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Henry Reveals His Thoughts On Meeting Super Junior

Henry“I honestly thought they were all gay”.

On SBS’s “Strong Heart“,Super Junior-M ‘s Henry had quite the vivid imagination when he first met Super Junior.

Henry revealed “I honestly thought they were all gay, I especially misunderstood Leeteuk, since he slapped my butt the most.”

Henry even commented on Heechul‘s image ““His hair was long like a girl, and he was so pretty so I thought he was a transgender at first.”

Do you think Henry was right to believe they were gay?

Source: Kuki News



83 Comments on “Henry Reveals His Thoughts On Meeting Super Junior”

  1. lol! says:

    Awww Henry xD

    To be really honest, I thought the same thing when I watched their first variety show (I think it was EHB or M6, can’t remember), so I can’t really blame him. o.o

  2. Henry says:

    Henry who?

    • henry lau, the son of andy lau, and now part of super junior.

      • huh? says:

        r u refering to Andy Lau, the king of CantoPop? Cuz if u r, well then Henry is NOT his son..

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        henry isn’t andy’s son…. wtf…

      • emily says:

        that’s a joke right? Andy Lau’s kid is still a tot, and even if he were to enter show business he wouldn’t debut in A Kpop group, that would be too beneath him.

        • Roger says:

          I’m amazed by the amount of shyte which you people talk about. Andy Lau’s son in a K-pop group.. hahahaha. His son would just be better staying in china and earning a hell of a lot more than going to korea and being paid peanuts.

          The levels of utter nonsense you people speak… is alarming

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Henry Lau was born and raised in Canada, while one of his parents were from Taiwan and the other was from Hong Kong. Now, he’s in the C-Pop boy sub-unit group, called Super Junior-M. The M stands for Mandarin chinese so they tend to perform in China.
      He is a very talented young man, He can sing, dance, play the piano, guitar, violin, he can rap and many other talents.

      • Roger says:

        Hmm, a bunch of koreans singing in mandarin in order to fleece the chinese out of money. I can see that failing miserably.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          he’s not korean…

          • Book says:

            Yes, we know you’re not.

            • I says:

              Obviously you’re not very intelligent if you think that Henry LAU is korean. And the koreans HAVE been doing very well singing in mandarin and making much money in China, so I would definitely say they haven’t failed miserably at all.

              • Magazine says:


                • BabyBabyBaby says:

                  I hope you realize nobody cares when you write in Chinese, that doesn’t prove anything. And your friends opinions don’t matter if or if not they like kpop. They aren’t the people buying the K-pop CD’s in China. Just google how much they’ve sold in China.

      • Sujetin says:

        Thank u!! Finally some sense into all this…
        all the previous explanations and stuff was making me laugh a lot

  3. pemzey says:

    every1 thinks so when they first come across kpop idols not only sj…its just that they are a bit effiminate than other stars worldwide….they’re more concerned about their looks and everything so ppl tend to percieve them as such,….but we know its a part of their charm……and thats why i love’em…!!!

    • Book says:

      by ‘a bit’.. do you mean ‘so much that people from outside S.E. Asia think they’re a drag act’ ?

  4. Pupalof says:

    He is so cute & funny!

  5. missy says:

    I once thought the same thing but then I looked at myself.
    There are things I do with my korean friends that others in America, where i live, may find odd.

    That taemin/minho bear hug..I have done, and didn’t think twice about it or whatt he others staring at us two girls thought.

    the butt slapping..and hitting..haha..never do it to an american and americans can not do it to me, but koreans can..lolol…culture difference..major culture difference…but its addicting

    Gawd I can’t imagine what Changmin went through with Jaejoong, Junsu, and MIcky for they are touchy touchy touchy

    • Dood says:

      Can you stop bragging about how Koreanish you are? It’s sickening. Every time. Ev-ver-ry-time.

      • Roger says:

        She’s american.. talking about how her and her friends have to try desperately to be from asia, and that by slapping each other’s arses it immediately makes them korean.

        It’s kind of sad to read their comments really.

      • lizzzzzz says:

        Dood. if there were thumbs up in this site You my friend would have earned yourself several from me already. I always LOL when people in this type of sites say “I know, my Korean friends and blah blah blah,,,,,,,” they couldn’t sound any more fake.

        • OOOOKay!!! says:

          agreed. i thought the article was about suju and henrys first impression of them not some chick ass slapping each other. what has the world come too.

          • Book says:

            It’s the wannabe-koreans in USA trying to prove their worth again. They’re always trying to persuade people that they’re korean and they just end up dripping in failure.

            Oh well, let’s just wait until another one has a go

            • ashley says:

              I agree some people love to show off about how they are this and that…. guess what no one gives a fuck about u and your korean friends. Gosh some people blast their whole life on the internet.

  6. queenbznutz says:

    Nope. He has every reason to think they are gay, because they are hella ugly and girly!

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Yeah, i understand where Henry is getting that from. Because Korea and some other foreign country, the culture is very different.The way korean men act around each other is fine in korea, but when you see it from people in, such as the US, they think of it as weird, or gay. But i don’t really mind it… it’s just different culture.

    Okay, here’s THE REAL STORY, POPSEOUL!….

    Legend: [] captions, () notes, tn. translator’s note
    LSG (Lee Seunggi), KHD (Kang Hodong)

    KHD: Next, from Canada, it’s Super Junior’s secret weapon!
    [Super Junior M charming secret weapon!]
    KHD: I present to you, Super Junior M’s Henry!
    [Suju like men]
    [Shocking title! ㅡ Suju like men!]
    LSG: Oh the topic is.. suju like men!
    Henry: Ah, men.. in Korea, men are like this to each other, they hold hands, ‘Oh omo you did well’..
    [Korean men lightly touch each other or put their arms around each other’s shoulders!]
    Henry: Well.. like this, this kind of things is thought of as ordinary.
    [It’s a manifestation of closeness in Korea!]
    Henry: But overseas if you hug like this between men, or what else.. if you hold their hand walking like this, it’s TOTALLY just.. they think of it as weird!
    [100% foreigner, it was shocking to Henry!]
    LSG: Oh, so they think they like men?
    [Overseas, it may lead to the misconception of being gay!]
    Henry: Yes. So..
    [About his first meeting with the suju hyungs?]
    Henry: When I first came to Korea, when I met the hyungs, in the waiting room they would carelessly hit my butt harshly! And they’d be like “WOW HENLI! Blahblahblah~”!
    [Welcoming Henry the foreigner starting from a butt-greeting!]
    Henry: Or also hold— sit—– they would HUG me like this. (tn. he started off using the correct word, then he changed his sentence and made a mess, and then he finally used the English word “hug”, which is also used in Korean)
    [Hyungs welcoming him with hugs too]
    Henry: So back then I was like “WOW! Just.. woh!”, I thought they were all gay!
    [I thought everybody in Super Junior was gay!]
    [Henry who got a big shock on his first meeting!]
    KHD: Who would hit your butt?
    [Who on earth hit his butt?]
    Henry: Teukie hyung REALLY hit it A LOT!
    [The core of all misunderstandings Leader Leeteuk!]
    Henry: Well, this butt-slapping thing was okay to some extent but suddenly, going to the waiting room..
    [He got accustomed to the butt-greeting shortly after, but?]
    [More surprising incidents?]
    Henry: I looked nearby and there was Kim Heechul.. (tn. he forgets to add the “hyung” honorific, which is kinda disrespectful lol ♥ so everybody laughs at him because of that)
    [First meeting with Space Superstar Kim Heechul!]
    Henry: At that time..
    [Handsome Heechul with long hair!]
    Henry: His hair was long and I was like “Wow, that’s totally.. I thought he could possibly be a trans. Trans!”
    LSG: Transgender?
    [Agh, seeing Kim Heechul as a transgender!]
    Henry: I meant transgender! So back then it was really hard on me..
    [A big misunderstanding due to Heechul’s pretty looks!]
    LSG: Ooh because you thought he looked pretty with that long hair!
    Henry: Yes, yes.
    KHD: What was your misconception of Shindong?
    [Seeing Shindong, what kind of misunderstanding was there?]
    Henry: Oh just.. he was the nicest.
    [Completely fearless]
    [That he was the nicest!]
    (tn. I am pretty sure he didn’t hear or understand the word 오해, which means “misconception/misunderstanding” and Kang Hodong said it really quickly; he probably REALLY meant to say that Shindong was the nicest.. the tone of his voice sounded really earnest. Just my thought though ^^ ..maybe he is really a little viper like Kyuhyun~)
    [There’s no way of misunderstanding Kim Heechul and his complete opposite!]

    Eunhyuk: Really, the culture is rather different, I had the same experience as Henry, really..
    [Eunhyuk too, a culture shock seeing Henry?]
    Eunhyuk: As soon as he first met Lee Sooman sunsaengnim, he used the wrong words with him.
    [Wrong words incident on his first meeting with Lee Sooman President of the Agency?]
    [What did he say?]
    Eunhyuk: And it’s still difficult for me, REALLY!
    [But it’s still difficult for the sunbae who debuted 7 years ago!]
    Shindong: Me too, when I see him– oh, sunsaengnim came out, “Hello!”
    Eunhyuk: Really, doing a 90 degree bow.
    Shindong: But when Henry ssi first met him, what did you do?
    [Henry’s first meeting with CEO Lee Sooman?]
    Henry: I didn’t know who he was, so I just.. was like “Hey who’s that person?”, “Oh SM’s boss!”
    [SM’s Boss?]
    Henry: “Aah I see”, “Oh, Mr. Lee?”
    [Informal(?) HELLO~ Mister Lee (Lee ssi…)]
    Eunhyuk: He really did that!
    [Agh!] [Lee ssi, hello?]
    (tn. I’m sure you all know by now that Henry was supposed to bow to Lee Sooman and say 안녕하세요Hello ㅡ he was not supposed to say “Mister Lee” because that’s not formal enough; they all call him “sunsaengnim”, which means “teacher” and it has the suffix -nim, which is a honorific. Also, he pronounces the “L” in “Lee”, which is actually supposed to be “silent” like in 이특 Leeteuk / Eeteuk)
    Henry: The conversation was like “Nice to meet you! (tn. in English) Ah, uh, b-b-business card— if you have a business card, if you give it to me, I will contact you.” That’s what I did!
    [All the surrounding members are flustered!]
    KHD: And now? What do you call him now?
    Henry: Now, I’m still all~ “Oh, Mr. Lee!”
    [Still in English, Mister Lee~]
    Henry: Because I had been doing that since the first time! So uh, Mr. Kang~! (tn. to Kang Hodong)
    [Mister Kang (Kang ssi!)]
    [Henry Come on! Enraged Kang ssi!]
    [Hey Henry, you must never go there~!]
    [Culture shock, I knew he was kidding~]
    KHD: Because he doesn’t know, yes!
    LSG: Yes, because he doesn’t know!
    LSG: But what did Lee Sooman sunsaengnim say when you called him Mr. Lee?
    [Mister Lee… CEO Lee Sooman’s reaction?]
    Eunhyuk: Really awkwardly “Fine, because after all we’re all friends~~~” (tn. perfectly imitating Lee Sooman’s voice)
    [Mister Lee: Fine, because after all we’re all friends~]
    [Super Junior M Henry, a great deal of trouble to become a Korean man!]
    [Wheel of Fortune VS Suju like men]
    [Surprised again by his first taste of punishment on Korean Entertainment!]

  8. limes says:

    I thought the exact same thing.

  9. ana says:


    Henry is so awesome! I just hope antis don’t attack him after this; they have to understand that Henry grew up in a different culture, so of course he’s going to think that when he first met his band members, lol!

  10. OOOOKay!!! says:

    oh henry,u r just too great!!!

  11. poheijo says:

    hahahaha….i guess i can understand the misunderstanding…i think MOST of the super junior are gays….but, so what? …as long as they are good artists, i don’t mind…

  12. abundanttempest says:

    that’s funny and made me laugh. 🙂 i get how he could think that. and the slapping on the butt thing…Americans do that too, just normally in sports like football (american) and basketball.

  13. TMPGIRL says:


  14. Sin2005lo says:

    ..Reminds me abt jay(ex 2pm member)who used …”The word-Gay!”…lucky Henry!??

    • huh? says:

      Those are 2 totally different uses of the word “gay”.
      Jay’s use of it was pejorative toward Korea, while Henry’s use of it refers to a homosexual individual and his sexual preference.
      Henry is not “lucky”, he simply didn’t use the word “gay” as an insult. He honestly thought the Suju members liked other men.

      • Book says:

        ..and they don’t?

        • Chocolate says:

          I think some of them do, to be honest. While it could be a cultural thing for a few, many are questionable. Not a bad thing, but denying it doesn’t change anything (not like it’s being denied anyway).

  15. theZEUSluv13 says:

    yeah, but im gonna support SuJu
    there we go

    • Book says:

      Shouting it isn’t going to make it the truth.

      • Sylar says:

        Are you not tired of hating ?
        You people who think they know everything are really annoying. If you don’t like them, what are you doing here ? Talking with fangirls so that you seem smart ?
        Big fail.

  16. Mayra says:

    This made my day (:

  17. tsop says:

    LMFAO. cultural differences….

  18. Enlinde90 says:

    Even if they are gay, I still love them.
    Wait! It’s not true. I’ll love them more if they were gay.
    Anyway I think they are just doing it for fan service cuz fangirls sure want their idols to be gays.

  19. --myl says:

    i know right .. like i think it’s because of the bond .. but then you know how guys are .. since they’re close they get comfortable with each other .. and if someone new joins the group .. they want to make them feel welcommed .. but you know what .. it just shows how friendship is with guys .. you have to come across the thought of if they’re gay or not .. same with girls .. going through the process of being a les or not .. and i respect each of the desicions that are made ..

  20. queenbznutz says:

    The worse looking SJ member is definitely Eunhuk.. Both ugly and ghey.

    • Dood says:


      • Telephone says:

        These ladyboys all look kind of similar to me.. small piercing eyes.. bras… I don’t see how you can tell the difference.

  21. chrisy says:


  22. Unknown. says:

    Henry! .<''

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