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Suzy introduces her brother!

MissA member and “Dream Highactress, Suzy Bae, is the star of one of the most popular 2011 dramas. “Dream High” remains at the number one spot for the Monday/Tuesday night line-up.

However, Suzy has more important things on her mind. She would rather introduce her new plush brother to you! On February 22nd, her stuffed animal brother was introduced to the Twittersphere. She tweeted a quick note about him being apart of her family and uploaded the photo above on her personal page.

What do you think of the Bae bro? Does he resemble his human sister?

Source: @missA_suzy


82 Comments on “Suzy introduces her brother!”

  1. Crayon says:

    Can you people stop calling them actors or actresses, these people simply cannot act. You don’t call someone who cannot swim a ‘swimmer’ .. you call them a drowner.

  2. american girl says:

    even tho i love the whole group of miss a suzy tries her best to be cute. y?

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  4. jOselyne♥ says:


  5. kim lee says:

    she’s cute!

  6. dan says:

    given she has absolutely no talent, lucky for her plastic surgery exists which isn’t a success either. guess she just fails on many levels.
    that show makes me cringe seeing all the awkward gesturing.

  7. ElyseBelle says:

    You know, it’s easy to get into all this Korean pop and entertainment because we’re mostly Asian here or are into the Asian popculture and think it’s fun and exciting how they get all this attention and publicity. But when you strip away all of the hair, make up, cameras, non original acting/roles, and of course sometimes get an ordinary Asian girl/boy. In the states and other countries like England the actors stand alone well without all this fluff. They do it for the craft & the art of acting not publicity or wanting to be so “cutesy & childish”. That’s why I will always cringe when I see a Korean actor, especially Korean actress act in anything. Not to say I dislike watching some dramas, Coffee Prince, Lovers In Paris were a couple I could withstand watching without getting tiresome.

    • Crayon says:

      Hooray!! You’re someone who I respect for having a good opinion. Have 100 points for being quite correct.

      • ElyseBelle says:

        Thank you Crayon! This isn’t to diminish the fact that they cannot achieve greatness in the film’s just they are a joke right now. You have all these stunning actors and actresses (both which should stick to their natural facial/body features), but no consistency in setting the bar high. I also put blame on the directors, producers, and writers in not coming up with original work that is just another K-drama or weird Asian flick…

        • Pen says:

          I blame the fact they just drag these people off the street and expect them to be able to act.

          • jhang says:

            but actually they can’t…that’s why they always let people know how cutest or beautiful they are…they wanted to change their faces so that people will recognize them a celebs…that the truth is not…they can’t even act or sing that will…actually they are talentless…they just look like a talented one because of Koreans show-business publicity…and also because of their fans they already worshiping them, that all saying “oh, that oppa/unni/nuna is a very talented” which is quiet actually not true…they just wanted to say that to hide the truth…

            • ashley says:

              I know and the craziest thing I noticed is when I read some artist Bio. they said they were scouted at the mall or on vacation with their family because they looked handsome or pretty? I was like WTF? It’s ok to get scouted for looking good if your going to get a model job but in their case it was to be a idol singer? Their are a quite few of them that got in the Korean music industry that way but I’m not going to name any names though.

    • Rawr says:

      yea i would agree with you it’s all good and stuff but in the states people go work out but idk for asia
      i’m pretty sure some are natural but actresses that are super hot it’s obviously surgery and also a few years ago they were all great you know but lately it’s just getting really stupid…i mean kpop boybands wearing eyeliner? you’ve got to be kidding me..

  8. Abigale says:

    actually she’s a really good actress it’s just that at time’s she’s kinda stiff also she can only display here emotion in her eyes. That is why when she’s supposed to be sad it only shows in her eyes or what ever emotion will never reach her face.

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    haha cute!

  10. ara says:

    narcissism ?

  11. Dovey says:

    Cutesy stuff runs rampant in Korea, and heavily in Japan, I’d say. But anyway, she’ll only be able to act cutesy for so long for when she gets old(er), she oughta stop or it’ll begin to look ridiculous. lol…

  12. cdnpoint says:

    The plush brother seems to have many variants in the acting business. Basically the actors nap where and when they can with their travel pillows.

    For a teen character, Suzy as Hye Mi is good at switching gears with her fellow students in various scenes.

  13. zer0cooool says:

    i dont understand why people take things like this so seriously. im sure no one is expecting any oscars from these shows. its a drama. like any other drama. why cant people just take it for what it is and enjoy it for the sappiness and cuteness that is intended for these type of shows. these shows are produced to meet a certain criteria to appeal to the masses that want to see their fav. idols, not grade-A acting. people need to relax and let it go, cause regardless of your arguments and points that you want to make, in the end.. ITS JUST ANOTHER DRAMA. who cares.

  14. lol says:

    seriously dont you guys have anything better to do than insult people? take a look in the mirrors, and compare yourselves. she’s different to the actors slash actresses in England because she’s Asian. isn’t that obvious? gosh.

    • june says:

      nice one. agree.

    • Pen says:

      Actresses in England usually have years of acting training, then they go into the brutal regime of working on the stage performing roles in hamlet or other Shakespearean plays. Then if they’re lucky they end up on the TV, performing with some level of skill and talent.

      Apparently in korea you’re just dragged off the street, put on tv.. and then lots of wannabe-korean fanatics stand around shouting at and bullying anyone who says they can’t act.

      it’s a totally different system

      • Llorainne says:

        Then watch those films in England. why do you even bother watching asian dramas if you don’t like them.

        • Pen says:

          I don’t watch them, the acting is terrible and the stories are so shallow and predictable. I only find it funny that you people like them.

          • ashley says:

            that’s true hopefully in the future it will get better.

            • lol says:

              wow. 🙂 but apparently they dont just drag you off the street dumb dumb. they go through acting training too you know. oh wait, you probably don’t know! dear dear.

              • jhang says:

                yeah! they go on trainings….plenty of trainings…but did you see an improvement??????????duh….none…….

              • ashley says:

                @ lol, I’m not talking about the acting I have no problem with the actors and actresses I talking about the drama or the story line. It’s usually the same thing and it’s shallow and predictable.

          • nat says:

            Korean storylines…rich snooby guy, poor girl. They hate each other, they get into a fake pretend “contract” relationship or are forced to live with each other, they fall in love. The end.

            Actress in Korea don’t get better if they suck at acting, they just get more plastic surgery to make up for it.

  15. jhang says:

    yeah! they go on trainings….plenty of trainings…but did you see an improvement??????????duh….none…….

  16. natalie says:

    The story line is sure funny and the acting is surely terrible, but I like to watch just because they are pretty and cute. IS there a problem. I dont know how the system work in England and how good your ppl acting are because I dont watch English dramas. So I dont give a damn. If you dont like their story and acting then find smt else to do other than sitting here and leaving mean comments on a 16 yrs old girl just staring her career. And What has she done so wrong tryng to entertain smbody?
    Funny stories with those cute acts are called DRAMAs, not sm movies u send to Cannes. Good looking actor/actress with terrible acting are called IDOLS. And thank Gods they dont try to win any oscar but award for popularity in Asia.
    She is debut as a singer so if you have sm free time pls check out sm of her music video clip to see how much she has trained to be able to dance and sing so well at such young age.
    Abt plastic surgery. Stop it already. Its 2011 for god sakes~
    Whats so wrong about a women try to look pretty??? Just like sm fake eyelashes or tanning.. Plus, you dont have any proof of her looking any different before so I’ll take all your hatred comment abt her looks as you really think she looks pretty now and you r freakin’ jealous.
    I LOve korean Drama. Im so enjoyed watching those funny stories. Thank you all the writers, directors and actors/actress for keep making those.
    I love u too, suzy. I think you r cute. I’d love to have a younger sister as young as pretty as famous and talented as you. I’d be so proud. :XX

    • kayla says:

      What wrong with plastic surgery you ask? Does the fact that plastic surgery being linked with increased depression and suicide not make it a problem? People in Korea get surgery thinking changing their outer appearance will solve all their problems only to realize their problems need to be fixed on the inside first, mentally and psychologically. Ever wondered at the high suicide rates among Korean celebs and the public in general, the number of deaths have surpassed Japan already. making them 4th highest in the world.

      Idols being “pretty” and talentless is a problem. “idols” are people who youngsters are meant to look up to, to set an example after. Kids end up worshiping these idols and striving to become no better than pretty ornamental dolls.

      • ashley says:

        yup and everyone has the right to state their opinion. if u don’t like what they think then just move on.
        The last part was aimed at that “natalie” chick that wrote a essay comment.

    • Roger says:

      Sorry, we couldn’t hear you above your worshipping of koreans, can you repeat what you said without the hymns?

  17. Coolors says:

    LMAO .. reading all these comments XD. Do you guys realize you’re picking on a 16-years -old teen who just started her career ?? She’s not the best at acting because it’s her first role, duh. What, when you first rode a bike, didn’t you fell plenty of times? Everything has a start and nobody is born good in everything.
    Just enjoy the drama. Don’t like it? Then don’t watch it … why make a big fuss about it? Let other people enjoy it. Saying your opinion is good but bashing on someone/something is a total different thing.
    So, its 2011 and people keep talking about PLASTIC SURGERY?! I thought you guys are more open-minded. Who the h*ck cares?! As long as she has talent, then I don’t mind. We, fans, say our opinions / comments based on their talents … no who has more plastic surgeries or whatever. It’s the 21 century and everyone has their own life, either if he’s / she’s a artist or idol or a normal person. Who are we to judge each other ?.

    • KKAB says:

      this is why in many other countries actresses don’t debut until their ready, until they’re confident they don’t fall off their bike. Actress Liu Yi Fei debuted when she was 14, playing an character in their twenties, and she was good at it because she was ready and trained. Would you go out mountain biking if you didn’t even know how to balance properly? And as for the whole plastic surgery thing, it’s serious business, not to be taken lightly just because it’s 2011, it doesn’t matter what year it is, cutting your face has dangerous consequences. please refer to Kayla’s comment. (not that I think Suzy’s had surgery, but just saying)

      • Roger says:

        I understand your point, but Liu Yi Fei is a good actress and classically trained .. and Chinese.

        The people commenting on this site are trained to worship koreans, and they dislike chinese, so telling them about how normal countries train actresses is kind of lost on them. They just want to gush over their korean gods.

      • sarsha says:

        oo I like Liu Yi Fei, she’s not just a pretty face, she can act since she went to the same acting academy as Zhang Ziyi. and she can dance since she’s also attended the same Beijing dance school as Victoria from f(x). But saying this stuff on a kblog site is rather pointless since most people here are kpop bias and have little interest in much else.

        • Roger says:

          They’re not biased, they’re just korean worshippers that’s the whole point of being here.

        • blah says:

          Uh, no, Liu Yi Fei never went to the same acting acadamy as Zhang Zi Yi. Shen went to a different school. And she never attended any dance academy (Zhang Zi Yi did) and she never danced other than in her free concerts. She always have voice actresses dubbing her lines for her too.

    • simone says:

      The thing is people like idols for their looks and/or plastic surgeries and not their talents. Suzy is the LEAST talented in Miss A and yet she’s the most popular. Superficial.

      • Roger says:

        She’s also the ‘youngest’ in Miss A and therefore the most popular amongst the korean ajhussis, which exposes their love of young girls.

    • natalie says:

      Totally agreed. Totally respected.
      Suzy Fighting! Focus on you career and ignore all the hatred comments. Love.

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  19. Marina says:

    She is young and talented child,
    So please, guys don’t be jealous
    btw people in Korea are very beautiful without surgery and make up, don’t show yourself ignorant….hate that..

    and she acts very well i like it very much!!!

  20. jojo says:

    Seriously the person named “Pen” has no life, because do you realize you are fighting with someone on the internet. I know everyone has the right to share an opinion but why bother fighting, it’s not like you will be better or something. Oh and Suzy isn’t the only one who acts cute all the time, every k-pop idol acts cute in fact acting cute is part of East and Southeast Asian culture. Suzy acted well for her first role, and criticism helps her become stronger and tells her where she needs to improve on, but the way you said it sounds like nobody can improve. It takes time and patience so just please back off haters! By the way Suzy has talent, she can sing and dance, actually all of Miss A has talent and none of Miss A members got plastic surgery and they don’t need it. Unlike other girl groups, they have the looks, talent and have modest personalities, Miss A don’t change!

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