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G.NA’s win is “Black & White”!

Before she throws her back out of alignment, let’s watch this week’s performance:

Cube’s G.NA has struck a winning chord with fans! Her latest single “Black & White” has won a second week in a row on the weekend music shows. She celebrated her Mnet’s M! Countdown! win with the girls of Secret on stage. What can be better than “Black & White”? The Secret behind “Black & White”!

Congratulations to G.NA!

Sources: NTN and shu101224 (Youtube)


52 Comments on “G.NA’s win is “Black & White”!”

  1. Jjj says:

    Her face is awkward and her dance are beyond simplistic but her song is cute and catchy

  2. Pen says:

    Hands up if you couldn’t give a flying fork about if some cutesy pop won a competition especially just for cutesy pop.

    I’m sure someone will say this would be really popular in USA.

    • blah says:

      If you didn’t give a “flying fork” you wouldn’t have clicked on this link in the first place. So much for your “flying fork”… which has now just flown to stick it to you in your pasty white British ass.

      Why do you click on these links anyways if the only things you are going to say are negative? Why not just create your own anti-Korean pop site, and congregate with your fellow anti-Korean tribal worms and spray each other with all the anti-Korean and anti-American diarrhea to your hearts’ content? All you’re doing by staying here is just making yourself look like a total reject that 99.99999% of other posters want to string up and import to 10 fisty Korean AND American farmers. Seriously, think on what I said and do something productive with your life for a change instead of trolling every single post on this website and posting comments on the comments on the comments of other posters.

      • Pen says:

        I didn’t know korean people hated europeans as much as you do, but apparently it’s quite a deep cultural hatred which you’re exposing. You should work to try to be less angry and upset about it, because we all know you and your family moved away from korea, and this makes you feel upset.

      • blah says:

        Sigh… Your memory gave out in an even shorter time frame than I’d allotted. Let’s do this ONCE more, and repeat after me… I LIVE IN KOREA. I was born, raised, and educated in Korea. Just accept the fact that a native Korean can speak ENGLISH as well as you, and move on with your sorry life.

        And I’ll also repeat.. AGAIN… (please dear God let this be the LAST time on BOTH counts)… I don’t hate the Europeans. Koreans don’t hate Europeans. I just hate trolls like YOU. If you’re incapable of understanding this, then all I can say is… God help you, for your desperately need it.

        • Pen says:

          You don’t speak English, you speak American.

          Which part of this do you find difficult to understand? Besides you live in contradiction with your european-hating and then saying you don’t hate europeans.

          • Delacriox says:

            Pen, American stand for people that live in the U.S. Standard English is what Americans speak. You need to do some research or take a linguistic class, it will help you out.

        • blah says:

          Let’s break this down, shall we?
          American-English is a dialect of English, as is UK-English. You and I speak the SAME language, different dialects, QED.

          I hate trolls, regardless of race or ethnicity. To make it more clear, I hate the ACTIONS of trolls. I hate YOUR actions on this website. Therefore it is not an ethnicity or a race that I hate… it is a set of actions that result in the labeling of the performer of those actions as a TROLL. Therefore, in summation, I hate what you DO on this website, as do the majority of this site’s readers. Can’t get any clearer than this. Now stop wasting my time and those of the other posters, and actually go to a website with content that you ENJOY, and can post positive comments about.

          • Pen says:

            Sorry, we’re all struggling to read your American. Can you write it again in English? Thanks.

            • Delacriox says:

              Your comment is very vague because you said that you are having a hard understanding her writing. However, at the same time you used the same language as “Blah”. You are making yourself look foolish.

          • blah says:

            There’s no point in writing anything again in ANY language… as you yourself said, you need outside help in understanding anything. uggh, you are pathetic.

          • blah says:

            But take my suggestions seriously and open up shop elsewhere if you can’t control your psychotic urge to spew anti-Korean insults at everything that moves.

            • Pen says:

              I do nothing of the sort. It’s just you’re a bit sensitive that’s all. And you seem to think you’re the saviour of popseoul, which makes everyone here think that you work for VANK.

              Just admit it, you work for VANK right and you don’t have a gf, right? Is that why there are 117 males in korea for every 100 females because of selective abortions and it makes you sad?

            • blah says:

              Poor poor Pen… You are such a twisted, demented British imbecile that I can’t help but pity you. You think that the world is out to get you, and you can’t seem to understand that the reason why you don’t have any friends in real life is because you don’t understand how to be decent and respectful towards others, and because you are such a narrow-minded fool who doesn’t hesitate to use second-hand sources when passing judgement.

              You can say all that you want about how much you hate or love K-pop, and you can voice your criticisms over the K-pop industry to your heart’s content. However, your problem is that you have this nasty penchant for belittling and spouting racist and offensive generalizations about the entire South Korean ethnicity in the process.
              And the real kicker is that you don’t even KNOW anything about South Korea other than what you get from this website. If you had lived in South Korea for any significant length of time, if you knew and had any South Korean friends, if you actually had any substantial FIRSTHAND knowledge of SOuth Korea, there is now way that you’d be able to say any of those offensive insults about South Korean people.

              Genetically speaking, yes Koreans have small eyes. But so what? Who cares? And why is plastic surgery such a big issue for you? Looks are looks, what led to it won’t change the fact that the person still looks beautiful.

              Who cares whether you prefer Koreans or Chinese or Europeans? That’s your preference, you don’t need to repeat it ad nauseaum on this site.

              You can say that an artists music sounds like crap, or that K-pop is not to your liking and that all the artists in the K-pop genre are lacking talent. But if you don’t know anything about the Korean music scene outside of K-pop, and if all you’ve watched to date are mediocre Korean dramas without taking the time to actually explore the actually good Korean dramas and movies, than don’t start blathering insults about how there is no talent in all of South Korea.

              You’re such a twisted and convoluted creature that, truth be told, you do make me wonder what kind of a life you lead in reality. And I wonder what kind of people raised you, and in what conditions, to produce the creature that you are today. Good luck in life, you really need it.

              • Roger says:

                We all think you’re sour and bitter because european guys like chinese women and french women, and your korean women aren’t attractive to us. That’s why europeans don’t marry them.

                Sorry to make you so bitter.

          • princess says:

            dear blah, pen’s acts are totally BS.n your English is FINE. i bet pen is just some attention seeking loser who never goes on dates. pity this creature

            • Pen says:

              .. and we all guess princess is a indovietmalaypinay who sees blah as an opportunity to score a korean farmer to take her away from indovietmalaypinayland to Korea.

              Very predictable.

              • kingka says:

                I know what you had in your mind.
                You are one single person who think you’re the most righteous son of a bitch that can’t handle the truth that you want everything happened in your own way. Thats you.

  3. Ran says:

    Oh come on Pen

    We kow you’re jealous!

    It’s alright honey! Wanna talk a lil’ bit ? What makes you angry ? You wet your diaper ? =)

    • ara says:

      pen does it everyday. narrow minded. underdeveloped brain. who say “tw*t” to people, just because “it” (i don’t even know if this pen is a human) can’t find other words to say….

      oh, and felt superior this whole times.

  4. love says:

    that first picture of her, LOL. she looks very awkward and not comfortable.

  5. dee;) says:

    love the song, and her vid with jinwoo..cute!

  6. ikpooop says:

    she’s amazing and i love the song…

  7. cbcnamja says:

    Don’t worry about Pen and others like dan, crayon, and teabag. You’re just wasting your time arguing with them. Those people just want attention because they might have “Attention Deficit Disorder”. You’re giving them what they want if you reply them. Besides, if they are not a big fan of Kpop, they won’t be on this site everyday.

    • Pen says:

      That’s just your opinion now, isn’t it.

      • ara says:

        er.. basically , that’s everyone’s opinion besides you. even in your little heart (if you have any) deep down there, you realize that too.
        it’s just that you’ve been trying so hard to convince yourself, that you are looking great by being a jerk.

        oh, everyone got a beef with you.

  8. showalter says:

    How much work has she had done on her face? There’s always something weird about her face especially around her mouth and eyes.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      I believe that she did her nose and jawline. Maybe her eyes…
      Check out her past pics:

    • ashley says:

      yeah I always noticed that she didn’t look natural even when she was in that group 5 girls her eyes and the rest of her face looked like she was surprised all the time.

      • missy says:

        and HER BOOBS. NO WAY does a stick skinny girl have D size boobs.. NO WAY..
        I mean no way..are bra sizes different in korean than america

        For once in korea I wish there was some singer who was naturally beautiful.
        The girls are starting to look the same, and I can’t tell them apart.

        She reminds me of park bom..pretty but something is just off..
        very unnatural..

        • cbcnamja says:

          She’s Canadian…born and raised in my hometown. It’s natural for Canadian born Asian girls to have big boobs. It could be the food we eat or the healthy environment. I see skinny Asian girls with big boobs all the time as my city have tons of Asians. Also, my g/f is one of them…=P Plastic surgery in not popular here because it’s too expensive.

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Because of all the mics and cords and electronic stage performance stuff that’s attached around her waist, it makes her butt look weird, especially since she’s wearing a dress.

    anyway, i love this song. So cute and catchy!

  10. ara says:

    g-na looks different… prefer her old style before this.

    she became so common (like the pretty girls in snsd). i like her when she’s a diva in her first single.

    • jhang says:

      she couldn’t be a Diva…A diva is a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and, by extension, in theater, cinema and popular music. The meaning of diva is closely related to that of “prima donna”. Does she have talents? to be called DIVA???

      • Pen says:

        No she doesn’t. But the indovietmalaypinays are programmed to call them divas and talented. You cannot expect them to overcome their programming.

        • jhang says:

          i’m a Filipina but i don’t consider her as a Diva…and we have a lot of DIVA here in the Philippines that is more times talented than that girl…

          • JONO says:

            so what if we call her diva??!
            just kill ur self then loser.

            • Roger says:

              You seem to think anyone who doesn’t worship your korean gods should die. Do you not think your viewpoint is a little unsettling and extreme? Where were you trained to worship koreans? School?

          • kay says:

            I’m not even Filipino and I know it to be true. Even the random Filipino Karaoke singers sound better than many kpop singers, too made so many are blinded to it and continue worshiping kpop idols who can’t sing very well in comparison.

            • jhang says:

              JONO you are such a blind person????haven’t you see the difference between a DIVA and a loser celebrity without talent…it’s not a kind’A hard thing to realize…

  11. Darkness says:

    OH WOW
    I just read through all the comments and it seems that Pen hasn’t been to his Anger Management class lately.
    Why do you hate on Koreans?
    Is it probably because you were rejected by one?
    Pls answer truthfully

    • jhang says:

      we are not rejected…it’s just we are not blind at all…

      • Darkness says:

        You say ur not blind then that must mean that ur deaf to say that she has no talent

        • jhang says:

          and I’m not also a deaf….can you said to a certain person that she/he is a deaf if she/he can differentiate the word talented and the word talentless…it is just happened that i figured out what’s the differences between the two…

    • Graham says:

      FYI. one doesn’t ‘hate on’ people, because that would involve getting on top of them whilst doing the hating. Neither do you ‘hate under’ people. You might ‘hate beside’ people, depending where you are standing.

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