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Bae Yong-joon sues photographer for taking photos

What did they do wrong exactly?

After this story, I’m seriously reconsidering my job! International star Korea’s King Bae Yong-joon had a magazine photographer visit his home. I guess they were allowed to take pictures of him and the exterior of his property.

The problem began…when the photographer took photos of his home’s interior. KEYEAST believed the magazine invaded his personal space (privacy) and they wanted to sue them for taking the photos and publishing them without permission.

I understand he had rules…but isn’t a photographer suppose to take photos? Were they just visiting to have tea? If they can not do their job…then maybe I shouldn’t write either. That’s right, I’m not writing to all of you,I’m just speaking without sound!

His legal matter is serious,but I just found the whole matter a little puzzling.

What do you think of KEYEAST Vs Photographer?

Source: Osen


64 Comments on “Bae Yong-joon sues photographer for taking photos”

  1. ywidjaja says:

    Well… I suppose we need to get one permission before taking any picture in somebody private property.. It’s kinda of annoying to let anybody publish our private property to the public, it’s called private because it’s not for public consumption. 🙂

    • Crayon says:

      Tell that to google, that’s exactly what streetview does.

      • Kai says:

        Google does it in public space, so it isn’t an invasion of privacy.

        • Crayon says:

          Sure, Google takes photos of the exterior of your house without your permission. It takes photos of the back, front, top, sides, in the windows, and all without your permission. Google probably have a product called ‘binview’ where they go through the contents of your bin, and letterboxview where they go through your letterbox with a roaming camera, but still no one complains.

          So why get angry about a photographer doing it? Is it just because this person is your deity and you’re protecting your deity?

    • poheijo says:

      agree…100% with ywidjaja…some photographers and writers just don’t respect or understand the word PRIVACY…even celebrities deserve their own personal space or privacy wherein they can just literally let down their hair…to be able to be just yourself in your own home without the public knowing about it…to be able to be messy as much as you want…we have to remember celebrities are HUMAN too…

    • dingdong says:

      @ywidjaja i agree..and Yong Joon only allowed them to take pictures on some areas not the interiors and i think the photographers know that.keyeast should be held has no control over those pictures if they [keyeast] published them on the net.same as a person who’s liable to all sorts of info he shared on the net.whatever it is, Yong Joon has the RIGHT to complain.i think it’s okay to sue them.

      ps. photographers knows what PRIVACY means.don’t they have it? everyone does!

  2. Pink says:

    There shouldn’t be any fucking prob like this. I think alot of stars these days are throwing their weight around, from Hollywood to any country. They are sue like they change their underwears and they have court-cases as they many times as they pee per day. If you’re a big-shot, then all the more you shouldn’t make your status go down by suing somebody who’s solely doing his job.

  3. comet says:

    What is so puzzling? This is a clearcut case of intrusion of privacy. The photographer should have first obtained BYJ’s permission both to take pictures of the interior and publication of the pictures. This is something the photographer ought to know.

    • Crayon says:

      No it’s not clear-cut. Google streetview does this, so why should you not care about that? Google even went around eavesdropping on your wi-fi too.

      • jay says:

        google dosent take a peek into ur house and publish photos of nasty toys in ur mums bedroom.
        what puzzles me more than this useless article is ur inability to understand the situation.

  4. forpeace4 says:

    The problem is the interior pics were taken against his wishes and agreed upon by the photographer, so yes everyone has the right to privacy! His was invaded!!!

  5. polaris says:

    i think he has his own reason to take such action.

  6. jhang says:

    maybe because he take a picture that is not for taken out… that’s why bae yong-joon done that kind of action…we can’t say any bad comments onto him…he has his reasons and we can’t judge it directly…

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Spirit of 대한민국 & 日本国, BIL. BIL said: Bae Young-joon sues photographer for taking photos: What did they do wrong exactly?After this story, I’m seriou… […]

  8. love says:

    Technically he has all rights to sue them for invading his privacy and going beyond his permissions given. He allowed them to photograph HIM and the “exterior” of his home, NOT the interior. Therefore it was the photographers mistake for not following the instructions and not playing it safe.

    • Crayon says:

      It’s the exterior of his house. Google mapped the exterior of everyone’s house, so why does it matter, you’re going to get angry with google now?

      • caresy says:

        but thats just it! the exterior DOESNT matter, so we arent angry with google, just as bae yong joon would’ve been fine had the photographer just taken photos of the exterior of his house too.
        He only gave permission for the photographer to take photos of the outside, not the inside!

        • dwilliams says:

          if bae enjoys his privacy so much don’t take any pictures so obviously he is trying to show off that he lives amongst the elite and his house is bigger than everybody else’s. i say baby when Architectural Digest comes to your house they ain’t photographing outside would not make any sense.

          • Pen says:

            Korean houses look bloody awful on the inside and outside, so what does it matter. And who is the lady in the photo wearing the cardigan? What’s she got to do with the article?

      • dingdong says:

        you always reason out google 😦

  9. lay says:

    errr … i wonder … what BYJ was doing when the photographer was snapping up those pictures. he could’ve stopped them from taking the pictures at that time rite? well … unless the photographer did it stealthily.

    • Crayon says:

      Or the photographer took the photos from the road, or outside his house where he was within the public domain.

      • dob2011 says:

        he took photos of the INTERIOR from the road???!
        i find that hard to belive hahaha

        i think the photographer prob took the photos secretly while visiting the house

  10. FINALBOSS says:

    It seems as though some of you have a comprehension problem so let me help you out. In the article above it says:

    ” The problem began…when the photographer took photos of his home’s interior. KEYEAST believed the magazine invaded his personal space (privacy) and they wanted to sue them for taking the photos and publishing them without permission. ”

    Now I don’t know how you guys read that but the way I read it was the photographer took photos of the interior. Now I’m prettttttty sure interior does not mean exterior and vice versa sooooo… need I go on?

    Oh and also, this is pretty clearcut. If you don’t want to get screwed over in the professional world then extend some fuking common sense.

    • Crayon says:

      I guess I was just confused by the lady in the photo wearing the glasses and the massive lady’s cardigan. Did anyone find out who she is?

      • love3333 says:

        heyyy! how rude can you possibly be?!!
        that is so disrepectful! if you dont like the actor, its fine.
        but dont say things like that!

        • Crayon says:

          Who is the actress in the photo though?

          • Just Me says:

            Crayon, you might just as well melt in embarrassment. How dare you criticize someone you don’t even personally know! Are you pretty or handsome? Look at yourself in the mirror before you write something stupid!. It seems you just want to make a comment without even thinking or you actually have no brains at all! Just because he’s famous, you’re so jealous! Gosh!

            • Pen says:

              I’m not jealous of this lady. If she didn’t want photos of the inside of her house, then why did she invite the photographer into it. When you let the devil into your house, then you reap the consequences.

  11. Clammy says:

    It is EXTREMELY clear cut in the United States, and I’m willing to bet there are similar laws in Korea. You CAN NOT take pictures within private property and publish them for commercial use without explicit permission. Google takes all it’s pictures from the outside on public streets at areas that are clearly visible publicly. Google HAS been sued and lost in the EU over times they have driven onto a private driveway or street.

    This is a basic photography rule that every professional is supposed to know.

    • love3333 says:

      EXACTLY! thank you!
      poor “Crayon” for not understanding this…

    • Crayon says:

      The reason Google were sued in EU was because they went around with aerials on their google-cars evesdropping on private WIFI information and recording it on massive hard-drives. This is classed as wire-tapping in pretty much every European country. They must have some pretty heavy information on the politicians in the EU because they managed to get away with it pretty much without any political comment. So much for ‘do no evil’ … seems to be they do ‘everything evil and below board’, but that’s americans for you, you cannot trust them with anything.

      Besides law in the US is not the law in Korea, other than South Korea being a colony of the USA.

  12. Ran says:

    Clammy said what I wanted to said! You can not take or published photos of a private property for commercial issues without the agreement of the propertor, because it’s your privacy right: allowing a photografer to take pictures of yourself or pictures of your door from the inside, doesn’t mean you can take pictures of the inside.

    If it wans’t precised in the contract that the photographer and the magazine were allowed, they are at fault.

  13. dan says:

    this michael jackson feminine wannabe must have been slipping in the popularity ratings and needed anything to get herself into the news.

  14. Popseoul and Intelligence? "No Match Found." says:

    What confuses me most about this whole post is the inability of Popseoul to have their head on straight. As you wrote, he gave permission of the outer part of his home to be photographed, NOT the inside.

    However, you give an example that still befuddles me. There is no logical sense behind it. The photographer crossed the line and published the photos. Therefore, showing that he received a financial gift for getting the “juicy” details of the inside of BYJ’s home from his company.

    Since his privacy was invaded, it seems right to sue. The fact that Popseoul doesn’t understand what they posted causes me to only shake my head in utter disbelief.

  15. Y??? says:

    Ok.. Ok~ pero si no querias que te tomaran fotos.. entonces para que los invitas a tu casa?? empezando por ahi.. mmm el fotografo no es adorno o accesorio? el solo hace su trabajo, para eso lo llamaron no?? o que? solo queria que le tomara fotos a el y ya?, entonces era mejor que te vieras con esa gente en otro sitio en donde ” no invadan tu privacidad”.. Creo que tienes los humos muy altos… lo siento, seras muy sama en japon pero creo que ser humilde es lo mejor… >< y bajarte de esas nubes un poco no crees?

  16. leeMa says:

    Anyone who knows of BYJ, knows that the man tries to keep his private life private. (or at least as private as one can get being BYJ) Fans pursue him wherever he goes…..we can at least give him his PRIVATE space within his own home. I hope he sues the butt of the photographer.

  17. sobe says:

    I feel like whoever wrote this article was trying to force too many personal opinions. Anyways, though, here’s mine – It’s perfectly reasonable that Bae Yong Joon would feel like his privacy was invaded by the reporters. He has every right to sue the reporters, given that he specifically told them not to take pictures of his house interior.

  18. Rose says:

    Bae deserves his privacy and if he said no pics inside the house then none should have been taken or published. He’s very private in his personal life and it makes me wonder what is going on there. He used to get mobbed by fans but not so much anymore as the Japanese fans are the ones who are crazy about him. No disrespect meant toward him as I think he’s a good person. I just have to say that he has secrets or he wouldn’t be so upset everytime someone takes photos. He’s never in the news much anymore he almost isolates himself from the public. In this situation he is right and should sue.

  19. Deki says:

    You should take care of star’s privacy. I am also a photographer, but I respect and beleive in taking pictures of someone’s home as per the instruction given by the owner. One should not take advantage of other’s personal. If the photographer takes picture of someone’s home without the concern I feel it is illegal.

  20. err says:

    this guy looks girlier and girlier each day.

  21. Just Me says:

    I do think that sometimes, you at Pop Seoul can be a bit out of line or no clue at all. When celebrities allow photographers and/or reporters to either take pictures or interview them, it’s never a no-holds-barred situation. They have to draw the line somehow. If they don’t, they will no longer have a bit of privacy left. Don’t you realize that some celebrities actually right down the questions that reporters can ask them? Same goes with photographers. If they allow you to come into their private abode, they also draw the line. Unless you are given permission to do so, please respect their request. Be thankful that they even allowed you to come in to their homes. Don’t abuse your power. Common courtesy is necessary. Don’t cross the line! I agree with him that he should sue!!!

    • Pen says:

      While you’re trying to patronise us, I think you should first decide whether you mean ‘write down’ the questions or ‘right down’. The latter, which you used, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

      The lady in the photo probably let them into the house knowing they would take too many photos, and then could use a court case for some much needed publicity. So she’s just trying to use the situation.

  22. dingdong says:

    LOL~ i’ve just realized, they’re just letting you argue over this matter.who cares anyway?

  23. Kasey says:

    I think its a little to much unless he had nude pictures hanging around that he didn’t want anyone to see. Hope my idol KHJ doesn’t follow into his foot steps. It’s a little too extreme for Bae Yong-Joon to make such a ca-motion about a little thing.

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