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[POPSpot] Jun-su and Kim Hyun-joong are playing soccer?

Recently, JYJ’s Jun-su and SS501’s Kim Hyun-joong were spotted at a FC Men’s Charity Match in Korea. The two athletic idols play the game on their own private team,however, this weekend, they decided to use their hobby for a good cause.

Fancams (and photos) of the two celebrities have surfaced online and your can see K-pop’s favorite gentlemen standing to the left of the line anticipating(and shying away) from their introductions in the video above.

What do you think of the JYJ and Double S athletes?

Sources: Hyunniespexers, omXiahJnS (Youtube), KHJ Baidu, Hyunderella and Yonhap News


8 Comments on “[POPSpot] Jun-su and Kim Hyun-joong are playing soccer?”

  1. Mia says:

    I would come and stalk.. i mean watch their soccer games everyday.
    So handsome and hot.

  2. dee;) says:

    it’s soo cute how’s they are top stars and still shy away from camera.
    love hyun Joong!!hehe

  3. Pemzey says:

    awww…so cool and handsome both of’em..khj looks so macho playing soccer…!!..

  4. Ashley says:

    Ah! Kim Hyun Joong loooks SOOOO FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. […] abuzz with the recent news of singer/actor Hyun-joong playing in a soccer match.The SS501 member joined JYJ’s Jun-su, his twin brother, and a host of other great players to enjoy a beautiful and brisk Saturday afternoon on the field. The FC Mens’ team won the […]

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