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DBSK performs to the “Maximum”!

Keep You Head Down was a huge success! Can the DBSK duo continue their K-pop reign this season with the latest single “Maximum“?

On the February 25th episode of KBS’s Music Bank, SME‘s Rising Gods of East returned to the stage with another single. The band may be missing three, but the remaining idols are working their tails off to give fans the most electrifying stage performances.

Will “Maximum” help them rise in the east or set in the west?

Source: shu101224 (Youtube)


10 Comments on “DBSK performs to the “Maximum”!”

  1. e-111 says:

    >.< "Plaster pull boy" yumi !!!!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Spirit of 대한민국 & 日本国, Kristy. Kristy said: #DBSK performs to the "Maximum"! #TVXQ #SME […]

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Aahh! Amazing as always!
    DBSK/JYJ always has amazing live performances!

  4. buppy says:

    Wow a group of k-floppers stealing American beats! How original!

  5. bebo says:

    DBSK single?
    @_@ Bad performances.. @_@

    And LOL can’t called DBSK anymore..

  6. pammiej85 says:

    Flawless live performance as always!!!!!!!

    Homin fighting!!!!

    Keep up the good work^^

  7. evcim says:

    the song sounds like a typical Turkish pop song

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