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The Court Puts A Leash On SM Entertainment

Is bothering JYJ really worth paying $18,000?

After finding out SM Entertainment had disobeyed the courts orders to not interfere with JYJ‘s activities, the Seoul Central District Court had decided to show them who is in charge.

Starting now every time SM Entertainment interferes with JYJ‘s activities, they will be fined to tune of 20 million won (18,000) with each violation.

From trying to keep JYJ from joining a new company, to getting them banned from TV, to even trying to cancel their 1st album, the court has had enough of SM’s antics.

For now, the court has even granted JYJ a restraining order against SM Entertainment.

Do you think this will stop SM Entertainment from fighting with JYJ?

Source: Hankyung







34 Comments on “The Court Puts A Leash On SM Entertainment”

  1. hale luana says:

    Hooray!!!! About time!!!!…even if a lot of damage has already been done to JYJ as far as their reputation and how they’re looked at by their peers/entertainers/fans…

  2. pat says:

    I think the fine should have been 100,000 USD to really hurt. SME is a big bully.

    • Pink says:

      Yeah. They seriously should. Being the main cause of up and rising bands disbanding (or losing members) is worth MORE than just a tiny sum of 20 million won. SM should be grateful that the court is being so lenient with them. LOL. I think SM should voluntarily close down before they anger more fans and receive more suing cases from they artistes. So as to enable many groups to reunite. 😀

  3. Lolzzzzzzzz says:

    They should fine SM more than that amount… like stop SM activities the way they did u JYJ

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  5. Dood says:

    I’m just surprise the power of the fans has yet to step up to make an impact on this situation. I figured their power would bring SM down, but I guess not. I was waiting for a war. What a TOTAL let down.

    • Pen says:

      You fans don’t have any power. They’re just impotent and useless mind slaves with no free will. That’s why it’s so funny to laugh at you all.

      • HAHAHAH says:

        no. You are due to your erectile dysfunction.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        NO! NO!! You know nothing so shut up! We fans have a say… and u shouldn’t be saying things like this.. It’s hurtful and you’re of no help. and it’s not funny….

        • Roger says:

          The fact is, consumers only have the power of choosing which product to buy. They typically then develop brand allegiance which leads to brand slavery. They pretty much don’t have any say unless they all stop buying things. Those people who don’t buy anything really really have no say. Just by being a fan doesn’t mean you have power, consumers are pretty much impotent drones.

          That’s how marketing and sales works.

        • connie says:

          annoying sucker

        • missy says:

          You’re right. fans have alot of power, and they have say, because without cassiepeia, DBSk wouldn’t be here…
          in korea, the entertainment business is based on fan power. bigger the fan base the more money you get the more work you get..etc..

          Fans in korea and around the world are already uniting, if QTV doesn’t show JYJ’s show due to pressure from SM, (it was suppose to have started already) ….the fans will do something extreme, i think.

          plus, if fans are already calling SME “S&M” than something big might happen..if SM doesn’t stop

          • Roger says:

            You’re talking out of your arse. Their fans have no power beyond their ability to choose what to buy, and even then they are brand slaves.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          Ugh, you annoying piece of bullshit.
          Stop trying to act like me and get yourself a life instead of trying to be someone else. I never even posted this crap.

  6. SuJuKeeper15 says:

    SM should leave them alone like seriously.

    btw did anyone notice “source: hankyung” ???!!!

    • Pink says:

      Yeah, because Hankyung should also be granted the same treatment that whenever the hell should SM thinks of stepping in to ruin his solo career (after ruining his bright future with Super Junior), they should be fined as well. Why don’t SM Entertainment just close down once and for all so these awesome groups (like TVXQ and Super Junior) can return to what they initially was?!

      SM, this is for you: _|_


    • Haizah says:

      yeap. saw “source:hankyung” and went o.O hehe

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      It’s a Korean News website/newspaper.
      Not the Super Junior member, Hangeng.

  7. Kasey says:

    No because their pride and honor has been dishonored whats more important in asian society is pride and honor and they won’t let the go easily, but I hope JYJ will also fight to the end.

  8. Deana says:

    come on sm just let JYJ back. treat them fairly. Treat them like human beings!!! DBSK fans want them together as five!!! whats so bad about dat?!!?! pay all of them equally and lets move on with life!! y can’t u treat them like u do with Super Junior or SHINee?!?! huh?!?!

    • missy says:

      truth is we don’t know how they treat shinee and suju because they aren’t saying anything..
      THEY ALL had 13 year CONTRACTS and now, since that’s illegal, all had to sign new contracts. but we don’t know if suju and shinee get treated any better.
      I do know super junior is SM’s NEW CASH COW since dbsk as 5 is gone. SUJU is being overworked.
      super show 3 suddenly decides to add on more shows. suju M comes back while doing those concerts. suju album 5 also coming out soon. super show 4 in 2011…
      super junior is also being overworked.

      truth it JYJ are never going back to SM.
      The truth is WE DON’T KNOW WHY THEY STAYED. I’m sure they all planned on sueing but something stopped those 2. that’s the real question.

      DBSK doesn’t need SM, they should just ALL leave SM.

      That’s the only way DBSK as 5 will be back together
      or SM will allow homin to work with jyj with jyj not under SM
      but JYJ isn’t going back.
      Once you escape the Devil you never go back or even look back.

  9. Ei Thu says:

    for my opinion only………….I think even SM don’t give any compensation.It’s gonna be OK….if they stop doing these activities to JYJ.Because these guys,JYJ already struggled alot….Just leave them….

  10. dee;) says:

    i sure hope they stop..
    jyj fighting!!

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  12. MNT08 says:

    LSM, KEEP UR LEASH ON TIGHT NOW, LMAO! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Or more better yet, try and ull never get back up again!! but yeah i feel srry for suju now!!! GRRRR!

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