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JYJ To Embark On 2nd World Tour

Is the world ready for another round of JYJ?

With a victory in court against former label SM Entertainment, what better way to celebrate than with a World Tour!

Yep after a successful world tour last year, JYJ has announced their “JYJ World Tour Concert 2011” to promote their 2nd album “Their Rooms; Our Story” .

Asia will be happy know JYJ will be back to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia while Canadains can rejoice to know JYJ will make a stop at Canada.

And finally Americans can catch JYJ in New York, L.A., Washington D.C., and San Francisco.

JYJ World Tour Concert 2011” kicks off this April, and let’s hope everything goes well for JYJ this time.

Are you excited for JYJ‘s new tour?

Source: Star News


57 Comments on “JYJ To Embark On 2nd World Tour”

  1. JIny@ says:

    When is it??? FIRST! Hahahahahahaha!

  2. ara says:

    2nd album already ?

  3. pru says:

    They are coming to Canada? Where in Canada? When?

  4. c says:

    when and where in Canada! Soooo exciting!

  5. missy says:



    JYJ MUST come back to LA…

  6. Pen says:

    Haha, I love how World equates to USA and S.E. Asia

  7. sky says:

    My JYJ. . . . . “”” my hero. . . Love u so much. . . Hehe^^ i can’t wait 2 c u guys spread out ur tour . . . . . .

  8. pat says:

    I bet SF never happans. I hope this announcement is not premaure like all the other K acts
    who cancel,cancel,cancel. I think Big Bang is the only group with wide potential in the States.
    Not because I am a fan, but because it will seem more familiar to Americans. JYJ is very
    fem for the US audience and will only appeal to young girls and some noonas.

    • Roger says:

      When was their first world tour? Was that the series of free concerts that they did when the US wouldn’t give them a visa? Hardly a world tour.

  9. Kasey says:

    It will I wish them luck, it’s been a long road for then can relax and enjoy their victory..

  10. pemzey says:

    so sad for us indians……i wonder when they’ll come here…hardly a reality for now…….its a dream/……..glad kpop is becoming really popular in northeastern states here……maybe in a few years they’ll know about us fans here…..!!!…

    • Roger says:

      It’s not becoming popular in USA… and when are you going to learn, that according to korean people the only place in the world is S.E. Asia and USA. The other places aren’t in the world.

  11. soffy says:

    who r they???
    the one on the left is CUTE..!! ^^

  12. Haizah says:

    I’m so gonna be there for singapore & malaysia ones 😛

  13. NamikaD says:

    still waiting for that day where the UK will be put onto the map of the world according to koreans ^^

    • Roger says:

      It’s never going to happen. Koreans hate Europe and Europeans… especially British people.

      • Endroine says:


        • ashley says:

          don’t mind him he’s upset because he got rejected by a Korean girl not he hates all Koreans lol.

          • ashley says:

            ha oops I mean *now*

          • Roger says:

            Just because people from europe don’t care about your k-gods or find them attractive doesn’t mean that we all got rejected. I personally prefer chinese or french women, and you seem to have a real issue dealing with that.

            The fact is the main reason koreans hate europeans is because we don’t like their women. You’re a wannabe korean looking for a k-farmer and you hate europeans too, simply because that’s how you’ve been trained to behave.

            It’s all pretty funny.

          • NamikaD says:

            it’s funny how korean celebrities speak so highly of wanting to come to europe……i mean what? dbsk went to places in europe for their photoshoots and stuff, and GD went down to london and he said that he really would like to come again and loads of other stars are coming and going….and who said that european people don’t care about k-pop? there are maybe over 1,000,000 k-pop fans in europe alone…is that not enough?

            • Roger says:

              There are about 4 k-pop fans in europe, and they talk shyte about europe but the fact is, they don’t know where it is.

              The people who typically go to europe are chinese pop stars (not taiwanese) because they are classically trained in music and they have and enjoy culture. Koreans just enjoy money and plastic surgery, that’s why they go to LA and Las Vegas.

              That’s why we want more Chinese stars in europe, because they do real music (like langlang) and less Korean stars, because they just teach children that plastic surgery is good.

              • alzey says:

                did you like sleep with a korean girl and got herpes? What’s with all the hate dude?

              • NamikaD says:

                weeeeeellllllll, obviously looking at your response, you have no clue about pop music. Lang Lang is a concert pianist, DBSK and JYJ are POP groups…..there’s a huge difference between the two genres……and sorry to break your heart but hardly anyone has heard of Lang Lang compared to DBSK. and no they don’t teachchildren that plastic surgery is good, if you think about it there are a lot of chinese celebs who get plastic surgery. if koreans are promoting that plastic surgery is good, then chinese are promoting that having bigger boobs through plastic surgery is good.

                • Roger says:

                  Most people I know have heard of Lang Lang …and no one I know has heard of DSKB.. I guess you’re a pleb or quite poor and didn’t have an education. Anyways, no one in europe knows about K-pop, which means you must be a filipino nurse or something.

                  • NamikaD says:

                    Well Mr. I-think-I-know-everything-about-your-life-story-although-I-have-no-personal-life-to-begin-with-therefore-I-waste-my-time-and-life-depending-on-posting-rubbish-to-other-users-on-this-site-but-go-by-the-european-name-Roger,

                    Firstly, I would like to let you know, I am well-educated although I need not prove this to you since people like you are worthless and a waste of brain cells to think about and thanks to morons like you I realise that maybe I was more lucky academically than you were therefore I have more sense.
                    As for the statement about being a filipino nurse well I guess that’s what your life long dream was to be until you ruined your own sad life and became a, I believe you use as a term to describe yourself more than me, ‘PLEB’ or in my dictionary a ‘HOBO’.
                    The only reason I say there are K-pop fans in Europe is that as a matter of fact…I AM EUROPEAN!! Get your facts right before you make assumptions, or are you one of those who are ‘quite poor and didn’t have an education.’
                    Also I would like to say that the band in question is not DSKB but DBSK although this is an article about JYJ and not DBSK, another fact you should get right.
                    If you would like any futher advice on how to GET A LIFE and HAVE AN EDUCATION please do not contact any european k-pop fans again.

                  • Roger says:

                    Listen Pleb, Hobo is american english, so you’re probably east european or german. It’s common there to want to be american.

    • blah says:

      Looks like Scumbag now has a name. ROGER is just a British reject who can’t accept the fact that Koreans actually DO like Europeans, with the exception of HIMSELF. He’s a troll who clicks on links on this site just to elicit a reaction from others, because that is the only way he’ll get anybody to pay attention to his sorry pasty British ASS. Although he prefers to call his an ARSE. And Ashley, I agree with you, ROGER’s just backlashing against all Koreans because he got “biyatch slapped” (that’s Roger’s term for things like that) by a Korean girl with itty bitty eyes and sausage legs who then left him for a French man.
      Roger, you can shag a sheep, a monkey, or a horse for all we care. Korean women would never give you a second look anyways, so as I said before, it works BOTH ways. Although from what I’ve heard you’re quite the hit among fisty Korean farmers.

      • Roger says:

        You’re just angry because Korean stars love money and plastic surgery whereas Chinese stars enjoy culture and fine foods. That’s why Chinese stars go to Europe to be successful, whereas Koreans go to LA and Las Vegas. I’d be really bitter and sour if I was Korean and watching all my talentless stars go to USA to fail over and over while Chinese go to Europe to study with the best artists.

        You’re just one big bag of sourness, who speaks american because he loves america, so don’t worry…we know exactly what you are. Besides Chinese chicks are hot, so are French chicks and it’s really eating you up inside that Europeans have no interest in Korean women… eating you up inside.

      • blah says:

        haha, you’re so pathetic. Clearly you’ve latched onto the vague phrase “CHinese stars” as your savior counterpart for your much hated “Korean stars”. Whatever floats your boat, you imbecilic dimwit.

        And trust me, I’m not loosing any sleep over the fact that YOU don’t like Korean women. But as I said before, 99.99999% of Korean women wouldn’t give you a second look anyways, so it works both ways, eh?

        • Roger says:

          I wouldn’t be looking at them, so why would I care if they gave me a first, second or third look. They’d probably be drunk anyways so unable to focus and slumped over a GI so any looks they gave me wouldn’t be of interest.

          Those chinese stars are pretty good though, when are you going to go to China to try to get a second wife like other korean guys?

          • NamikaD says:

            you can call me a pleb all you like but if you think about it (which you’ll never do with that brain of yours) pleb is the term you would use towards most people as yes, we are all common people, that includes you in this equation, unfortunately. Obviously from the way you write your responses so freely you don’t look through a dictionary or even more simply use your brain about your terminology or even more simpler your grammar and spelling. Another thing i would advise you to do, but i know with someone like you good advice is always wasted, is to use your common sense and realise that i have mentioned that i’d like JYJ to the UK. If i was german would i even state the uk in the first place? isn’t it logical….actually it wouldn’t be in your case because you’re so hung up with your love for chinese women as seen throughout almost all of your responses. Something else that has come to mind is that you don’t like it when i use the term hobo as it is american. Well i apologise for using that term and replace it with 愚笨的低生活白痴 or something along the lines of it.

            • piano says:

              Look, it’s okay to be a pleb and want talentless korean groups to come to UK, but you’ll be the only person watching them… and french girls are nice too.. and japanese.. australians. No need to keep so blinkered.

              • NamikaD says:

                fine…. i will be the only one watching them…and then when others come to watch them too, we’ll see what happens. funnily enough i also like j-pop so i’m not so blind to that side of the music industry too.

        • blah says:

          Well, you obviously do care… IT’s why you repeat ad nauseam on this site how much you supposedly don’t like Korean women, regardless of the fact that you don’t KNOW any Koreans in real life. But hey, it’s your delusional world where anything goes…

          Second Chinese wife? ha, flattered that you think I’ll be able to get an attractive Chinese gal, but why don’t you worry on trying to get a girl to look at you first before worrying about me, eh? although… it’s a bit creepy knowing that a guy who likes fisty Korean farmers is worrying about my sex life… ewww…

  14. leeMa says:

    Good for you guys!!!! Wishing you all the happiness in the world… (always keeping the faith). Love to you all

  15. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Wow, already with their 2nd album??

  16. nodamehime says:

    micky looks really skinny….

  17. Ei Thu says:

    so glad to hear that…I really hope you guys get much success again………hope you to participate in public programs again also…..besides hope you guys can escape from SM,a big shadow which disturb your ways directly or indirectly…..
    I LOVE YOU YU CHUN OPPA……….may you be happy & healthy

  18. TMPGIRL says:

    omg i hope if i can go 😦 go go go jyj be always no.1

  19. star says:

    woohoo.. i will definitely go for the 2nd world tour. As i went for the 1st world tour. it was totally amazing, and they are so charming…. ^^v

  20. alzey says:

    Okay I love Jae but that man skirt is reminding me of an ahjumma

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  22. MNT08 says:


  23. Brittany says:

    I’m definitely go even if I have to fly out to one of the cities.

  24. Akira says:


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