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Nichkhun Turns Up The Heat For Men’s Health Magazine

Who needs a stove when you can fry eggs on Nichkhun‘s abs?

Appearing on the March issue of Men’s Health Magazine, 2PM‘s Nichkhun proves to us that he’s got more than a pretty face.

From 2PM/2AM members Changmin, Chansung, Jo Kwon and Seulong, Nichkhun is latest member to show off his sclupted body for the magazine.

Wonder if Victoria got her copy?

What do you think of the photoshoot?


34 Comments on “Nichkhun Turns Up The Heat For Men’s Health Magazine”

  1. ara says:

    good shape, indeed.
    but i got a glimpse *slightly* , that his head is a little too small for the body. that makes it looks like as if his head is photoshoped into someone else’s body.

    perhaps it’s the pose that do little wrong… i don’t know.

  2. LEIGH says:

    that first pic does look like his head’s been photoshopped. It’s a little unnerving. The others are ok.

  3. aagii says:

    OMG !
    is this HE? I never thought that he has this kind of muscle….. ooooh so cool

    • Pen says:

      He doesn’t. They use photoshop to make him looker bigger than he is.. because in reality he’s just a skinny wolf.

      I guess the words in korean are ‘this is how you can be an american like this nick guy’, because you know how they like to be american.

  4. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    the cover looks fake.

  5. Maggie says:

    He looks good but question is, how much of it is really him and how much is photoshoppoed??

    His head does appear to be small for a bod like that.

  6. H2O says:

    Have you noticed that he doesn’t have that much of a butt?
    check out vids of his performances on youtube….you’ll see…lol…..just an observation
    oh..he also has chicken legs :p

  7. over says:

    wow that’s a bit too much psing >.< bet he still looks uber yummy without it

  8. peace & love for jay! says:

    Gorgeous! though I prefer when he wore shirt/vest and left some for imagination. Yes, he has a really nice body but not all guys can pull it off. Chansung or Changmin can because they have chiseled jawline and some fierce ‘bad boy’ attitude.

    Still, I’m not complaining :). Nice one, Khun!

  9. Y??? says:

    Oooh My~~@.@ 뿅~ 뿅~~!!!

  10. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    *faint* omg! nichkhun is awesome!!!

  11. Lorni says:

    Hmmm….wats real and wats been photoshopped lol!

  12. Blair says:

    I totally agree with Lorni. Though I believe he is in shape, I don’t think to this extent. I saw him in concert in LA less than 6 months ago and he definitely was not looking like this…

    • Pen says:

      He’s american.. koreans love photoshoped americans.

      • bdean says:

        Get over it.

        Americans like photoshopped Americans (but like photoshopped Brits and Aussies even better).

        • Pen says:

          That’s not a fact… Americans don’t even know where Britainland or Australialand is, let alone who comes from there. I think I was supposed to say “koreans like photoshopped americans” however, because most koreans move to USA, they could be classed as or americans in waiting.

        • blah says:

          Most Koreans move to the USA? haha, this reminds me of that idiotic failed attempt at math that you used to try and prove this. For the amusement of all the readers out here, why don’t you post that exact same “math” example?

  13. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    that’s hot…. ahhh victoria is so lucky!

  14. hyorae says:

    the last picture (:

    when is jinwoon going to be in Men’s Health? :p

  15. Steffi says:

    holy guacamole!!! I like

    • Pen says:

      Your korean genes mean you’d like anything American. Don’t worry, it’s predictable.

      • blah says:

        And your British genes mean that your programmed to automatically worship the Chinese and the French. Although the French hate you because you have no class and the Chinese hate you because your ugly. Get over it already, you sound ridiculous.

  16. soffy says:

    HE hAS a GREat Bodd..
    CalL Me CRAZY BUt i jsT reaLLY nEVEr FOUnd HIM TAt attRACtivE :/

  17. jessieidealist says:

    the first picture looks like it was edited. i think his head does not fit his body. hahaha

  18. theZEUSluv13 says:

    it looks like his head was pasted onto the pictures

  19. L224 says:

    For a cute face like his DAMN He got a NICE ASS BODY 😀

  20. Jumi says:

    I love kuhn!
    I dont care what ppl say… I love this guy!! Haha

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  22. fan says:

    I think he’s such a nice body and his head isn’t too small to fit his body. I think he’s already okay and I feel jealous of him.

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