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Pictures of DBSK on the set of…

… the MBC show “Golden Fishery” have been revealed.

On February 28, 2011, the pictures were posted on the official website for the show. In the pictures, Yun-ho looks like he is enjoying the shoot while Chang-min looks more serious. On February 23, 2011, the show was recorded at the MBC Ilsan production center. No one except the staff members were allowed to be present on set. Sources say that Yun-ho and Chang-min openly talked about the three former members (Jae-joong, Yu-chun, Jun-su) leaving DBSK and the problems that they faced during their recent comeback.

If you want to see what kind of conversations the two members of DBSK had with the MC of the show, Kang Ho-dong, make sure to catch the episode of “Golden Fishery” airing on March 2, 2011!


43 Comments on “Pictures of DBSK on the set of…”

  1. missy says:

    Once again, why are they talking about this?
    Unless they say JYJ were right to leave SM, (they won’t), then there is gonna be an uproar.

    Why is SM putting Homin in the middle of this?
    Is this suppose to make JYJ feel worse?

    We all know all 5 of the boys are in pain, but we all know jyj are suffering more because they are battling SM and are still blacklisted.
    Yunho and Changmin can freely go on any show they want, and can promote their music in Korea…..
    JYJ can’t.

    We don’t even know if they are gonna tell the truth, because SM will make them say anything. even having Yunho lie about Jaejoong sending him texts.
    The timing of this is ALL wrong

    Damn you SM ~ whatever they say is gonna hurt JYJ, and another fanwar is gonna start.
    Homin should stop talking about JYJ unless they are gonna say something positive.
    or They should talk about how bad they feel their nine year long friends are suffering because of SM…=.=..that’s what friends are for right? (but SM would never allow that)

    JYJ never wanted to leave DBSK they wanted to LEAVE SM, not homin..
    SM WOULD STILL EARN MONEY from the biggest korean cashcow in history. FANS WILL GET BACK DBSK5, AND ALL OF THE PROBLEMS SOLVED.
    SM DUMB ASS ~ any one with common sense would know this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    stop making everyone’s lives misreable over your stupid bigheaded pride.
    cuz you’re gonna crash and burn if you don’t let JYJ go and JYJ and Homin reunit.

    • ara says:

      let’s just hope they’ll say something positive then. at least the war supposed to be between sm and jyj. not jyj and homin.

      • missy says:

        I hope so too….it was really sad seeing homin supporters (some not all) bash jyj esp junsu last month.

        but SM will tell them what to say, which is why it’s a CLOSED event making it even more suspicious.

        • ashley says:

          yeah SM only cares about money I bet if this was a less successful group trying to leave, SM would make such a big deal about it .

          • missy says:

            just like how they didn’t make a big deal about hangeng leaving.
            or maybe they did but JYJ has more fans and they got pissed.

            • ashley says:

              yeah I think it has to do with the fans if no fans make a big deal that we won’t really here and news on what happened to the person who left SM, because I didn’t really hear anything when one of the members of Trax left the group or when Black Beat broke up

            • emily says:

              Oh they made a big deal alright with Han geng, half the chinese SJ fans in China are Han geng fans, with him gone sm lost a heck of a lot of deals and invites to shows and events. Luckily Hangeng’s won his lawsuit, but as usual, they’re going to appeal.

              • Roger says:

                Half the K-pop fans in china…. so you mean the children of korean people who couldn’t get them into USA and so sent them to china to learn to be chinese in schools.

                Because I’ll tell you for free, I’ve never met a mainland chinese who liked K-pop or even really cared about korea.

                • linsdey says:

                  I guess a large population of Hunan must be Korean then or maybe hunantv’s ceo is a Joseonjok cause they sure love inviting Korean guests and broadcasting Korean dramas. CCTV too 😦

                • Roger says:

                  For all the educated people, which precludes lindsey apparently, Korean dramas are not Korean pop music. One is music and the other is a Drama.

                • jamie says:

                  Well Hangeng isnt Korean, he’s Chinese so people gave a damn [they didn’t get him to carry the Olympic torch for nothing.] Now that he’s gone, it’s just the Chaoxianzus left that give a damn.

                • lindsey says:

                  forgot to mention the kpop guests too as well as on their new years events. Not saying i like it, but China in danger of turning into SE Asia no.2

                • Roger says:

                  Haha, they have all sorts of people on their new years event, which goes on for hours…and hours. It’s not really that popular any more either, so this really doesn’t mean anything.

                  Try actually going to china before you start saying nonsense. Thanks.

              • kelly says:

                @lindsey yeah, Hunantv are Koreanophiles.

                • Roger says:

                  Haha, no they’re not. Have any of you people ever actually been to Hunan? Or seen Hunan TV?

                  They watch the dramas, sure.. but they don’t care about K-poopoo.

                • kelly says:

                  I have all the Chinese stations on my tv. It’s not just the dramas, their highest rated shows frequently invite kpoooppers- Super junior, WG, one of the most highest rated shows “lets go on a date” blasts SNSD’S gee as their friggin theme song. Tian Tian xiang shang used a Shinee song as their opening theme song. Yeah.

                • Roger says:

                  Yes, it’s a theme tune.. Do you know what people think of theme tunes? Not a lot.

                  Did you hear it as elevator music too?

                  The fact is, I just asked my chinese friends (one is from hunan) what they think about K-poopoo and they just laughed.

                • kelly says:

                  cool, cause one or two friends with one from hunan is more accurate than the entire tv ratings of shows/vairty shows for Hunantv. Though I doubt you even have these friends but whatever. .. people don’t think a lot about theme tunes? is that your excuse?, okay, now you’ve finally run out of ideas. it’s getting boring now. cya

                • Roger says:

                  You’ve never even been to Hunan, you don’t know where it is, you don’t know anything about the local culture, the local food or anything. If I dropped you into the middle of Changsha (that’s a place in hunan) then I’m pretty sure you’d not be able to speak enough chinese to get anywhere.

                  So stop lecturing people about what Hunanese people do or don’t do. Get back to making vapid statements about other things.


    • zoey says:

      urgh..jyj can say something mean towards homin n sm..n applauded for being brave.yet homin cant do d same without being bashed.people, open your eyes, jyj arent angels.yes they are talented but please, they left sm for money and money alone.i rest my case

      • ashley says:

        no they left to get more freedom and more money was a secondary reason even though it seemed like their main reason

        • zoey says:

          i love jyj esp junsu’s voice but i do believe money is the main reason. i do pity their current condition since they arent allowed to promote freely n normally but i HATE it when they play with their fans’ hearts, esp teenagers by claiming they are ‘slaves’.slaves who can own everything n can own designer stuff.i wanna be such slave too

          • Roger says:

            To be fair, they are slaves.. but so are the fans who exhibit signs of brand slavery. It’s all slavery to materialism, which is what makes the world go around apparently.

            So who is the lady sat on the left, and why does she have short hair?

          • missy says:

            They are slaves.
            they were overworked and underpaid.
            Fans understand that, maybe not you, but I understand looking at the evidence.

            Super Junior are also Slaves.
            When Sm started losing the battle against JYJ.

            Suddenly the Super Show 3 which ended continues for 2 more months. and then suju M comes back and then Super show 4 in the making for 2011 and then album 5 in the works.
            Super Junior is replacing DBSK5’s spot as biggest cash cow.
            I can see they are being overworked.
            They never take a break besides that 1 to 2 week vacation once a year.

      • MNT08 says:

        psh, i disagree, ur not them so u dont know. JYJ may not be angels, but LSM isn’t a god! JYJ did not leave SM for money, they simply wanted their happiness back! why would JYJ leave and be even more miserable now then they were when they were in SM???? So its just unjust! ur case, it hasnt even started!

    • Roger says:

      You just got through a whole comment without telling us all how korean you and your friends are, when you’re really just an american.


  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    DBSK ❤ ❤

  3. ara says:

    i never thought that yunho could be so handsome like that. he’s getting more and more mature.

  4. Stranded_Angel says:

    changmin has always been so transparent…it is visible that he’s very uncomfortable with the conversation…yunho trying to make the conversation light….will definitely watch it tomorrow

  5. Sweetsmilez says:

    U-Know & Changmin Oppa…Fighting!!!!!!^~^

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