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Super Junior’s Leeteuk Says The Darndest Things

Super Junior leader Leeteuk has found himself under fire, for his recent comments on Miss A‘s Suzy.

On his “Kiss the Radio” show Miss A members Fei & Jia were invited as guests.

Leeteuk questioned them over their possible comeback, to which Miss A commented “It’s in the works.”

And out came the public’s fury as Leeteuk responded “I guess we’ll know more when the KBS  drama ‘Dream High‘ ends……Suzy needs to lose weight first.”

Not only did the situation cause an awkward moment of silence, but Miss A quickly scolded him saying “Don’t do that”.

Though Leeteuk may have brushed off his comment claiming he was just joking, it was Kan Mi Youn who told him what he said was “dangerous talk.”

And dangerous indeed as netizen response has been quiet, brutal.

Netizens attacked Leeteuk writing “That joke crossed the line by more than a few degrees,” “Do you even know how much that could hurt Suzy?” “You’re telling a girl to lose weight now?”

Do you think you think Leeteuk crossed the line on his joke?

Source: Sports Chosun


85 Comments on “Super Junior’s Leeteuk Says The Darndest Things”

  1. truesay says:

    Weeeeell if I clutch at straws I could say he was just alluding to the strange habit of ladies in kpop to go on some extreme diet just before comeback, particularly if the comeback was ‘delayed’ by some other activities. But, actually, I don’t even know if Suzy has put ON weight so I can’t say whether or not he said it because it is objectively true….. or he said it not knowing it sounded rude???? Either way, NOT a smooth move Leeteuk.

  2. Miss AB says:

    whats wrong with that? its just a joke… dont take it seriously…

    • Hannah Kim says:

      Its the Korean entertainment industry. As a celebrity himself he should watch his mouth. Also saying that to girl… and young as she is could lead her to anorexia or depression and WE ALL know where depression leads Korean celebs to.

      • missy says:

        There’s nothing wrong with that.
        My korean guys friends all of the time say stuff like that to me.
        You don’t see me depressed over the fact.

        If suzy gets depressed and wants to off herself over teukie’s innocent spur of the moment comment, then she shouldn’t be in the industry at all.
        You know what koreans were saying about her awful acting was more harmful than that.

        besides teukie is a comedian.

    • pureheart says:

      it’s not even funny….he’s always like that.. that is the wrong thing with that!….

    • jun says:

      “OPPA DIDN’T MEAN IT!~~~” You’re truly pathetic. It’s NEVER okay for anyone to joke around about a teen’s weight/looks; that includes idols, netizens, and just people in general. You should never condone it; face the facts your oppa doesn’t like fat people.

  3. mira says:

    yes.. that’s true..
    don’t take it seriously..

  4. suzy minji afei says:

    thats right… dont over react… i think the interview was boring so he did that just to break the ice…

    • ashley says:

      that was a weird way of breaking the ice he might has well said to them “oh btw you two sure look fugly today”
      see it wasn’t funny it’s just weird and rude.

  5. senpai says:

    It’s not the first time LT has put his foot in his greasy mouth. Goes to show that singers should just stick to singing and not try to play with words like Yoo Jaesuk and other MCs.
    LT fully deserves the wrath of the netizens.

    • missy says:

      and suzy should stick to acting cuz hers was painful to watch in the drama.

      your comment makes no sense.
      yeah I’m defending teukie. he’s so sweet, and innocent.

  6. ashley says:

    she not fat so what was the point of him saying that……even though it was a”joke”

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Well, it’s true that she did gain some weight while she was in Dream High….

  8. Boxer says:

    Ive always thought this guy looks a bit like a witch from old movies

    • charlie says:

      He didn’t always look like that, he use to be meaty nosed and single eyelidded, he then got a heck of a lot of surgery, post debuted, but few people complain cause he’s a guy. If people are going to complain about plastic celebs, the guys shouldn’t have it any easier.

    • ashley says:

      Boxer, I Always was thinking that too! Every time I look at him, no offense but I think he looks very weird, and if that’s what he looked like after he got surgery I don’t wanna know what he looked like before lol.

      • gemma says:

        manlier and less like the witch, though his nose was huge but less pointy. And his face was long and he actually had a male jawline. In other words, he looked better then compared to now.

  9. missy says:

    Netizens were going crazy over minzy of 2ne1 gaining weight, sayings she should lose it, and take better care of herself…

    AND NOW they are mad at teukie…
    seriously, shouldn’t they be saying the same thing they said to minzy. you gained weight, you should get your body back to how it was before.


    • Ayano says:


      Honestly, I totally agree, people reflect on what Teukie said before they reflect themselves criticizing others. Especially those kpoppers -men- badmouthing Juri sometimes 😦 (she’s in the same level as Suzy, honestly, even tho she’s made to be fun of, but come one, she;s human after all..)
      I mean; it’s understandable that Eeteuk is in a position where everyone watches his move and action to be judgmental over the silliest things; which are happening now.
      Eeteuk is the type where his tongue slips at times, or he makes awful jokes, so people should ignore.
      Both are at fault in the end; Eeteuk should apologize to Suzy secretly or whatevs, to make life dandier; all that matters that she’s not upset with him. Screw people.

  10. zass says:

    some men are so shallow,esp celebrities, asian or non non asian.stupid

  11. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    suzy’s elephant thighs

  12. foot c says:

    @zass …

  13. foot c says:

    #zass .

  14. D says:

    Maybe Super Junior should come back after Shindong loses weight and become as ‘eye-pleasing’ as the others. Oh wait, he’s a man & not ashamed of his weight, we should just spare him off! *sarcasm

    Stop with the double-standards, ELF. What is rude, is rude. Suzy did gain weight, but she’s a teen and still keep growing, it’s not like she becomes overweight and could no longer hold the title as Miss A’s face of the group.

    • missy says:

      doublestands exist in the entertainment busy. guys can be ugly and fat but if they have an awesome voice or one cares.. for girls they tend to have to be skinny and pretty…
      but don’t forget, girls have it easy too. if they fail in the korean entertainment business, they can just marry a rich man who was a fan of her. but guys who don’t make it probably will not marry a rich woman to live off..

      I’m not the one with double standards..
      I’m just saying..if koreans went off on MINZY , who’s far more popular than suzy about gaining weight, then they should treat suzy the same way.
      instead they are bashing teukie.

      you know in afterschool UEE got bashed about her weight, but no one was there to defend her. they called her a whole lots of names and poiinted out where she was fat in pictures…she wasn’t really fat, but the clothes rather tight.

      and here is suzy, also gained weight, everyone knows she’s gonna lose it, and say teukie hurt her feelings? he just said what everyone else thinking?
      WTH. what about UEE and minzy who got bashed by these same netizens.

      it would only be rude if teukie said it to suzy’s face.
      this is just gossip blown out of proportion.
      why do the netizens care so much?
      MISS A must be loving this. as people talk about something so stupid, keeping their name alive. they are still rookies, one of the what? 30 girls groups that debuted THIS YEAR…more groups to debut too…sadly..

  15. seer says:

    To all of you defending Leetuek, I love SuJu all, but even if it’s a joke he shouldn’t have said that especially towards Suzy who is still a teen. Sure she is in the industry and probably had heard a lot of criticism but it’s always different when comes to someone who is older and who has more experience in the industry. It’s not even a concstuctive criticism just telling her off to lose weight. And somehow Leetuek hasn’t learned from his previous mistake.
    As much as I love him I have to admit that some of his comments is just sexist and that just shows how he sees people.
    And those who brought about Minzy weight, netizens they always love to criticise stars it doesn’t matter who.

    • Radiocast says:

      I agree with you… Girls today have a lot of complexes and especially in that industry weight is a very serious issue. If someone over the radio, that Suzy probably doesn’t even know (so it can’t really be considered as a joke between friends), is just not right. I’m not hating on Leeteuk right now, but he just shouldn’t have said it.

  16. shereena says:

    Just Because Of That Comment ….. Haiya..Get Real….It Only A Joke….

    If Miss A Suzy Can’t Accept It..That’s Means She Will Not Go Any Future In The Industry….

  17. iloveyouwhy says:

    erm !!!
    well !!
    HE might have said it as a joke !!
    But it was a bit too much !!
    if it was me, i would be too embarrassed cus
    he said it in the radio !! Which means everyone in the nation heard it!!
    OMG !! how embarassing!!
    imagine what suzy felt when hearing this??
    and she ain’t even fat!!
    Does suzy really nneed to lose weight ?? i thouGht she was
    Fit n fine 😡 :X
    ( I guess its her baby fat which will go away when she willg et older ) ❤

  18. hmmm says:

    well, thats why i hate leeteuk, hes always trying to be funny when hes not!!

    i mean, he should be older enough to understand when to talk and what to say to not hurt other people’s feeling.. how would he feel if some people said he looks like a snake? huh? he would get angry too!

  19. LOomz says:

    i’ve alwayes hated him , and now even more

    as she respects him and never told him how ugly his smile is .. he should do the same ..

    !@$#!#@!%@$%@!^% ****


  20. --myl says:

    OMG .. Korean girls go a bit toooo far for this .. i know it may be a big deal to them .. but you know what .. you shouldn’t get all serious when a guy or when someone tells you to loose weight .. why do that to yourself .. you deserve better .. gosh .. what’s with Korean people and their negative thinking .. i love Korean people .. but I just don’t like it when they think negatively .. it was just a joke .. plus .. did Suzy break down and commit suicide like all those other KR celebrities .. probably not ..

  21. Dovey says:

    Female celebs already have it tough with the weight issue, so telling a female celeb to lose weight is not cool…especially if she isn’t even fat.

  22. olli says:

    People going on about double standards… hello this is Korea, one of the most sexist countries in the world, men beat their wives on the street and no one gives them a second glance. In dramas/movies the guys always lift their hands up high as if they’re about to hit their girl like it’s normal. In real cases, they usually hit them.

    • Graham says:

      If I was you, I’d be avoiding talking to Blah. He doesn’t like people saying stuff like that about his wonderland.

    • blah says:

      Roger… or Graham, as you like to call yourself now. Korea IS my wonderland, it’s my home country which I love. BUt that doesn’t mean I’m blind to her faults, and parts of what Olli said are true. Korea does have issues with domestic violence and this is something our society needs to work on to eradicate. The good news is that Korea’s rates of domestic violence have been dropping steadily over the past decade, however in my opinion it’s not dropping fast enough and much more needs to be done to stop the abuse. But this issue with domestic violence is one that many Asian countries are currently struggling with, not just Korea. Japan, China, SE Asians. It doesn’t help that the majority of Asian cultures are deeply entrenched in a patriachy, a model that is slowly changing but not quickly enough.

      • Gordon says:

        If korea is such a big wonderland, then why do you spend all your days in USA? Do you always live in contradictions or just escapism?

        By ‘your society’ do you mean your society or the people who fled to USA? Which?

      • blah says:

        Spend all my days in the USA? haha, wow, you really do like making up stories about me. Creepy. Just get over the fact that a native Korean who LIVES in Korea speaks English as well as I do. And don’t start spouting that nonsense about American English versus UK English, it’s been recycled too many times and we all know what the other is going to say so let’s not waste our breath.

        And clearly, my society is Korea. Where I CURRENTLY live. My country, which I love as dearly as you claim to love yours. Although I don’t know if your countrymen would profess to be as enamoured of you as your appear to be of them.

        • ashley says:

          really? I was watching this talk show in the U.S. they asked a question like “Why are Asian men least desirable compared to other men like White,Spanish, and Black” and someone said that Asian mean tend to be more passive/ puss overs? Like they are not manly enough. So is what u said only applies to mean actually living in Korea?

          • Aya says:

            ahahahahha i’ve seen this indian transvestite/drag queen/i dont really know the real one from singapore in youtube jokes about how passive they are ahahaha funny, really lmao………………sorry off topic, just wanna share hahah

      • Jo says:

        It’s true that East Asia had it’s fair share of domestic violence, but when Olli said Korea was one of the most sexist countries in the world he/she wasn’t off. I’ve done a women studies, Korean’s rates of Domestic violence are the worst amongst even Japan and China. Japan is still pretty bad but they don’t follow the Confucian ideals as much and the idea of hitting a women is less socially acceptable compared to Korea. China meanwhile has been influenced by Communism, which promotes equality among the genders and the idea that “women hold up half the sky” (according to Chairman Mao,-at least that ass did something right) and so they have it a little better (less so in the countryside) with the largest percentage of women continuing to work and earn income even after marriage/ having children making them more financially and socially independent compared to their Korean and Japanese counterparts.

  23. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    Ahhhaahahahaha!!! burn! leeteuk y did u say that? i dont think it was a joke! i just thought he was being frank about her weight gain.

  24. Endroine says:

    Wtf i cant understand people think lightly about this o-o He said, to a thin girl, she should lose weight. On the radio. You dont tell someone to lose weight and think theyre not offended, especially not to a girl, especially not to someone who is thin, especially not someone who is young, especially not over the radio.
    Even if it was a joke.

  25. blob says:

    Who cares?

  26. ohwell says:

    I’m sure he’s not the first one to tell her to lose weight. She looks fine to me, but that’s because I’m an american! lol

  27. bianca san roman says:

    sometimes we say things that we think that was just a joke…. but we must also need to learn to estimate the words we say……. in leetuk’s case, i think he is seriously joking on suzy and it’s up to suzy how would she accept the words that leetuk said…… but for me, it is just a joke with a simple meaning….

  28. coni says:

    he definitely crossed the line with this kind of joke, is always nasty when guys talk things like this about a girl , but i think he should look first himself.. maybe he’s not fat but it must certainly have other kinds of defects no doubt!

  29. cholygirl says:

    THIS IS ALL I CAN SAY,IF SOMEONE SPEAK RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU IS.A TRUE OR A REAL PERSON..RATHER THAN HE STABS YOU AT YOUR BACK..there is nothing wrong with that..maybe he did not mean that coz maybe he is attracted with her when shes not yet gaining is natural for us that sometimes we are sensitive but if you accept the truth that there is truth about he’s comment. if i were in her foot i will not mind it..i will just say,,yah i gain weight coz i dont have any problems and im happy with my work….

  30. memememe says:

    Yes what he said was wrong, but weight standards in Korean society are very different than here in America.

    In Korea, people crack jokes about being weight or needing to go on a diet ALL THE TIME. Look at Shindong, for example. People joke about his weight on variety shows quite a bit. Hyori has even been teased about dieting on variety shows. I don’t like it one bit, but it’s just taken in a different light over there. Whereas in America, you would NEVER EVER tell a girl to lose weight, it’s just rude and belittling.

    I DO think this is an aspect of Korean courtesy that needs to change because it can be a very sensitive subject, especially to women. But I don’t think people should criticize Eeteuk too heavily for his actions.

    • Aya says:


      netizen comments…aahh they never fail to hate on something. ahahaha not only in america, here in my place in europe also consider it as 1 of the “never say this to a woman” category

  31. Eunice says:

    He’s an asshole, plain and simple, but Koreans have always loved assholes, so he’ll continue to do special projects, make money, get daily massages, inflate his bloated ego more than it already is, etc. etc. …

  32. TMPGIRL says:

    evry one know’s leeteuk jokes and i don’t think that is a big deal suzy is not fat and she know that and evry body know to so do you took it so seriously what the heck with you guys :@

  33. Josie says:

    wow. gosh. it’s a joke. damn == he might have crossed the line but. it’s a joke. You know how many girls in this world go through that? really. when you’re in the entertainment industry, you will have mean things said to you. You either take it the good way. or the bad way. You can either take it the wrong or right way. Whatever you want. You can’t blame Leeteuk for saying anything or something. These netizens, contradict themselves. There’s so many comments from them always criticizing celebs for people ‘fat’, and yet you see them blaming leeteuk for saying that? come on. stop contradicting yourself. these netizens take things to a whole other level. I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, but suzy has options. She can take his comment either way.

  34. […] Junior leader Leeteuk has landed himself in hot water yet again, this time in a battle of words against former member Hangeng, for a comment that was never […]

  35. Zaya says:

    Even if it is a joke, it is too harsh!
    She is just in her teens,
    so that comment will get to her really bad,
    i bet she cried after she heard this news!

  36. orange_fun says:

    If K-pop stars get this sensitive over this kind of comment, then they should think twice before trying to promote in America. Even the most beautiful people would get criticism about their looks in the U.S.

    • orange_fun says:

      But then again a lot of those beautiful people often have eating and drug problems….so, I guess humanity as a whole just needs to re evaluate it’s self.

  37. nadir says:

    lol not take the comment of Leeteuk so serious people he is a comedian so he made ​​a joke and I’m sure he did not intend to offend the feelings of suzy the comment was only a joke that turned out to be misunderstood by people and not iso is no reason for them to get offended with him next time he makes a comment less offense and so nobody gets hurt

  38. Abby says:

    I don’t think that was funny to anybody.
    It sounded rude and offensive, even if it was a joke.
    He should have thought about how Suzy would feel if she heard it.
    She’s a teenage girl and every teen goes through a stage when they’re chubby,
    it’s part of their body changes.
    I don’t think that was “necessary” to say.

  39. Meh. says:

    Honestly, I think Leeteuk forgets himself sometimes. He’s been in the business so long that he’s probably so used to this type of joke he forgets that younger groups (specifically girl groups /eyeroll/) are pretty sensitive about their looks and all.

    On the other hand, if it really WAS a joke and not meant to be taken seriously, everyone should’ve just lightened up really. I think it was blown up because it was said by a guy to a girl and in Korea girls are sensitive little flowers that’ll break if you look at them the wrong way lol. I dunno. I just think people are being too serious about it.

  40. Catherine says:

    Maybe if this wasn’t over a radio broadcast, I would loosen up on this.. But he embarrassed Suzy in front of tons of people. I understand if Suzy was offended, I would be, I wonder if she’s really sensitive.. Anyhow I just hope Suzy’s maintaining a healthy weight and not listening to any negative comments about her. 🙂 I’m glad her unnies Fei and Jia were there to defend her.

  41. Leigh says:

    You can really tell who’s comments are fair and who’s are just biased..I understand both sides of the argument; One point being that Korea is just different from America and what not and the other being what he said is wrong. However, please stop saying, “it’s just a joke.” That’s annoying and untrue. Think of it this way, what if someone said it you? Not so funny right? Or what if some other Korean celebrity that isn’t as popular said it? I DOUBT anyone would come to his defense. You guys are just blindly defending him because HELLO! he’s handsome from Super Junior. (Haha, at least I think he is!) What I’m trying to say, no matter who he is, what he said wasn’t right. I’m a huge fan of Super Junior as well, but just makes me think what else would people let their idols get away with?

  42. mei says:

    I dont seee what the big deal is. In Korea friends and family say that all the time. My Korean friend use to pick up on when I gained a few kilos and mention it. It s considered looking out for someones health. I get it was probably to casual a thing to say on radio, however I think Suzy could of reacted a little better, and not made it seem so controversial. She’s always listed high for beauty and praised for good looks, to me it made her seem a bit..touchy to react like that and make it very awkward.

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