the clone of an american white girl.

      • amy says:


        • Teabag says:

          Where is a excreta? on their head? or just smeared on their faces?

        • Mark says:

          Just because you’re a white supremacist doesn’t mean everyone else in the world wants to be like you. Get lost and go join the KKK instead of wasting your time here. The USA is not the universal market and it never will be and only Hitler thought blue eyes “n shit” were ideal. More money is made through them selling their music to the obsessive fans in South East Asia than anywhere else in the world.

          • Mark says:

            For all the white supremacists on this page

            • Teabag says:

              Isn’t anime where they make their japanese women have big blue eyes and all sorts of white features?

              Don’t koreans think they invented anime, when really even japanese anime was based upon those ‘white people’ you hate’s cartoons?

              • Mark says:

                I don’t hate white people, I am white. I’m just not egotistical and thinking my race is what everyone wishes they could be. If you watched the video you would have nothing to back up your theory. I’ve lived in Korea and Japan for years (now residing in Canada) and I’ve dated girls that have bigger eyes than I do and paler skin than mine. I’ve met grade school students with no plastic surgery that have bigger eyes than me and paler skin as well. How about you visit the countries are you are making assumptions about before you go spewing your verbal diarrhea all over the interwebs.

                • Mark says:

                  I die my hair black because I’m tired of my original hair colour, does that make me want to be Asian? Black hair is prominently an “Asian” thing. So EVERY SINGLE white person who dies their hair black must want to be Asian, they aren’t just doing it to have a new look. The exact same can be said for eyes. I have naturally green eyes but I wear colour contacts occassionally…does that mean I want to be another race because I wear colour contacts? Your theory has absolutely no logic. Apparently white people can do whatever they want but the second a different race does that they want to be like us. And MANY Koreans are born with a double eyelid, that isn’t a caucasian feature.

                  • Teabag says:

                    You’re a weeaboo and koreans genetically have single eyelids. That’s just a fact.

                    • Mark says:

                      please show me the scientific information saying that Koreans are born with single eyelids, because I’ve seen a ton that are too young to have plastic surgery and have double eye lids. Apparently they break the law of nature.

                • Teabag says:

                  Look, you’re one of those weird sex-tourists who hangs out in asia, and that’s fine. You’re probably an ‘amateur photographer’ like most north americans in asia, and that’s fine but a bit creepy. But YOU’RE NOT ASIAN. If you really had been to asia, you’d know koreans think their race is far superior to any other race, which is taught to them in school, military, all the time. Koreans are openly racist about filipinos, vietnamese, black people, japanese, et al. Just ask Hines Ward.

                  I’m still not convinced you’ve been to korea, because you seem to know nothing about it or Korean culture.

                  Now just get back to your amateur japanese photography, eh.

                  • Mark says:

                    I don’t care whether or not you believe I’ve been to Korea because I’m speaking from experience. If you know anything about Busan you can ask me and I’ll tell the exact names of stores and restaurants around 덕천 because I lived there for over one year. I can tell you that the Paris Baguette was renovated and re-opened in April 2010 and then renovated again and re-opened in December 2010 to add a second floor to the shop. I can tell you that in May 2010 the New Core Department Store opened in 덕천 across from the gate 9 subway exit. Of course you being and ignorant American who is speaking off nothing but hearsay and never having lived in Korea before apparently has a valid opinion with nothing to back it up.

                    Koreans are racist and you know what? They are racist to white people as well. If Koreans want to be white why don’t they get plastic surgery to make their noses bigger? That’s a caucasian characteristic, but nobody does that because they don’t have a complex like yourself. You’re so insecure about your race you have the belief that everyone wants to be like you. Oh well, whatever helps you sleep at night.

          • Teabag says:

            You can use VISA and MASTERCARD and PAYPAL to give money to the Ku Klux Klan and all sorts of nefarious groups, but you’re not allowed to give money to Wikileaks who sort of tell you what’s going on in the world, sort of.

      • Teabag says:

        They don’t really end up looking like white women though… they still look a bit skeletal and emaciated.

        • ara says:

          oh, tea bag. just go. that’ll be easier for you.

          oh, and Mark, i’m pure asian. and i have natural double eyelids. like you said, many asians has double eyelids. ah. random notes.

          • Teabag says:

            We’re not talking about asians. We’re talking about ‘orientals’ who are East Asians. Typically only the chinese naturally have double eyelids, and Koreans and many korean-gened Japanese have single eyelids.

            Koreans seem to struggle with the fact that they have single eyelids as a part of their genetics and so turn to transhumanism in order to deal with it.

            • ashley says:

              no my friend is chinese and she does not have double eyelids so stop with your China obession already

              • ashley says:

                oops I mean *obsession*

              • tania says:

                About saying Chinese have/have not got double eyelids, it’s not a good comparison because Chinese is a nationality, not a ethnicity. (that’s like saying Americans have a so and so feature on their face) there are regions in China where everyone has double eyelids and places where there it’s scarcely so. Koreans, being a homogeneous country, are known to have less than 25% of people with natural double eyelids (read it in a TIME mag about Korean plastic surgery) even those with double eyelids have very strong epithantic folds (very high prevalence in korea)- the feature which makes you’re eyes appear more “asian” and small even if you DO have double eyelids. This why Koreans don’t consider double eyelid surgery plastic surgery anymore, it sometimes makes little difference and they end up needing to cut the corners of their eyes to actually widen and make them look bigger. not hatin’ just sayin. small eyes can look good.

                • ashley says:

                  yes I agree

                  • Mark says:

                    I still have yet to see the scientific information stating that Koreans are only born with single eye lids and round faces. Science is the truth. Next thing you know you’re going to start talking about how god is real. God is just a fake as your theories about Korean genes which you clearly know nothing about since you are a fat American sitting at home on your couch jerking off to Japanese porn and eating Cheetos all day.

                  • Crayon says:

                    What’s a cheeto? How can we do any of the above eating something we don’t even know exists?

  6. chrisy says:

    MInzy ROCKS! O-Line or NO Line Whatever …..she can sing dance and has charisma too boot AND THIS IS SUCH A RANDOM ARTICLE

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I like Minzy! She’s awesome! But i prefer V-Line…

    • Teabag says:

      No you don’t.. you prefer massive moon-face like normal koreans before plastic surgery.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        Wtf. You can’t just go around saying that you’re always right.
        because your WRONG! You are not me, you can’t tell me what to like or dislike.

        And yes i do, you know, if you were smart enough to know, there are koreans with natural v-line shaped faces, such as myself.

        • Crayon says:

          No there aren’t.

        • Beetroot says:

          Wait, you’re NOT korean, much less do you have a V-line.

          You’re a Panasonic-LCD-television-square–faced American with chunky burgers fingers trying too hard to be the ideal korean girl you are far, way too far from.

          That’s an obsessive behavioural disorder you’d have to consult your psychologist for: Why do you keep wishing you’re an good-looking korean when you’re an not-that-fantastic-looking (maybe ugly) American.

          • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

            See, you know NOTHING about koreans.
            It’s possible that koreans have v-line shaped faces. Yes, i am a korean person that does have a v-line, but it doesn’t mean that koreans have big faces because it depends on genes! Not races!

            Goodness, seems like u failed on your science test when u were in school.

            • Crayon says:

              To be fair, koreans have the ‘big round face gene’.. they don’t really have V-style faces as can be seen if you go to china and compare all 56 of their races. The koreans definitely have bigger and more rounded faces.

              Besides, you live in USA not korea so you don’t count as a korean.

              • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

                Wow. You keep failing on everything….
                Good luck with that.

                • Tofu says:

                  Hmm, it’s better off than being a loser who dreams on being what she is a 180 degrees different in real life, without V-line, not korean, short, ugly hair, oily skin, obese and (inserts anything you can think of) girl.


                • Crayon says:

                  To be fair, you do fail on leeching off korean culture, when you’re clearly an american.

          • Crayon says:

            I definitely didn’t write that comment. It seems I’m getting an anonymous version of myself penning comments under my kitchen based items ids.

  8. johyn says:

    o line?….i’ll show her my o face!

    wait, she eighteen yet??

  9. Its ok even if ‘O’ line or ‘V’ line as long as she doesn’t do plastic surgery

  10. charlotte says:

    Face it, Korea has a plastic surgery problem. I don’t think they’re not good looking or anything, but they seriously have some serious body complexes. I’m at the library now and I have on the table a Korean Ceci mag, a Chinese Ceci mag and the Korean Ceci mag has over a 1/4 of the magazine dedicated to plastic surgery with tips from forehead implants, jaw shaves to full face plastic makeover special deals while the Chinese mag has like half a page with an ad on blemish removal and double eyelid surgery. Meanwhile i’ve got a Japanese mag is filled with makeup tips on how to apply eyelid glue, circle lens and fake eye lashes. and 4 pages with plastic surgery related things.

    minzy may not be ideal in the east asian’s eyes, but at least she’s refrained from mutilating her face. so far.

    • hana says:

      stay away from surgery minzy, rather you have your o line or you end up looking like melted plastic Seo Woo.

    • jamie says:

      you don’t need to give us that magazine analogy. It’s official: South Korea has world’s highest rate of cosmetic plastic surgery. proof:

  11. Momobyon says:

    I seriously don’t see how V-line faces are pretty. They look like horses when their faces are long like that. Minzys face is well-proportioned and I see no reason why she’s considered less attractive than another person. Also it pisses me off when people say that Bom and CL aren’t attractive. are you freaking kidding? They have well proportioned faces. Who the hell cares about Bom’s botox/plastic surgery. WE GET IT!!! She got shit done to her face. She isn’t the only one. When are we gonna move on from the bull?

    • lyn says:

      cl and minzy are not considered pretty by East Asian standards. perhaps you need to be one to understand this, ask any honest Korean: a female with single eyelids, flat nose and wide jaw is not considered pretty in Korea. Sorry to break it to you.

      And as for Bom’s face, if we’re not careful, Bom may commit suicide soon since too much plastic surgery and depression suicides are linked, didn’t you know?

      • ashley says:

        really that’s sad….. oh and I think most people are pretty in their own way and people should only get plastic surgery only if they get in a freak accident. Like the old saying goes” why fix something if it ant broke?”

    • Crayon says:

      To be fair, Bom doesn’t look very attractive from a male perspective. She looks like a big tub of botox Neither does CL… or any of them.

      I guess this group only look attractive to women, which is why they only have female fans.

  12. jhang says:

    dara is as same as cute as she was before…but in talent she really lacks with it, even when she’s still here in the Philippines…one of the juror in the artista contest (a celebrity finding here in the Philippines) said that Dara does the looks but she don’t have a talent…she came back here in the Philippines to tell every Filipinos that she had a talent but i think the juror that make a comment for her years past, still didn’t recognize Dara as talented one….

  13. lay says:

    WHOAH … so many beauty experts and critics here. mmm … from my observation on movie critics, they criticise but they themselves do not have the talent for acting nor directing. i wonder if the same applies in the case of beauty experts and critics.

    • Crayon says:

      I think it’s more to do with having eyes which work, than how we ourselves look. That’s because we don’t see with our faces, we see with our eyes! madness!

    • LEIGH says:

      Movie critics are important because they represent the consumer. People here have opinions that are important because these actors and directors would be nothing without the money spent from consumers and critics to go watch their arty farty movies.
      A consumer does not need “talent for “acting or directing” critics talents are about analyzing a movie. And in many instances, they’re very right. Olympic’s gymnastics judges do not themselves not have to be gymnasts but they do have a much better eye for marking. Dance examinators do not have to be the best dancers or even dance at all, but they’re still the ones hired to examine dancers.
      And beauty…is in the eye of the beholder, yeah? So you may fawn over these ladies and think they’re some sort of perfection, that’s you’re opinion, others may think they’re the ugliest thing that walked the earth, that’s their opinion. Suck it up and live with it that not every single person here is going to agree with you’re opinion. You’re a critic too, just because you’ve given them a good review on their looks doesn’t mean others will follow you’re opinion.

      • lay says:

        i don’t deny that beauty is subjective and i definitely do not expect people to agree with me on anything. what makes me pissed off is the way some people ‘give’ their opinion about the looks of those whom they consider t o be lacking in the beauty departmen. well, i undertstand that it is okay for you that some one who thinks you are not beautiful to say that you are fucking ugly or the ugliest creature ever walk the earth. it is all about being courteous to others. you clearly don’t think it is of any value to be so.

        • LEIGH says:

          Welcome to the world of entertainment. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Same applies to the celebs, can’t have the cake and eat it too.

          • lay says:

            can’t have the cake and eat it too? so, impliedly you’re saying that since they are celebrities and famous people, it is fine or okay for some fucking retards to throw them insults just because they don’t find the looks of those celebrities to their taste or fancy? yes being famous has its downside … people scrutinize every single thing you do, one wrong step, you’ll be subject to all kinds of censure . but do they deserve the same kind of treatment merely because they are not beautiful? if you think they do, that speaks a lot about what kind of person you are. therefore, there’s no use to reason with you then. tsk … such inherent ugliness is one’s person is the worst kind.

            • nadia says:

              “you’re saying that since they are celebrities and famous people, it is fine or okay for some fucking retards to throw them insults just because they don’t find the looks of those celebrities to their taste or fancy?”

              yes, that’s how it works in the celebrity world. it’s called freedom of speech- which has it’s good points, but also bad points because it means you have the freedom to spew out whatever crap you want. You can’t have it all good. many of these celebs are overpaid and overrated. without the scrutiny and paps, they wouldn’t be popular in/famous, they wouldn’t get paid as much. and they wouldn’t get jobs. You forget that idol celebs main goal is “image” as part of their job description,- so looks and judging their looks as well as their ever movement is not an invalid thing to do. “Idols” exposed to a larger number of people are looked up to by some and influence others, so of course they’re going to be under extra pressure because people will believe they don’t deserve it. Look, just toughen up. Sure it’s “mean”, but as much as you have the right to praise them, others have the right to put them down. it’s balance. It’s reality.

              • Crayon says:

                I love freedom of speech, and as a consumer I’m going to exercise my right to say what I feel at any given opportunity.

                • jhang says:

                  if this site would say that no one should say bad words for making comments for this star…i’ll promise quiting publishing bad comments…but if they did’nt…i will continue giving my opinion…lol

              • blah says:

                Nadia, you make good points. However, before the “world of celebrity”, there’s something that takes precedent, and that is called the “world of HUMANITY”. It’s about finding in ones’ self the ability to be humane towards others, and in doing so being able to give voice to your opinions RESPECTFULLY, as well as being able to hear the CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms from others. Societies all over this world, from when civilization first dawned until now, have been struggling with being humane and creating a society where humanity came first, not giving voice and action to every egotistical impulse that an individual may have.

                • Pen says:

                  Thank-you captain america, but no one was talking to you. Now go on back to

                • blah says:

                  Sorry, but YOU can call me Captain KOREA. And… so THAT is where you go to find out the ebonic terms you cut and paste into your insults… how “original”.. You are QUITE the idiot savant.

                • lay says:

                  thank you. that’s what i was getting at. i guess ‘humanity’ is lost to a lot of people at this thread. sad.

            • debbie says:

              you can”t be President without harsh criticism from the Opposition, and you can’t be an idol without people criticizing your looks and talent. Celebs are not “normal” people, they’re glorified, packaged fantasies. Being scrutinized is part of their job description if they want to be popular. If everyone was polite and nice and sweet, no one would give a damn about them. Just like how Perez Hilton’s sudden change of being all nice lost him all his viewers and his site is prob even less viewed than popseoul at the moment.

  14. fiona says:

    I hope Bom doesn’t convince Minzy to go under the knife. We don’t want 2 bee-stung faces in the group. One is enough.

    • Crayon says:

      i wonder how many bees it took to give Bom her current face effect?

    • nat says:

      Bom and Seo Woo should start a club- the “it’s so obvious that I’m overbloatingly plastic, but I’m still going to keep injecting my lips and face with botox because I have psychological issues and will probably end up like oil face Han Mioku” club. all plastic korean celebs are welcome to join.

  15. Nara says:


    • Pen says:

      Only you can answer that question, shouty lady. Why don’t you go to Allkpoop where they just sit there saying they love the group more than the previous commenter like a bunch of lobotomised drones?

  16. superfine says:

    o line means having no chin smarties.

  17. Eunice says:

    HAHAHA this is just another blatant example of how fashion trends live and die set by celebrities who have no choice but to listen to the creepy old men at the heads of organizations… koreans hate round faces, but now they love it so much they even have a nickname for it?! I guess that means I can now go to Korea and become a top celebritiy becauese of my apparent “O-line” ahahahahahaahhaha omg

  18. NC says:

    O line or not minzy is cute…bom looks like’s been eating botox and corn together, CL’s become more badass than ever, and sandara is as weird and quirky as before!

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