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BIG BANG Teases One Last Time Before “Tonight”

You thought Big Bang was done teasing? Of course not!

With less than 10 hours left till the clock strikes midnight, BIG BANG wants everyone to know that “TONIGHT” is the big night with the release of their 4th mini album.

And to get you even more pumped, BIG BANG has also revealed  their 1st MV teaser for the track “Intro (Thank You & You)”, which shows the guys in Sin City Las Vegas.

Tonight’s the night, 12am BIG BANG is back!


31 Comments on “BIG BANG Teases One Last Time Before “Tonight””

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  2. girlsquad says:

    not dark enough? y need to wear glasses?

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I think they’re in Las Vegas because of the water fountain thing that they showed at the end!
    Aahhh… Which hotel was that from?? I can’t remember…

  4. Teabag says:

    Only one more day before we get to see lots of korean men jumping around and trying to be black.

    Gosh, I cannot wait, I’ll tell you that for free.

    • ashley says:

      fuck off….

    • bigbang and 2pm luver says:

      ummmmm………………………….go die please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you have nothing nice to say about 5 talented young men then you should because you obviously have no culture!

      • ara says:

        with all this comments to The Scumbag and his fellows, i kind of wondering, scumbag must be a very high determined something (can’t address it as a person) that it never stop.

        that’s some compliment, indeed.

        • lay says:

          hey … a new one joins the fellowship of The Scumbag. see below. the one by the name Crayon. don’t you think the way he comments is so familiar? soon this site will be flooded by members of this fellowship having more conversations with ‘themselves’. i bet it’s really tiring for The Scumbag to go back and forth changing usernames and typing comments time and time again. but then being so highly determined, i guess it’s no problem to him. LOL

  5. zero says:

    This sounds like what they learned in ESL classes

    “I’m fine”
    “Thank you and you”


    • Crayon says:

      It’s ASL .. American as a Second Language… Korean people don’t learn English, they learn American.

      … calling that english is just offensive to english/australian/irish/scottish/welsh/south african/new zealand and all other english speaking peoples.

    • blah says:

      ughh.. and YOU are offensive to ALL english/australian/irish/scottish/welsh/south african/new zealand and all other english speaking peoples.

      I can’t believe you’re still going about writing all of these lame, predictable, and repetitively hateful comments. Obviously the other folks on this site have had enough of you and your conversations with your various alter egos. Time to retreat back into your delusional little world, oh Pathetic One, where everyone worships your anti-Korean / anti-American God, and pays tribute to your prissy footed horsey mouthed pasty white British ASS.

      And if you are going to respond to this comment, which you no doubt will because you have this psychotic need to make yourself look like a completely racist xenophobic idiot savant with a flair for regurgitating internet fodder… try to NOT make such a complete ASS of yourself. Good luck, as I’ve said before, you need it on so many different levels…

      • Crayon says:

        Sorry, we couldn’t hear you over the sound of you typing to your quasi-friends on lonelybook.

      • blah says:

        LOL… at least I have these “quasi-friends” on “lonely book”.

        You, on the other hand, are the SOLO resident reject of said “lonely book”, who spends all his time stalking comments and leaving a hateful trail of anti-Korean and anti-American diarrhea. As I said before, Good Luck in REAL life, you desperately need it.

        • Crayon says:

          Precisely, you have quasi-friends on lonelybook where you spend your days filling out their marketing database… and I have real friends who i sit with in the pub and chat to.

          I’m glad we finally agreed on something.

        • blah says:

          Sorry to break it to you but the only thing we agree on is that you live in a delusional world and that you’re a racist prick.

          And YOU go to pubs? ha, you don’t have the time for it… you’re too busy spending all of your FREE time here, on this website, stalking comments and leaving imbecilic exchanges between your various online selves. ugghh, you disgust me. Get a life, and again… GOOD LUCK.

          • Pen says:

            I don’t think he needs a new life on lonelybook, seems quite satisfied with his real life.

          • blah says:

            Pen, tell your alter-ego Crayon that he already has a life on “lonely book”… as the resident reject. If the farce of his that he calls a life makes him happy, then tell him he can wallow in it to his heart’s content. But please, tell him that he does need to learn the difference between asinine and witty since to date, his rather numerous attempts at wit are truly insufferable and rather painful to read. Good luck to the “both” of you, I stand by my opinion that you “both” desperately need it.

  6. VIPoOOOOOo vn says:

    oh!!! BIG BANG !!! you are so….so… HOT !!! hjx…. i….want to say : ” i need 5 boys of YG…. I NEED THE BOYS!” ^-^ …… VIP hope you !!!…

  7. american girl says:

    big bang yayyyy!!! they r coming back finally! joy! i still faint at this. >.<!

  8. kpoplover555 says:

    wow big bang, they are still cool

  9. vatey says:

    bigbang so cool

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