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U-Kiss Members Alexander & Kim Kibum Call It Quits

After nearly 2 years together, U-Kiss members AlexanderKim Kibum will officially be leaving the group.

Their agency has revealed that Alexander has decided to leave to group in order to focus on his studies.

Things are bit more complicated for Kim Kibum as on his twitter, he revealed that with his company’s desire to replace a member, he was picked as the member to be replaced.

In other words, their label thinks U-Kiss could use a face lift, and they don’t think Kim Kibum is right for the new group image.

Kim Kibum tweeted “I always thought of the members as more than family. I’m extremely upset that I have to part with them like this, but it was because of my lacking areas that warranted my former agency to desire a member replacement.”

Leaving the group, Kim Kibum will now be helping out his brother SS501‘s Kim Hyung Joon in their  Piro Piro business.

He finished his tweet writing  “I may be leaving on a one-sided decision, however, I was able to learn a lot and meet many people, as well as the U-KISS members. Thank you to all the people who supported me wherever I was, and I will meet you once again as an entrepreneur.”

In the meantime their company NH Media, revealed that they are currently in the process of looking for new members to add to the group.

Though the company has made it clear that in their upcoming USA debut, U-Kiss will promote as a group of 5.

Are you devastated by U-Kiss loss?

Source: Kim Kibum’s Twitter (@90KKB)


103 Comments on “U-Kiss Members Alexander & Kim Kibum Call It Quits”

  1. Haya says:

    Hi i love you kibum

  2. Haya says:

    Im haya from kuwait i love you and your brother i love kibum
    I 16 yeras

  3. angel black says:

    i am so devastated at the fact kim and alexander will leave u kiss 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

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