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Kim Hyung-jun releases his “Girl”

Where has he been hiding her?

If you thought Kan Mi-youn was too harsh to the SS501 member, think again! The pop star has a lady of his own in his very first MV teaser as a solo artist. Mi-youn stalked him, but his girl won’t allow him to touch her! What is the K-pop world coming to?

Hyung-jun‘s MV teasers number one and two for his single “Girl” were released on February 28th. After you view teaser number one, check out the second one and a little sneak peek behind the scenes of the MV’s filming below:

What do you think of Hyung-jun’s “Girl“?

Sources: TonyKpopMV and  SPlusEnt (Youtube)


9 Comments on “Kim Hyung-jun releases his “Girl””

  1. Sukhyeon R says:

    i want to be his girl!!!

  2. Mia says:

    Release his ‘Girl’! Lol…. What a title!
    Good luck to the baby!

  3. LilVietGirl92 says:

    This song is amazing, so addicted XD
    Can’t wait to see the full mv!

    For people who want the song DL:

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Sounds addicting…. Cool

  5. nikiiLOVE♥ says:

    he’s soo cute how he’s just like “eyeing” the cam in the behind the scenes one! XD

  6. sorcy79au says:

    Nice that he’s got a ready made picnic rug tied around his middle in case he just wants to relax and sit on the ground…lol…

    He’s such a cutie though. Love his eyes. ^_^

  7. sarah sui says:

    saranghe *baby kim hyung jun*!!!!!!

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