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G.NA’s “Black & White” is the most popular song in Korea!

After sweeping all the music shows this weekend, G.NA can not contain her state of utter shock! “Black & White” will be the only colors in crayon boxes this spring. They are the winning combination for a top K-pop single!

G.NA‘s comeback single won the Mutizen on SBS’s Inkigayo on February 27th.

Whether you love her or not, she has painted her way on the K-pop charts!

Enjoy “Black & White“:


Source: CrazyCarrot360 (Youtube)


24 Comments on “G.NA’s “Black & White” is the most popular song in Korea!”

  1. tiffany says:

    at first this song doesn’t get my interest.
    though the melody is addictive.
    i thought that it was just a futile attempt for G.NA to act cute.
    but the lyrics are really good…
    i’m not against if it will be the most popular song of 2011.

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    congrats on this song!!! i love this song i wonnder if she wrote it.

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


    • Roger says:

      She’s american like you are.

      • OOOOKaaayy! says:

        roger r u american? just askin’.

      • cbcnamja says:

        She’s Canadian from Surrey, BC you dimwit… What’s with you and Americans? Are you a communist?

        • Roger says:

          For you imbeciles who went to a failed educational system, Canada is in North America. People who live in Canada are therefore ‘Americans’ because of geographical reasons. FYI. Mexicans are also Americans.

          Here endeth the lesson.

          • cbcnamja says:

            Man…it really shows how uneducated you are. Calling a Canadian an American is like calling a Japanese a Chinese. You’re so stupid no wonder you have no life but to comment on every single post here.

            • Roger says:

              Canada is in America you imbecile.. it’s on the american landmass which consists of North, Central and South America.

              ..and I’m not even talking about Manifest Destiny here, because the USAvians still claim Canada as their rightful land.

              • cbcnamja says:

                Yes, Canada is in North America geographically. I’m glad you got that right. But when people use the word “American”, it means people that are U.S. citizens.

                Good grief..what are they teaching you in your communist education system?

    • blah says:

      Folks, Roger’s just trying to save what little face he has. He himself actually made the distinction between Canadian versus American in a previous post, but he suffers from horrible short term memory so he can’t remember anything.
      @Roger – Your original statement clearly meant you assumed that G.NA’s ethnicity was USA American. Not Canadian American. Accept that you made a mistake and move on, instead of digging yourself into an even deeper hole. It makes you look even more pathetic than usual.

  4. Em says:

    No,she is Canadian 🙂

    • Roger says:

      Canadians are also Americans, because they live in the Americas. Where the hell did you people go to school??

      • 42kyokai says:

        Nobody besides you calls Canada or Mexico “America”. America has too much of an association to the United States. I see where you are coming from (e.g. China, Japan = Asians) But nobody here calls Chili, Venezuela or Brazil “America” simply because the continent has the name “America” in it. It’s not the case that one naming mechanism automatically applies to everything. Even elementary school children know this. Where the hell did YOU go to school?

        • Book says:

          I didn’t go to school in America. FYI Chileans are Americans because they live in South America. Even elementary school children in USA know this in USA. I guess you’re an American from fatland and the product of a failed educational system, forced to watch brain rotting propaganda about how USA saved you from aliens, while you pop your hourly prozac.

          • IMyMeMine says:

            In Canada, our people are called Canadians.
            In China, the people are called Chinese.
            In USA, the people are called AMERICANS. , not United States of American, not USA-ians. You call yourselves American. So saying that you call everyone in the continent of America, Americans it’s wrong. Since you guys took that title already. And really? Nobody Mexican an American.

            • Book says:

              I don’t really know much about it, all I know is we invented Canadia and USAland.

              I just find it a bit presumptive that people from USA would call themselves americans and not something else, like … unis or statos.. but I guess it is also the united states of mexico, and the americans did steal half their land.

  5. johyn says:

    dem titties!

    • truesay says:

      IKR!!! Her boobs look HUGE wtf and hard as rocks, my friend. And I thought her face looked plastic only. Oh deary deary me. Those 2 on the chest looked practically BIONIC o.O

  6. lol says:

    Sugar pop needs to die again.

  7. dee;) says:

    yay!! i totally love the song as well as the video…
    she and jinwoo is soo cute together..
    black and white!

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