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RESULTS for who would you ride a horse with poll

Exactly a week ago, there was a poll for “who would you ride a horse with?”, and well, the results are out. Fans thought who the best is guy and who is the most romantice, and voted.

The winner that takes first place is …

Kim Hyun Bin. He took 41% (906 votes).

The second winner is Song Joong Ki with 19% (430 votes). He was so close to the third winner and he is Lee Seung Gi with 19%, but the votes were 416. Wasn’t that close?

Forth was TVXQ’s member Changmin that is currently acting in “Paradise Ranch” drama. He got 16% (352 votes).

Last but not least, actor Joo Sang Wook. He got 5% (112 votes). He is also acting with Changmin.

If you didn’t get to vote, then stay toned because there is another poll coming soon. It will be better than this one for sure.

So what did you guys think of the results? Did you expect it? Tell us in the comment section below 🙂


11 Comments on “RESULTS for who would you ride a horse with poll”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Aww… I wanted Changmin to win… or Seungki

  2. Roger says:

    This has Brokeback Mountain stamped all over it. Especially the ‘lady’ in the jaunty hat in the bottom right corner.

  3. Nokki says:

    They like their men feminine and their women pure but slutty, don’t they??

  4. dee;) says:

    so happy song junggi second…..
    he’s cute!!haha

  5. G.B says:

    wooow love Hyun Bin oppa ^_^

  6. koreasparkle says:

    hyun bin,you’re the best…
    all is the best…
    i hope that i can ride a horse with all of you….

  7. dadis says:

    Song Joong Ki is the best in the list ♥

  8. ara says:

    i prefer that man who play “Jung In” in “Mary Stayed out All Night” drama. gosh. forget his name.

  9. unachicaloca says:

    is it just me or there’s too many typographical and grammatical errors in this article?
    it felt like i was reading the entertainment section in a high school newsletter.

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