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Meet Nichkhun’s sister,Yanin!

The 2009 Thailand Supermodel Contestant made an appearance at Korea’s Hongik University.

Thailand’s Silpakorn University visited the campus of Hongik on February 17th for an international fashion show. The students modeled designs on the school’s runway in honor of their  individual cultures and university they attended. Nich-khun‘s sister Yanin was among the many beautiful models on this particular day. However, photos of the 2pm member’s sister have surfaced online. Netizens have complimented the young woman on her excellent genes.

Whether she had ties to a celebrity or not, her hat (aka  headpiece), would have caught anyone’s attention!  An artist must have finished his flower-inspired masterpiece and let Yanin borrow it for the day.

Do you think she looks like a model or a walking sculpture?

Source: Osen


75 Comments on “Meet Nichkhun’s sister,Yanin!”

  1. Pinaycutie says:

    She is so pretty! 😀 the Horvejkul has good genes! 😀

    • Teabag says:

      Wow.. a pinay who worships K-pop idols. How unique.

      • ara says:

        wow… a scumbag who adores every K-sites. How impressive.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          I bet TeaDouchebag is secretly a K-Pop lover! OMG

          • Teabag says:

            Wow, an american who rejects everything about american society and leeches onto the culture their parents abandoned, how amazing.

            • ara says:

              is that you? the american?

            • ara says:

              ah.. so your parents abandoned the culture… no wonder why you hate it so much… hiks.

            • blah says:

              @ara – FYI, he’s actually a xenophobic delusional British reject who’s never been to South Korea, who’s admitted that he doesn’t know any Koreans and has never spoken to a Korean. He’s just a mindless worshipper of anything that’s anti-Korean or anti-American. He’s not without some good things, I mean he does have this idiot savant flair for copying & pasting from the internet, and he does throw in a few spot-on, rather funny comments here and there, but unfortunately those are just way too few and too far between. Just pity the poor fellow, and put him in his place when you think he’s making himself look like too big of a pasty white British ASS. 🙂

              • Pen says:

                OOO, am i really? am I? OOO..

                you type and act like a big girl… as if you’re passing some interesting gossip. The fact is, no one cares who anyone is in here.

              • blah says:

                Take a deep breath Pen and come up for some air from your delusional little world… Once you do, you’ll soon realize that while people might not care who is who, they do NOT like those who consistently pass themselves off as multiple versions of the same xenophobic racist imbecile. Folks on here have actually coined a term for you: the “fellowship of the SCUMbag”… haha, congratulations and well done… although I’d have coined it the “Fellowship of the DOUCHEbag”.. oh well, we’ll just go with the original.

      • Cameltoe says:

        Shush she probably paid 10000 pesos at a pc room typing that ok?

  2. Teabag says:

    Wow… another american on stage at a korean university so the koreans can worship them and kiss the feet of their american gods. I guess they clapped and clapped while she jumped about saying ‘i’m an american, i’m an american.

    … do these korean people ever do anything original?

  3. Jackie says:

    I dont think shes as pretty as everyone says she is. Shes average. Her looks are overhyped because shes related to nichkhun…. Sorry if i offend anyone but its the truth

    • Teabag says:

      That’s clearly true. She’s related to a K-pop star who indovietmalaypinays idolize and she’s american so koreans will worship her. She’s got everything to be a star in korea.

    • bdean says:

      Well, people/the media tend to be overly positive/dramatic about such things.

      More often than not, the “good-looking” relative/sibling isn’t so good-looking (heck, a lot of the celebs aren’t that good-looking either).

      She has some weird features and is avg. at best. (not that Nich-khun is particularly anything either; that is unless one is a teenie-bopper as is in the case for Justin Bieber).

    • queenbznuts says:

      And you’re probably hell ugly, under average. I think if you think she looks like a zero you probably are a negative 10! Another ugly girl hating on someone prettier than her!

      • erica says:

        don’t think she looks ugly, but not as good looking as people are gushing over. Certainly no where near as good looking as her brother. Equally people could argue that you must find her pretty because what you see in the mirror is so low grade that anything would look good to you. Just saying, things can work both ways.

  4. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    wow she looks adorable she doesnt look like nichkhun though.

  5. Ran says:

    Teabag: can’t you just be quiet ?

  6. esta says:

    not that nk is that good looking, but she isn’t as good looking as people make out to be. she looks weird. the sisters in the family didn’t get the good genes.

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  8. Fart says:

    Why do they blur out the faces of other people that is not the celebrity?
    i have noticed they do all the time. i know its a cultural thing. But i want to know why, the reasons etc…
    do they do this only in korea or other east asian countries also do it?

  9. princess says:

    walking skeletal

  10. pooja says:

    she iz pretty ^_^

  11. jezz says:

    she’s not american but from Thailand………..

    • Crayon says:

      She, just like her brother, is an american.

      • jhang says:

        accept the truth jezz…Korean who abandoned Korea for America is apparently wanna be an American citizenship…and they would always end up as an American though her brother is now one of the stars in Korea…no one can change it….

        • blah says:

          jhang – Whatever her current ethnicity may be (American, Thai, WHATEVER)… her RACE wil never change and she is RACIALLY Thai. There is nothing wrong with embracing BOTH your ethnicity and your race, which is clearly what she and her brother appear to be doing.

          • Pen says:

            Yes, like you’re racially Korean, and like your whole family, you live in the USA. Now you spend all your time trying to be Korean, whilst going on websites like this one looking for wives.

            Very honourable.

          • blah says:

            Sigh… you’re degenerating even further on me PEN.. or Crayon.. Please try to hold your memory together for however long it will take you to read my reply, since I really do NOT want to have to repeat this to you within the next hour. I was born and raised and educated in Korea, and I currently LIVE in Korea.
            You really need to take my advice to heart and stop making such a complete ASS of yourself with your assumptions. We don’t like looking at unattractive asses if given the choice, but your pasty white British one takes a peculiarly strong sort to stomach.

            And family currently living in the USA? ha, now you’re taking to making up bedtime stories about ME? That’s actually somewhat flattering, but rather creepy coming from someone who loves fisty Korean farmers…. *shudder*…

            • Pen says:

              No one here believes you. If you were anything you said you were then you wouldn’t be floating around here looking for people to deify you like the other americans who attend this fun-fest.

            • blah says:

              Deify me? Sorry, that would be what YOU do. You’re the one who goes around trying to force your anti-Korean and anti-American views on everybody on this website, that’s why you leave comments on the comments on the comments of posters.

              And it’s only YOU that doesn’t believe me, because your racist ignorant ASS can’t bear the fact that a native Korean has better grasp of ENGLISH than you. Get over it already.

              • Pen says:

                You speak American, not English. So there is no competition, just my English will always be better than yours.

                P.S. In English, people say ‘arse’.. in American they say ‘ass’. This should give numbskulls like yourself more than enough to grasp in order to identify which language they are speaking.

              • blah says:

                Sorry, I speak ENGLISH. You just happen to speak a different dialect from me.

                Aren’t you bored with typing the same insults over and over and over again? Sigh… Get over it.

                • Pen says:

                  No, you don’t speak English. I can barely understand your inane bilge and the dirge coming out of your typing rants, so I just put it into a translator and asked it to go from American to International English and now I understand you.

                • blah says:

                  Pen… sigh, you can’t understandANYTHING without some form of help… But glad that we’re agreed on that!

                  I guess this explains why you’re in the sorry state that you’re in. Well, it’s not fun kicking a dog when it’s down… And you are so obviously, pathetically down, once again…

                • blah says:

                  hahaha, that was so weak Pen… my goodness, I haven’t laughed like this in a long time!

        • blah says:

          On a separate note, I do agree with you that while she is pretty, she isn’t a spectacular beauty. And let’s just agree on the fact that beautiful women are beautiful, regardless of where they come from and whether they had the help of plastic surgery or not. Looks are looks, what led to it won’t change the fact that beautiful women will still look beautiful.

          • jhang says:

            they are just embracing it because they can see that they can have a benefits embracing their culture….but not intentionally wanna embrace it…coz if they do, they should have done it a long time ago…but no… they just appear when her brother become a celebrity in Korea…

  12. Yuna says:

    Nickhun’s sister looks just average. do not relate her with other korean idol because she’s not even 1 of them!

  13. well..... says:

    they look nothing alike!

    • dingdong says:

      EXACTLY! thank you! you should’ve ended this unending arguments at the first place..those comments are out of the ‘real’ discussion…

  14. k-popfollower says:

    Oh My Goodness!!! She’s gorgeous!~ ❤ I'm a girl and I think that she is beautiful. Wow…. I wonder if it runs in the family.

  15. jhang says:

    she looks beautiful because of the make ups…but very beautiful???apparently not….just natural…gorgeous????nothing at all…

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  17. susan nawal says:

    talaga ngang cute ang family ni nickhun over i like nichan and nickhun ur fans girl like chinese

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