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Are Oh Ji-ho and Han Chae-young lovebirds…..

Or, are they apart of  the “Strangers 6“?

The handsome and forever innocent actor Oh Ji-ho has been chosen to be the male lead in an upcoming MBC  TV series “Strangers 6“. Ji-ho will join the project about six security officials from Korea,China, and Japan who hold important positions in their country’s government to protect their countries from crime that could threaten their nation’s economic welfare. Oh Ji-ho will play a skilled martial artist, who is an agent for the NIS (National Intelligence Service). Actress Han Chae-young‘s character(the female lead) will be a level-headed agent.

Strangers 6”  is scheduled to be produced by China’s Beijing Hualu Baina Film&Tv Co., Ltd, Japan’s FujiTV, WOWOW and Index, and Korea’s W media Contents, BnC Entertainment and HnB Pictures.

So, two models plan to act like tough NIS agents. Will they be protecting their country, beauty, and fashion? That will be a triple threat to those ordinary criminals who haven’t even studied their Spring/Summer 2011 fashion catalogs!

Do you think this duo’s blinding beauty will hurt the enemy’s eyes?

MBC’s “Strangers 6″ will meet television audiences later this year.

Sources: Kuki News and  KMIB


11 Comments on “Are Oh Ji-ho and Han Chae-young lovebirds…..”

  1. Gordon says:

    Who.. and Who?

  2. abundanttempest says:

    i like oh ji ho. 🙂 will need to read more up on this drama though. what you’ve written doesn’t interest me much.

  3. boshintang says:

    part of strangers 6 because she’s married duh!!!

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Whenever i look at han chae young’s face, it looks really weird…

    • ooh says:

      maybe because you’re jealous?

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        No, i’m not jealous. why would i be jealous?
        Anyways, Her eyes just look really…. i don’t wanna say this, but her eyes look fake. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it just looks like that.
        maybe i’m wrong.

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