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Infinite’s Hoya covers “Love, Love, Love” by Epik High

Yesterday on MBC’s radio, Infinite’s member Hoya sang “Love, Love,Love” by Epik High.

His performance impressed so many listeners because the song isn’t that easy to sing, check out his cover below:

What did you guys think? hot or not?

*By the way: Did you guys know his name (Hoya) is actually a plant’s name. The more it is in the light, the more it grows.


27 Comments on “Infinite’s Hoya covers “Love, Love, Love” by Epik High”

  1. heyyy says:

    lol epik high is spelled wrong

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    What the heck? Epick?!?!
    It’s supposed to be Epik!!!

  3. Kttn says:

    Haha, the only think I could see in that article was the spelling error… 🙂
    But he did sing that song well.

  4. Steffi says:

    ooo he’s good

  5. lian95 says:

    sorry for the spelling mistake on epik high … i sincerely apologize !!!

  6. truesay says:

    Urgh because these army of “idols” do not have real talent, whenever they do a “cover” it just smacks of someone taking karaoke a bit too seriously. But that’s what we have here, just a land of glorified karaoke singers and backdancers =_=

    • akd050496 says:

      Idk about his cover because I haven’t heard it yet, nor about all other ‘army of idols’ you were talking, but SERIOUSLY?? ”glorified karaoke singers and backdancers”

      INFINITE is one of the most-in-synched boy groups I have ever seen in Kpop, even beat out some of the older groups (in term of sychronizing) and Hoya is a great dancer, maybe not as great as older boy groups best dancer, and INFINITE also has members who sing well, ALL OF THEM (After DBSK), even both rappers can sing (Hoya & Dongwoo)

      Just because they’re rookies you could deter their talents, and judge something if you already bother checking them out. *endofrant

      • Roger says:

        Probably just another bunch of koreans jumping around trying to be black.

      • blah says:

        Well, they do a better job than the Brits who jump around trying to be American.

        • Roger says:

          Why would they do that? They’re not Koreans.

          • blah says:

            no, they only wish they were.

          • blah says:

            but they still look pathetic jumping around trying to be American. Maybe they should try to be black instead…

            • Roger says:

              Jumping around trying to be Korean and look black… no, that’s Korean men again.

              European guys typically hang about with elegant chinese and french, talking about culture and art.

            • blah says:

              nope, Brits all the way. Although I’m sure you could definitely teach Koreans a thing or two about trying to be American while jumping around looking black.

              And hanging around with elegant Chinese and French… that’s your life dream, but it’s quite apparant that it’s way beyond your reach. You have to learn how to master The Art of Decent Behavior first. Which is unfortunately quite beyond your grasp.

            • Roger says:

              So you see your behaviour as ideal. This is to hang around trying to be deified by S.E. Asians, pretending you love Korea when your family all abandoned korea to live in USA and you spend all your time in USA begging to be american. Then anyone who finds this whole situation as ironic gets it in the neck from you because you cannot deal with your own personal situation? hmm.. no, i think my situation is more real and decent than yours.

              • Setres says:

                These “Koreans trying to be Black” are more talented than 90% of African American singers popular today, end of story. Lets see ANY black rapper stand up to GD of Big Bang and NOT look like a total failure… oh wait, not possible. And btw, Asians or Asian-Americans aren’t the only people who like Kpop and think the artists there are more talented than Europe and America combined… I am a white American. So you can take your pitiful “Your family abandoned Korea” argument and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

            • blah says:

              Roger… Roger.. Roger… sigh, what did I tell you about making up bedtime stories about me? Truly, I’m flattered but it really does creep me out. And I never said my behaviour was ideal, YOU did the honor for me.

              But your dream is a worthy one, perhaps one day with much effort on decent behavior (amongst many many many other things you’re obviously lacking), you just *might* attain it. Good luck!

  7. addikan says:

    OMG!!!! I EFFEN LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!! and when i saw this i just…ide…….he’s sooooooooooooooooooo PERFECT!!!!!! i hope the light shows on him even more! he deserves it!!! INFINITE deserves it!!!!

    btw, when i first came to love and googled him a bunch of plants came up. LOL!!! LOVE HIM!!!

  8. gokuma says:

    love epik high and the song and…

    he just murdered the song -___-~

    obviously, he’s not a good rapper…

    go ahead hate me… it doesn’t change the fact that he sucked…

  9. pissedoff says:

    he delivered it really good.

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