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“Children…” beats “swans” and “numbers” at the box office!

They are no longer coming soon…. the “children” have arrived!

The Korean movie,that was released on February 17th, ranked number one the second time in a row!

“Children….”  a documentary based on a true story, is  about a TV documentary producer, a professor and an inspector investigating a case about five missing boys. The touching tale stole the hearts of over 300,000 moviegoers this weekend alone! According to KOBIS, 1,390,703  people saw the gripping tale of a 20 year-old missing children’s’ case since the movie first opened. Actors Park Yong-woo, Ryu Seung-ryeong,and Sung Dong-il have solved the mystery of motion picture success, but did they uncover the truth about the youngsters’ disappearance?

Hollywood’s “Black Swan” starring Academy Award Winning actress, Natalie Portman andI Am Number Four” ranked number 2 and 3 respectively.

When minors can beat award-winning movies in the box office, you know you have an all-star team in the making!

Have you seen the “Children…”?

Sources: Hancinema and KOBIS


21 Comments on ““Children…” beats “swans” and “numbers” at the box office!”

  1. truesay says:

    Well… korea + korean movie (especially touching one) = more sales than any “foreign film” in a given week. Especially one that didn’t have any asians in it let only korean people hahahaha

  2. Gordon says:

    I’ve not seen it. It’s probably some really weepy romantic cr@p where the lady dies at the end and the man cries for 20 mins. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

    • Feck_U says:

      ^ The description says it’s a documentary about a 20 year old mystery about a child abduction case…I doubt their is any melodramatic love story in this movie.

    • blah says:

      Gordon – Watch the movie before passing judgement. It’ll make you look like less of an idiot imbecile.

      • Roger says:

        Sorry, I was too busy looking at who won the oscars for the best actor and best supporting actor..

        ..and the best director. What was that? British what?

        • Feck_U says:

          Then why do you care about dogging Kpop and it entertainment so much? I mean you are quite amusing and fun to read somewhat, but other times I have to question why you like to waste your time here…If you really wanna troll why don’t you go to You will get a better reactions from the zealots over their then about the 5 people that frequents here.

  3. Kaybee says:

    I am definitely watching it!
    Korean films are amazing. Great storyline, great acting from all the caste even the extras unlike other film industries, great background music (most of the music composers are living geniuses), great visuals; Korean films has the most interesting and creative visuals, much props to the cinematographer, lensman and the director…the technical aspects of movie making like directing, cinematography and editing is praise worthy.

    When I watch films I usually drift towards the technical aspects so in that respect I truely enjoy Korean films…Korean films such as the above are always touching and effective….

  4. ohwell says:

    I wanna see it!

  5. Jj says:

    sounds really interesting.. but i doubt you were talking about the box office hits in America right now

  6. huncamunca says:

    Looks like Popseoul doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “documentary.”

    • Roger says:

      is that like when Koreans write a film about when they stole dokdo of japan and then bored/spammed the world into calling the sea of japan .. “the sea of i love korea (but I don’t know where korea is)” . Because that would be a shyte documentary.

      • s.h.i.e.t.... says:

        stop being a fucking hater and hop off bitch. you fuckin rasist mother fucker. why are you fucking here if your gonna bash koreans.

        • Book says:

          I think you’ll find I didn’t say anything racist. Are you in the Saviours of Korea (S.E. Asian Branch) or something? Or just another american trying to have some heritage and failing miserably?

  7. dingdong says:

    where can we watch this movie?

  8. King Pop says:

    Popseoul, get a life, seriously, “Children” ranked #1 & “Black Swan” ranked in #2 in KOREA and not in U.S., so what’s the big deal…Hey Popseoul, can you tell how many Korean movies made the Top 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 in the U.S. in any week??? NEVER, ZERO. So shut the F**K up. Not even in Top 100. It’s funny that every week, in Korean Movie Chart, at least 5 or more U.S. movies are ranked in top #10 but you never, never see Korean movies ranked in U.S. Movie chart…Hey Popseoul, a lot of smart people out there, so don’t try to fool people or make up stories…please!!!

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