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Super Junior M releases Korean Version of “Perfection”

Just a couple days ago, Super Junior M released their official MV for “Perfection” in the Chinese version.

Just a couple of minutes ago, they released their Korean Version. There isn’t much difference in the video itself.

Check out the MV below:

So what do you guys think of the MV? Korean or Chinese?


14 Comments on “Super Junior M releases Korean Version of “Perfection””

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Where’s the MV….?

    Btw, i’ve already seen the MV, but it sounds really weird in korean, and there’s more auto tune on the Korean ver. Maybe it’s because the syllables don’t fit the rhythm of the song…

    There’s also a Taiwanese ver. but when i listened to it, it sounds exactly like the chinese ver. so i don’t see much of a difference.

    • emily says:

      considering Taiwan and China both speak the same language I’m surprised they have different version. [unless they’re speaking in some native Taiwanese dialect, which is unlike likely since over 90% of Taiwanese come from China and speak mandarin only) Are you sure?

      • Roger says:

        To be fair, lots of taiwanese do try to speak what is basically fujianhua. If you watch taiwanese tv, it’s basically made up of americans jumping about trying to show everyone how awesome america is. They have people like ‘blackie’, named because he plays basketball (american) and married a girl (american) and they have Pan wei bo (american) and wang li hong (american) playing their songs. Every other word is american, it’s basically just like korean tv.

        It’s pretty painful to watch, and typically you end up turning off the tv and booking a flight back to mainland china via HK.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        I thought Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese was slightly different… Maybe i’m wrong… Idk. I’m learning Mandarin right now so i’m not sure about Taiwanese.

        • nicole says:

          perhaps you mean accent? In Taiwan and China they both speak Mandarin but with slightly different accents. There is however a “standard” Chinese accent that both sides use (mostly by professional newscasters etc) It would be like a comparing a British accent vs an Australian accent or maybe Roger could throw something about Americans here.

          • Roger says:

            Americans don’t speak english, they speak American. Which is basically English, but with a very restricted vocabulary in order to cope with their failed school system and systematic distribution of Prozac. Australians speak australian-english which sound good and makes British people all want to live there and go surfing all day.

            FYI. Putonghua is the standard Chinese language/accent, and their version of Received Pronunciation. It means common language in Chinese and is based upon the beijing-dongbei dialect. Chinese used to speak Nanjinghua but then they decided to move the capital after the civil war. Most comedians on chinese TV use dialects like shanghaihua or shandonghua, because they think it sounds funny.

            Taiwanese and HKese typically speak American because that’s where they usually live (Jackie Chan lives in LA, Hongjinbao lives in LA, etc).

  2. Roger says:

    ..and what the hell do these people think they look like? sack the stylist.

  3. janekchun says:

    I don’t see any video..

  4. gee says:


  5. lol! says:

    I just can’t get my head around it. Maybe because the rhythm/beat was created to fit the Mandarin lyrics… so it sounds extremely weird in Korean (to my ears, anyway).

  6. LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

    I LOVE it in Korean! Doesn’t sound weird at all n_n
    I love it in every version ;D

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