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Forbes Reveals Top 40 Most Powerful Korean Celebrities

Forbes Korea has revealed its annual “Top 40 Power Celebrities” with Girls’ Generation coming in at no.1.

The company examined how much celebrities earned with filming CFs and dramas, how frequently they appeared on music videos and magazines, and how many times they appeared on variety shows.

Ice skating queen Kim Yuna lost her no.1 spot this year dropping down to no.3, while Girls’ Generation rose up 4 spots taking the crown as Korea’s best.

The results:

Girls’ Generation (Singer)

2. Park Jisung (Soccer player)

3. Kim Yuna (Figure skater)
4. Lee Seunggi (Singer)
5. 2PM (Singer)
6. Yu Jaesuk (MC)
7. Lee Chungyong (Soccer player)
8. 2AM (Singer)
9. Chu Shinsoo (Baseball player)
10. Kang Hodong (MC)
11. Lee Hyori (Singer)
12. Yoon Siyoon (Actor)
13. Rain (Singer)
14. Park Chuyoung (Soccer player)
15. Shin Mina (Actress)
16. Super Junior (Singer)
17. Wonbin (Actor)
18. Hwang Jungeum (Actress)
19. Kim Hyesu (Actress)
20. Go Hyunjung (Acress)
21. Kang Dongwon (Actor)
22. Lee Daeho (Baseball player)
23. Park Taehwan (Swimmer)
24. Lee Nayoung (Actress)
25. Jang Donggun (Actor)
26. Shin Sekyung (Actress)
27. Lee Kyungkyu (MC)
28. Big Bang (Singer)
29. Lee Minjung (Actress)
30. Choi Kyungjoo (Golfer)
31. 2NE1 (Singer)
32. Hyunbin (Actor)
33. Bae Yongjoon (Actor)
34. Moon Geunyoung (Actress)
35. Lee Minho (Actor)
36. Han Hyojoo (Actress)
37. Kim Taehee (Actress)
38. Park Chanho (Baseball player)
39. Park Myungsoo (MC)
40. BEAST (Singer)

Did your favorite celebrity make the cut?

Source: Forbes Korea


205 Comments on “Forbes Reveals Top 40 Most Powerful Korean Celebrities”

  1. ghettoe says:

    ps. Ji Sung Park, I hate Manchester United but he is heavily talented. Nice to see him there.

  2. Ashley says:

    SNSD? First place? You’ve got to be joking! Clearly, the voters were fans of SNSD, that’s all.

    • Ph says:

      Although i’m a fan of SNSD, but still, seriously they have A LOT of CFs and appearances on tv.
      As you can see, from the 2nd sentence of the article,
      “The company examined how much celebrities earned with filming CFs and dramas, how frequently they appeared on music videos and magazines, and how many times they appeared on variety shows.”

      From what i can see, you hate SNSD. Why do you hate angels?

      • jasmynne says:

        SNSD aren’t angels. I’m not stating the they are bad or anything negative. But from what I observe, snsd’s style from before and is different, waay different after they releases gee. They dress in showy clothes that aren’t good for younger girls who idolize them.

        I’m not an anti nor a fan. I like their songs but they’ve just got a little to over board with being sexy. i’m not starting a fight but this is just my own opinion.

  3. Cathy says:

    SNSD’s probably the most powerful celebrity in Korea but I’m surprised that 2pm is ranked that high!

  4. Raven says:

    Ha! Lee Sung Gi. I kinda expected him to be up that high. Rain, yeah, that’s agreed as well.
    I was kinda hoping SHINee’d be up there. <XD
    But then again, they're not that powerfulll~

  5. n i n i . ~ SHINee says:

    i cant belive this! SHINee suppose to be #1! They’re ALWAYS #1! >; |

  6. luz alda says:

    I really love koria I want to learn music hits

  7. wow naman kya lov na lov ko yung k pop ee forever and ever

  8. xinyi says:

    It would have been nice to see SHINee up there, since Shin Sekyung up there too. but oh wells, SJ and B2st on the list (:

  9. jessica says:

    B2ST should’ve been in the top ten. they are so talented!!

  10. Debbie says:

    I expected BigBang to be #1. Their sch an influential group in S.Korea and all around the world. But considering that the ranks were based on the number of CFs they appear in as well as the number of variety show appearances, makes sense SNSD got #1. BigBang may be big everywhere but they aren’t too active in showing up for variety shows and other things like that. But make no mistake BigBang is and forever will be #1 as Korea’s Power Celebrity.

  11. kamuigaiden says:

    Lee Seungg!!

  12. rairai says:

    Girls’ Generation has been the most popular girl group in Korea since their debut. l,o,l

  13. NidaExpip says:

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  14. palous says:

    Shiznit. There’re reasons why i hated some of the East Asian celebrities here. Don’t get me wrong. Its not just Korean celebs that make me sick, when i meant east Asian celebrities, i meant the ones from korea, china and japan.

    1. Multi-personalities. Take girls generation for example. Look at some of the members. They could act cute for one moment and then act sexy or cool the next. What the hell is that? If they wanted to stay cool then stay cool. It’s so painful to see ppl having multi personalities at once. It’s blinding!

    2. Trying to act like a Westerner while trying to obtain their Asian roots. Fuck this Shit man. If this is the case we might as well bleach our skins white and brainwash ourselves into being white people!

    3. Over 20 year old grown ups acting like 5 year old kids. Need i say more? So pathetic.

    4. That cute accent and behaviours they try to put on when trying to impress someone. Clearly not impressive. Refer to point 3.

    Need i continue? Not that i hated Asian celebrities but they just need to grow up a bit. Now don’t give me that bullShit that i’m just jealous and am not famous like them. Why the FUCK would i want to become a famous immature celebrity when i know my current state of mind is way better than some of these kinds of generic, mediocre and silly celebrities?

  15. palous says:

    Like i said before. Fuck this shit!

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