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Pops in Seoul’s new VJ is NS Yoon-ji!

She may have been working for a few weeks now,but what is your opinion of Isak‘s replacement?

In January, longtime Pops in Seoul VJ, Isak, announced that she was leaving the television show after four years. Following her transition from TV/Radio to just radio, another well-known and loved recording artist took center stage.

Hello …Hello …Hello NS Yoon-ji!

She may be new and a tad nervous VJing, but I don’t think Yoon-ji is right for this particular hosting job. Isak was too quirky,however, Yoon-ji lacks the right amount of believability in her peppy skits.

Enough about me…Have you seen her shows? What do you think of the show’s new VJ?

Sources: @ns_yoonji @arirangpops and the official Arirang Programming Website


32 Comments on “Pops in Seoul’s new VJ is NS Yoon-ji!”

  1. pemzey says:

    first…oh… i’ll miss isak but lets see how the show pans out with the new vj……^^

  2. Roger says:

    No one watches arirang.. and is this yet another american?

    • abie says:

      hellow…. how are you? i like you im your no.1 fun n phi.NS Yoon-ji!
      i hope you came her in the phil. have a show her in phil……can i get your no.#??

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  4. dan says:

    is this another has been like isak trying to retain any bit of celebrity status? this show ranks among the bottom feeders.

  5. stophatingyouloser says:

    I watch arirang every day and I like her more than Isak..

    • Roger says:

      You watch Arirang every day because you’re indovietmalaypinay and that’s all they’re allowed to watch.

      • jay says:

        why the hatred?
        small penis? mommy dosent love? butt ugly? loneliness? white trash? black? loser-asian/american ? or bitter chinky ?
        which is it?

        • Plaster says:

          Keep going Mr. Guesser .. let’s see where this rabbit hole takes you.

          • jay says:

            im gonna settle for bitter chinky thx 🙂

            • Plaster says:

              Yeh, I thought you might. Funny how your intuition is utterly misled, founded on assumptions and very simple to manipulate.

              Good for you, eh.

              Indecently, I’m sure all the indovietmalaypinay k-slaves will now laud your use of the word ‘chinky’, however if I said ‘gook’ I would be classed as a ‘racist’. That’s how easy to manipulate and predict their rather simple minds are too.

              • jay says:

                mislead? the irony…

                i am racist. and i dont mind being called one. i dont think anyone’s gonna laud me for saying that(chinky) considering most people here are probably chinese.

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    That’s a cute bow

  7. ashley says:

    who is she? I heard of her name before but I don’t know what she actually does, nvm I’ll just google her.

  8. misyel says:

    im so shockkkkkkkkkkkk how can it be?????????????/

  9. senpai says:

    Isak had to go – she seems to be getting fatter and fatter plus she looks so much older than she actually is!! The girl needs some serious liposuction or counselling.
    NS Yoonji is definitely a breath of fresh air – she’s cheerful, lively and doesn’t act stupidly cute like Isak.

    • ashley says:

      lmao I noticed that too

      • Roger says:

        I’m so glad you americans watch arirang, because no one else does.

        • C. says:

          Well Roger, Arirang may not be as popular elsewhere. But thanks to Arirang we Americans can become a little more aware of what’s going on in Asian countries. It is a little difficult for us to watch other Asian channels that only speak the native languages (or have the occasional subtitles in english) I’m not Asian but I do enjoy the Asian culture and Arirang was definitely a gateway for me to understand the culture more. I mean I even visited the Chinese New Year festival last year for the first time here in L.A. because I learned of the Chinese New Year’s significance through Arirang. So yeah bash it if you want but Arirang has done a lot of good in educating us only “english-speaking” Americans whose TV stations used to consists of nothing but the same old stuff just recycled with new faces, like a dozen MTV channels, 15 C.S.I. and Law and Order TV shows, and 20 pointless sitcoms. I don’t mean to sound “preachy” but I just want to say “big ups” to Arirang!

          • Cable says:

            I agree, Arirang helps americans learn more about their wifes culture. It’s also useful for indovietmalaypinays to find out about the culture they dearly wish they were a part of. However, for everyone else, it’s utterly dreadful.

            However, this part is total bollocks, ” I learned of the Chinese New Year’s significance through Arirang.”. Koreans think they invented the chinese new year and call it ‘korean new year’.

            Other than that, you should watch out because Arirang is basically propaganda.

  10. jen says:

    honestly.. i miss isak.. i dont like it how shes gone… ;( it cant be helped though /i still watch the show cz i lik it i guess .. but i want isakk i love her personality ! and when she talks i feel lik she has more of a connection thatn yoonjiii but whatevzz

  11. John says:

    Haven’t gotten into her personality just yet. She sounds like she’s reciting a script from memory instead of knowing the material. Have to give here more time before I decide. ISAK was smoother.

  12. gel says:

    I miss Isak ;(… I don’t care if she was getting fat, I like her better. No offense, but the new vj looks like she was forced to worked there!

  13. John says:

    Watched her today and was able to listen to her talk without skipping to the music. She is getting better. She has slowed down and seemed a little more relaxed and she dropped that bit about being your “Lovely VJ”.

  14. Philippines says:

    she can do the job well but she can’t replace how isak connect to her viewers she’s too smart ^_^

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