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Lee Soo-young has a bun in the oven!

The elders are proud!

Singer Lee Soo-young was married in October of 2010. Since then, we have not heard much about her. Well, the dazzling news has finally come down!

Soo-young is four months pregnant! Her “Honeymoon Baby” is already her family’s pride and joy. She is preparing for chilbirth and prenatal care before her expected summer baby is due. Being a host on the Lee Soo-young Music Show on KBS 2FM (89.1Mhz) seems to be the only activity she will participate in before giving birth.

The thirty-two year old singer and her husband can’t wait until their bundle of joy is born.

Congratulations to Lee Soo-young and her husband.

Source: Joongang


10 Comments on “Lee Soo-young has a bun in the oven!”

  1. jhang says:


  2. american girl says:

    wow! congrats totally unexpected!

  3. dan says:

    sad thing is no one will know how the baby will turn out. most will say the baby will look like the parents. given the amount of extensive plastic surgery she’s had done, who knows how ugly she really is?

    • mamabear says:

      Please focus on your inner self. Stop being a hater. All babies are beautiful and precious! Congratulations to SooYoung and her family.

      • Crayon says:

        If all babies are so precious then why to Koreans send them all away for plastic surgery once they get to a certain age after years of saying, ‘you need plastic surgery’? they don’t appear precious to koreans.

        • Alvina says:

          Because, becoming a “certain age” indicates that they are not babies anymore and therefore, are no longer absolvable of being a disappointment.

    • ara says:

      hate the parents if you want. but please don’t hate the baby. By saying “who knows how ugly she really is”, it was some kind of cursing the baby to be ugly (even when the sentences was referring to the mom). and that’s rude. totally rude.

    • jhang says:

      actually their baby wouldn’t turn out like them…beautiful because of plastic surgery…but based on the experiment and observations…many babies really turn out beautiful or ugly based in their environment and culture…the way they eat and the way they mingle with each other…but no one knows if her baby would turn out as terrible as like she was before she is a celebrity…

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Awww Congratulations~!

  5. Jinah says:

    sweeet. Cant believe all the older singers /idols are hitching and having families now.

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