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The Wonder Girls attend Chloe’s fashion show!

Korea’s favorite musical globe-trotters have landed in a new location!

The Wonder Girls are in China!

Below is one of their recent tweets from their official Twitter:

“WG in Shanghai!! Going to Chloe fashion show tonight”

Following their relaxed and ’60s inspired emsembles at the New York Shows, the 2 different teary-eyed princesses glamed up for the latest fashion show in Shanghai. If they can not be on the runaway, at least they will feel like models.

View more photos of the ladies elegant looks here

Source: @followWG


63 Comments on “The Wonder Girls attend Chloe’s fashion show!”

  1. Roger says:

    Put your hands in the air if you don’t care who these people are. *puts his hand up*

    elegant looks? hahahah
    globetrotting ? hhahahaha

  2. soffy says:

    Wonder Girls are AWESOME!!! ^-^

  3. lennyb says:

    I was at the event and guess what? I got to be right next to them!!! 😀

  4. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    they look amish instead of elegant.

  5. WonderAttendees says:

    Do they sing anymore, or do they just show up at events.

  6. genni says:

    Yenny does not look good as a blonde! Why the hell did they have to follow the kpop blonde trend?!

    • Roger says:

      they want them to look american.

      • krysti says:

        Are u saying all those asian who dye their hair blond wants to be an american? ur idol dye her hair blond..she wanted to be an american.. but too bad she can’t come to america.. lmfao!

        • Roger says:

          That’s pretty much exactly what I was saying. She’s korean and she, like most koreans wants to be american. She can go to USA because she’s been there failing for the past year.

        • blah says:

          Roger. Most Koreans do NOT want to be American. In fact, you don’t know any Korean in real life. You’re a Brit who uses the internet as proxy for real life. The only Koreans you “know” are the ones you read up about on kpop sites, and you repeat the same insults about Koreans over and over and over again, as if they you’re personal mantras. Like I said, you could definitely teach other trolls a thing or two about latching onto insulting phrases as your personal mantras and then chanting them over and over again as if it will make them come true.

  7. whatever says:

    They are trying TOO HARD to break in the U.S market.

    • Roger says:

      They’re trying? I, like most people, thought they had well and truly failed and have gone to china in order to beg for some pride back.

  8. dan says:

    i WONDER who these GIRLS are.

  9. huh says:

    why do you people comment on a wonder girls article if you hate them? lame ass haters who dont have anything with there lives but bash others

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Ahh! I love Chole! It’s one of my fav clothing brands!
    Very stylish…

  11. Sweetsmilez says:

    Seem so lucky…

  12. ara says:

    what is it with wondergirls attending many fashion-related show?

  13. fanwonder says:

    poor haters. they attend the fashion shows coz they are invited. probably ur favorites groups are not. poor ur unnirs & u too trolls.

  14. chuo says:

    i like the leader’s outfit….
    i don’t know but i think their stylist sucks at giving them dresses that fits to their personalities because aside from the leader no one looks good on them….

  15. 이준기 says:

    lol…i dont really like wondergirls anymore either…i think they’re like finished now….
    but that doesnt mean i’m going to criticise them like it’s my one and only goal in life UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE

  16. 이준기 says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ당근이 아니지 그냥 이준기 팬!!!><진짜 이름을 쓰기는 좀 그레서…
    its a bit sad really that you have no life so make you try to make one by insulting every person you meet on this sight that has some link to korea. And by the way i don't think judging someone before you even meet them is a good idea…another piece of friendly advice for you^^ and yes 이준기 isnt my real name obviously =="" why the hell would i put myself under my real name on an internet sight like this~

  17. 이준기 says:

    lol i bet you’re going to insult my spelling error….but no…since i’ve commented already on it you’re not going to….people like you are so predictable~

  18. 이준기 says:

    i’m sorry but i don’t think thats what you call being paranoid~i’m not trying to be rude here…just assumed so since roger always seems to criticise other peoples mis-pronounciation~

  19. 이준기 says:

    haha then SORRY FOR BEING PARANOID! if it gets on your nerves that much!! o.m.g ~calm down people!

  20. 이준기 says:

    lol okayy~ any thing else ?? a troll?==” who are you referring to…..

  21. […] can wait! JYPE’s internationally known girl band is the focus today. Recently, the Wonder Girls official twitter account tweeted the following message: “THAILAND!!!!! WG will be in […]

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