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MBLAQ returns to the stage as five!

The Little Rains are back!

Rain‘s musical clones returned to the stage on the February 24th episode of Mnet’s M! Countdown!. They performed one of their new singles titled “Again“. Even though Lee Joon was the only member who joined in on the choreography, Mir was there for his walk on role as rapper at the end of the song.

How would you rate their “Again”  stage?

Sources: Newsen and shu101224 (Youtube)


34 Comments on “MBLAQ returns to the stage as five!”

  1. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    awww! i knew they would work something out but isnt mir supposed to be resting i mean hes my fave and i would love to see him perform but he should be resting.

  2. Jjj says:

    They deserve more praise and at least one win TVXQ comeback was a musical mess in comparison to Mblaq album. Oh well it’s SM the are known for cheating

    • ara says:

      😀 sometimes i think that way too.

    • Kaybee says:

      Oh My! I feel the same way too about TVXQ’s song ‘heads down’…It was horrible!!!

      MBLAQ’s cry is awesome! They should have won awards for it. Cry is my caller tune for now… I’ll change it to Big Bang’s Cafe/ Tonight soon… 🙂

      • ashley says:

        I liked both songs but I like Cry better MBLAQ never wins! They need to do what SM does and have them promote a song when no good artist are around so they can have a win faster.

      • danny says:

        how can u compare TVXQ with MBLAQ???
        no offense… i do love MBLAQ but TVXQ is a legend they debut for almost 7 years….MBLAQ not even in their 3rd years yet….
        if TVXQ is because they deserve to win…please don’t arguing about it….

        • OOOOKaaayy! says:

          so just because tvxq was in the business longer means they should win? thats crazy. i thought the fans chose who wins.

        • chesky_division says:

          The New TVXQ can in no way compare to what the group used to be. 7 years does not count technically I see them as a new duo.

      • k-popfollower says:

        OMG!! Cry is my ringtone too~ I’m thinking about changing it to Hands Up by Bug bang soon. But wow that is so cool.

  3. Pen says:

    What the hell are these ladies wearing?

  4. ukissluva says:

    omg i luv the new song and lee joon’s new hairstyle i miss mir and its good to c him on stage but he should b resting and recovering

    • Pen says:

      What?? You’re a lesbo and you like men who look like women because it makes you feel like you’re with a woman but you don’t have to deal with the cultural acceptance issues. Right, now we understand.

  5. wondefulseoul says:

    love love love the little Rains! haha MBLAQ ftw! 😀

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Yay~ They are back as five!
    But i thought they were already in Japan getting ready for their debut…..

  7. cdnpoint says:

    Second photo-autumn leaves (sweater) meet Mr. Scarecrow (shiny red pants). Avant-garde looks from Mad Max or just an outfit?

    • Roger says:

      It’s just clothing bought from gay shops.

      • blah says:

        I’m not a fan of their clothing either, but I just leave it at that. You don’t need to go the extra asinine mile with “gay shops”. And don’t blather on about my being sensitive, it’s all about being decent and respectful in your comments, whether it’s in person or online. You can give criticism without tearing the object of that criticism down.

        And as for my insults to you, well it’s along the lines of giving better than I get, but if you stop being such an on-line cad, than I’ll stop insulting you.

  8. jhang says:

    this is not a live performance… they did a lips sing….hmmm….i wanted a live performance that don’t have a lips sing…

  9. MBLAQ Crazi says:

    My Mir come back on stage, yipee!!! he should be rest more! Hope Mir’s back pain will recover at all soon! And also love my six packs Joon at 00:30!! *Fainting now* ^O^

  10. pemzey says:

    i lov;em……glad they’re up on the stage and filling out rain’s emptiness…..i hope rain fulfills his mandatory service soon and be back even sooner….^^…..the song is good…….wanna see more of them…they always remind me of bi….

  11. Val says:

    I hope they can get at least 6 to 7 hrs of slp per day.. My heart aches knowing that they have only 1 to 2 hrs, or at most 3 hrs of sleep.. thats definitely insufficent! Its not good for their health.. age faster and will be vulnerable to unknown dieases in the long run. Hopefully J-tune can look into it and take precautions. There is limitation to a human body even if it seems healthy now.

    p.s: I cant withstand just 2 hrs of slp for 1 day… poor boyz…sob sob… =(

    • Spoon says:

      They don’t get 2 hours of sleep a day you imbecile.. that’s just propaganda.

      Gosh, who invited the gullible imbeciles to comment?

  12. Val says:

    pls look at various youtube interviews by them to look for signs on how many hrs they slp.. not too sure y did u comment in the first place if u have gullible idea about pple being gullible.. this takes sensitivity.

    • Spoon says:

      Youtube interviews are propaganda .. tv is propaganda.

      You need to know the person personally in order to ask how much sleep he or she is getting, not listen to some entertainment company produced tripe which is basically there to make you feel sorry for them and buy more music.

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