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Suzy’s “Dream High” spoiler!

The finale to KBS‘s most popular drama of 2011 airs this Monday. Suzy says bye bye to Go Hye-mi via Twitter.

MissA‘s youngest member returns to her band after her filming ended on the set of “Dream High” this week. The singer tweeted photos of the futuristic Hye-mi on February 26th.

Will she become a entertainer…..or a writer? It seems our classical vocalist turned pop artist character may have different dreams to pursue.

What career choice do you think Hye-mi will pursue?

The finale of “Dream High” airs February 28th at 9:55pm (KST)

Source: @missA_suzy


16 Comments on “Suzy’s “Dream High” spoiler!”

  1. Kaybee says:

    I love her! ^^…
    Is it a coincidence that she is wearing similar baseball jacket like Eun Eun Hye did in a recent pic of hers…because they look somewhat similar and I have a remote feeling that Suzy knows it and idolizes Eun Eun Hye and somewhat imitates her….

  2. Coolors says:

    I like her. ^^ and she looks cute ^^

  3. cdnpoint says:

    Hope that BYJ makes a cameo in the last episode, not just as a narrator (he narrated ep. 1 too but also was featured).

    Looking forward to the concluding episode and the concert! Go Dream High!

  4. natalie says:

    I love her. She is so cute and talented at such young age :X

  5. Alec says:

    She’s hot.

  6. Lesley says:

    She’s cute…

  7. angel says:

    IU has real talent…. 🙂 i love her!

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