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Ko Ah-ra begins filming her next project!

Will this one be a drama or movie?

“I am getting rdy[ready] to film a movie everyone ^^* Thx you all of my fans who have been waiting for my nxt screen. I will do my best for all my fans who have been supporting me and do my best to make a good movie ^^*

The quote above was Ah-ra‘s newest tweet to her followers about her return to acting.

The “Heading to the Ground” actress has been modeling non-stop since the last drama. Recently, she decided to return to her “Sharp” roots by using her acting chops again.

The name of the movie is tentatively titled “Pace Maker“. The story is about a retired Olympic Athlete (pacemaker) who attempts to run 30km to complete a 42.195km marathon for the first time.

Are you excited about Ahra‘s comeback?

Sources: @FloARA211 and AsiaMediaWiki


35 Comments on “Ko Ah-ra begins filming her next project!”

  1. zero says:

    She is literally the Queen of flop dramas and her acting is too over exaggerated but SM will pimp her out since she has a pretty face

    • Crayon says:

      No one cares about acting ability, which is why that ‘dream high’ is so successful even though no one on it can act.

      This girl will also be successful even though she has no talent, because all the korean market calls for is a pretty face.

      • suju4eva says:

        i think shes pretty okay than those in Dream High…no offense though just stating the fact…

        • Crayon says:

          You’d say a turd with “i’m a korean” written on it with a stick was okay in dream high. So don’t worry, we are aware of your massive bias.

  2. obviously says:

    crayon u ugly

  3. jhang says:

    indeed it is true that they don’t have any talents…but they we need to admit that more of them are beautiful and still beautiful because of plastic surgery….can somebody deny for this?but congratulations for the Koreans stars….they can make their movies and drama a successful one because of their efforts….they don’t have talents but they really give their best and make a hard work for the drama and movie they was on…

  4. dan says:

    how many men did her agency pimp her out to to get her the new role? obviously no one gets cast in dramas based on acting talent since no one has any.

    • Crayon says:

      Do you want the exact number or you want it rounding up to the nearest 10?

      • Dovey says:

        Wow, dan, it’s as if you’re saying no one in Korea can act, and THAT is not a fact…

        • Crayon says:

          It’s pretty much a fact.

        • blah says:

          Dovey – Dan and Crayon are actually the same person. And something tells me you might be yet another alter ego in his “fellowship of the scumbag”, as others on this website have taken to calling him and his multiple online selves. If you aren’t, my apologies! And Dan or Crayon wouldn’t know fact from fiction because he doesn’t know anything about Korea other than what he gleans from k-pop websites such as this one. That’s what enables him to make such broad statements like no one in Korea can act… he doesn’t really have much more than a microscopic brain with which to analyze and process a pea-sized amount of Korea-related information.

          • Pen says:

            All we read was ‘Hi, I work for VANK’.. the rest of it was superfluous.

          • Pen says:

            We all know how to test for VANK-freaks who joined the Syngman Rhee Youth, and that’s just to say ‘Sea of Japan’ over and over when you see someone behaving VANKishly and trying to distort history and geography like they do.

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Wow, you people are so rude…. Whether she may or may not have good acting skills, i bet she’s better than all of of since she has had professional training.

    • Crayon says:

      She’s had professional training and still terrible? gosh. To be honest, I don’t pretend to be an actor so I wouldn’t put my ability up against hers, she’s still terrible though.

      FYI. Training doesn’t make talent.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        Yeah, i agree that you’re terrible at everything too..

        • jhang says:

          you said she got trainings to be a star…all the stars under go with that…but still even if she undergo with so many training it just turn out that she has no talent at all…poor girl..all she can do right now is to tell people how cute she is…if she’s a celebrity her in the Philippines and she only have her face she wouldn’t be a very popular one…because here in the Philippines we do set a standard…and if you can qualify with that then you pass and can enter the real scene of the best actor and actresses…best singers and dancers that can compete abroad…

  6. american girl says:

    can someone tell me who ko ah ra is? i want to know. ???

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      She is an actress from SM Entertainment.
      She’s mostly known for her good looks and her unique eye color.
      That’s why she’s in alot of CFs for contact lenses

    • Crayon says:

      She’s yet another korean lady who cannot act and instead just hangs around on the tv showcasing koreans increasing appetite for plastic surgery and coloured contact lenses.

  7. ara says:

    at first, i read it “peace maker” instead of “pace maker” 😀

    and suddenly remember manga : Peace Maker, Kurogane.

    and suddenly think it will be awesome to watch live action of Kurogane. haha. and when i read the whole description, it was like … “eh? an Olympic athlete ?

    But the story seems cool.

  8. Lorni says:

    I love her eyes! They just GLOW!

  9. hapacalgirl says:

    Her next project is actually a movie with Kim Myung-min and Ahn Sung-ki according to Dramabeans. I like Ara but she isn’t the strongest actress and doesn’t connect with the camera emotionally so I actually feel bad for her because her two leading men in this movie are two of the most talented actors in the business which will make her faults stand out that much more. I really hope she brings her A game because otherwise she will get eaten alive by the movie critics.

  10. Jj says:

    shes pretty! and i love her eyes!

  11. dingdong says:

    yeah, so happy for her comeback! gonna watch it for sure^^ dont care if she can act or long as i love k-dramas and movies, they wont stop me from watching hehe~

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