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Go Joo-won wins his case against former agency!

Actor/Model Go Joo-won is victorious in his civil suit against Haha Entertainment.

In 2009, the “Kim Soo Ro” actor was in a heated court case with his agency, Ha Ha Entertainment. The company that helped him make his debut in the entertainment industry had now turned on him. On February 23rd, he came out victorious in the civil suit case for damages. The agency was accused defamation. Also, an issue about non-payment of salary was brought up between the two parties.

Joo-won‘s current agency, Open World, announced the legal news to the press yesterday.

Congratulations to Go Joo-won!

Sources: Nate,Daily News, and MK


13 Comments on “Go Joo-won wins his case against former agency!”

  1. dan says:

    WON JOO GO away please. another example of the backstabbing selfish nature of koreans. dump the people that helped you get to where you are now.

  2. hale luana says:

    well…here’s goes “dan” w/ his racist rantings……”selfish nature of Koreans”? Why r u on this site to begin w/ in the first place? Are you bored being a stay at home, no work, adult living off your parents.? I would say living off his gf, but i don’t think anyone, gf/bf would be able to put up w/ such a racist, bigoted person except his racist/bigoted parents who raised him in an environment w/ hate/anger……hopefully he’s sterile so he can’t produce kids whom he’ll teach to hate…….GET a LIFE and crawl up your where the sun don’t shine!!!

    • Crayon says:

      The sun doesn’t shine in norway for half the year, are you telling him to go to norway?

      • Amazed says:


        • Pen says:

          I don’t understand you people. Koreans are openly racist to black people, south east asian people and just about anyone who isn’t korean (including japanese and chinese) and yet your tiny tiny little brains seem to be able to rationalise that some people here are being racist.

          It’s hilarious that you’re all so f**king stupid, to be quite honest.

  3. american girl says:

    where r crayon and dan from? just wonderin.

  4. Morgan says:

    Pen: correction were pretty cool w the japs– but boy do we hate Chinese ppl– but Chinese ppl love the Koreans– haha

    • Roger says:

      That’s not entirely true, Koreans have low self esteem so they hate the japanese and the chinese. The chinese laugh at the koreans and call them big biscuit face when koreans go to shandong province, china to look for second wives.

      Chinese don’t care about korea, they think it’s just full of weirdos who cannot keep their trousers up.

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