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Hyun-bin shoots his last photo spread…

… before he leaves for the military.

Hyun-bin recently shot his last photo spread for “High Cut” magazine. The photo spread captures his time in Berlin on the red carpet, during interviews, eating at restaurants, etc. He especially looks good in the classic Giorgio Armani tuxedo, the Dolce & Gabbana semi-suit, and Emporio Armani casual wear.

Hyun-bin is joining the marines on March 7, 2011. If you want to see 30 pages of Hyun-bin‘s stay at Berlin, make sure to catch the 48th issue of “High Cut” magazine.



73 Comments on “Hyun-bin shoots his last photo spread…”

  1. mikaela says:

    so flippin sexy!! good luck in the military binnie^^

  2. pemzey says:

    they’re all good……we’ll miss you hb……hope u come back with soon,….^^

  3. dan says:

    hahaha. now he gets to go sit at a desk in a nice comfortable chair for a couple hours a day as he serves in the military protecting the country. celebs in the military is a fucking joke. korea sure better thank him for his great sacrifice.

  4. orange says:

    he’s actually joining the marines. not like the other celebs serving the military at a desk in the courthouse.

  5. tyas says:

    gud luck!!! im gonna miss u much….

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    He smokes?

  7. Jessie says:

    he would be in the marine, so that’s huge…

  8. RCB says:

    I want to have a copy of that magazine, Hyun Bin oppa surely i’ll missing you. Goodluck in your military. See you after 2 years. Aja fighting…!

    • Roger says:

      They don’t fight in the military, famous people just go to a big office in Seoul every day to do ‘desk based duties’ where they basically just drink tea and put their feet on the desk. Then after doing 4 hours of not-work, they go home.

  9. tiff says:

    When they show andy doing his military duties doesnt look like desk job to me.

    • Book says:

      Which universe do you live in where the k-gov would they show a celeb yawning at a desk??

      “hi everyone, look at your pop celebs doing absolutely sweet f.a… here is one at a desk”

      They’d taxi him out to a field outside of seoul for a few hours, slap a gun on him, spray a bit of mud on his jacket and then take a few snaps saying ‘look how tough our soldiers are’.

    • dan says:

      umm one day out of the year, he’ll go out into the countryside, smear some mud on his face and uniform, and take some pictures.

      • Book says:

        To be fair, in the eyes of filipinas, those Korean pop soldiers are so f****g tough with their desk jobs and sprayed on mud.

    • bd2 says:

      Funny how the 2 yokels who can’t get their fat arses away from the computer in order to troll this board are criticizing these celebs.

      And unlike certain celebs who enter the “entertainment division”, HB is doing the real thing.

      • Telephone says:

        That’s utter bollox. He’s going to be sat at some desk next to a rich man’s son in downtown seoul, and there is nothing you can do about this.

  10. NVA says:

    this shooting was in berlin..

  11. koreasparkle says:

    i will miss him very much…
    hyun bin @ kim joo won

    • Book says:

      Don’t worry, he’ll be safe behind his desk, and sleeping at home for 18 months.

      • ashley says:

        stop saying that like your 100% sure that he’s going to have a desk job, your not in the korean army so u never know

        • Book says:

          Given that you’re american and all americans went to a shyte failed school, do you mean ‘you’re’ or ‘your’, because if you meant the latter, then ..


          • jp says:

            Book, your English is sure bad enough for not knowing ‘your’ is a short form of you’re in many of the nowadays casual speaking form. Sorry to say this, but before judging other people’s writing/speaking skill, please improve your English writing skill. Your grammar is terrible.

            • Book says:

              “your English is sure bad enough for not knowing ‘your’ is a short form of you’re in many of the nowadays casual speaking form.” << hmm, where to start with the grammar issues.

              The fact is, typing 'your' instead of 'you're' is just showing a complete lack of ability to communicate using English. If anyone sent a corporate email with this mistake in it, people would laugh so much that you'd get a nice chat with the senior partners about whether your CV was built on lies.

              • ashley says:

                Stop trying to act like u know everything u Fat looser!

                + this is the internet you don’t have to write all formal and shit, if u want to correct people so much become a teacher instead of being a annoying troll online were no one can actually see u to punch u in the face because trust me if I saw u in real life I would lol.

              • jp says:

                Talk about writing corporate letter. You think your sentences would pass? Get real.

          • bd2 says:

            Please, another totally asinine comment.

            There are plenty of top primary and secondary schools in the US (as well as universities).

            They just happen to be in the affluent areas.

            Just b/c your too stupid to know any better doesn’t mean you should be posting about stuff which you have absolutely no idea about (but then again, that’s your whole spiel here – showing everyone what a stupid tool you are).

            • ashley says:

              yeah “Book” and all his other alter egos is just a sad little fat man form the UK that likes to try an correct peoples English, and bad mouth Korean people.

              • Telephone says:

                Fat fat fat .. you’re fat you are.. blah blah blah. I love how easy it is to manipulate you folks and your opinions. I can see how the korean entertainment companies do it, it’s very easy really.

                • ashley says:

                  awww did I hurt your feelings fat ass lol. Why do u hate the U.S. so much did u get deported back to the hell hole were u came from were people have rotten yellow teeth and do nothing but drink tea all day and play cricket?

            • Telephone says:

              Yes, in USA rich people get mediocre education and philippines-based medical care.. and poor people get failed education and no medical care. We know how it is.

            • Telephone says:

              FYI. It’s ‘you’re too stupid’ not ‘your too stupid’. I guess YOU’RE one of the poor people then.

              • ashley says:

                nvm, I’m done trying to understand trolls so don’t bother try to reply because nothing we say will change the dead person you are on the inside, some people just live for trouble and upsetting other people.
                I think your the devils bitch….

              • jp says:

                Hey Telephone/Book, we are all being very honest here about our opinions and views. So please respect each other opinions okay? But if you have a problem just doing that we will try our best to understand that kind of behavior as well. Cheers.

  12. johyn says:

    sam shikaaa!!!

  13. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    waa i want more hyunbin and ha ji won

  14. chaimoon says:

    The marines would be very pleased to have you! You are one hot hunk at the same time tough to survive the training with flying colors! Just like SHG, I will also miss you! See you on the screen after your military service. Take care.

  15. HelloSunshine says:

    It seemed Hyun Bin is an outdoor guy, playing all sorts of sports, with a particular love for baseball. In fact, he’s a regular in this latter sport and is part of a baseball team for years.

    To me, he finally stood out when he decides to venture out of the ‘comfort zone’ of the heart throb roles and selected projects which are not automatically commercial successes and opt for the likes of Friends, Our Legend, Late Autumn, Come Rain Come Shine, although we are all glad his Joo Won in Secret Garden garnered huge commercial success for him.

    Most celebs, from what was gathered, are reluctant to serve in the military in their prime and this is understandable since they have such a small window to build up a career in the spotlight and 2 years away during their height of fame might cause a huge dent……. ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

    BUT, Hyun Bin reputedly had voluntarily applied to be in the Marine Corps, unlike most other celebs who opted for the regular army outfit which is considered not as tough or as demanding as the Marines. To presume that he would want a safe and boring desk job somehow does not quite fit his decision to volunteer for the Marines. He also said he wants to come ‘ a better man’…….. so make your own judgement if a safe and boring desk job WILL make him a better man, LOL.

    Sorry for such a long post here……mian.

    • Book says:

      Desk Job in the Marines in Seoul is STILL A DESK JOB. You non-koreans seem to know nothing about their military service procedures.

      Why are you people so sentimental about the fact these celebs end up doing nothing more than shuffling paper around, napping and going back to their plush homes early for 18 months.

      There is another group called KATUSA were the children of rich Koreans get to pretend to be american for 18 months. I guess you’ll all pretend that doesn’t happen either.

  16. HelloSunshine says:

    Correction…… should be “He also said he wants to come BACK a “better man”. Che-song-hamnida.

  17. HelloSunshine says:

    Hi Book, I think we are talking in cross purposes here ?

    My understanding is that Hyun Bin applied for the Marines so as to be in ACTIVE service rather than a mere desk job in the Marines? My preamble about his athletic background hints at his preference for the outdoor and physical type of activities.

    Granted most non-koreans are ignorant of many things korean, that’s a given. However, all of us here are only giving our opinions what we perceived Hyun Bin’s duties would entail in the Marines. I wouldn’t dare to be presumptious that he DEFINATELY would be given a desk job or asked for a desk job based on the scanty infor we have so far.

    Btw, some of us non-koreans heard of KATUSA, yes, Corruption and preferential treatment and discrimination exist in other countries too…….human nature is the same all over the globe. Sigh…. what else is new ? So the talk of ‘pretending that doesn’t happen’ is a non
    issue here.

    Hyun Bin ssi…….here’s wishing you all the best in the next new phase of your life !

    • Book says:

      Well, pretty much every other pop star or actor in korea has been given a desk job where they sit with rich people’s children and go home to their house at night after doing absolutely nothing.

      Him saying ‘i’m doing active duty’ is just his entertainment company talking nonsense, he’ll be behind the desk quicker than you can say ‘desk’ and going home to his warm bed at night. So, look we all know it’s the case.. you just don’t want to know that’s what will happen, because it will ruin some constructed fantasy you have of him crawling through muddy trenches shooting and being brave.

      Anyways, you fantacists can just get back to your believing he’ll be doing outdoorsy stuff, and the realists will just sit her knowing he’ll be behind a desk.

      • jp says:

        Book, I think you yourself seems to be having a hard time believing that Hyun Bin is one exceptional. That’s cool, we all understand.

        • Book says:

          Can I correct your English please?

          “Book, I think that you seem to be having a hard time believing that Hyun Bin is an exception. That’s fine, we all understand” <<< try copypasta'ing this.

          • No-Book says:

            Hey Book….do get a mirror, preferably a biggish one and take a long hard look, eh ? Recognize any of these descriptions – condescending, insufferable prig, pig-headed smugness, a pretender-know-it-all, he who knows not and knows not he knows not .

            With reference to the topic at hand, do you know the criteria for admission into the Marine Corps? There is a news article which mentioned that Mr Hyun Bin passed with flying colour the steep requirements.

            Book, come up with some solid supporting facts to bolster your tirade against Mr Hyun Bin whom you claimed will soon be playing hooky and ‘yawning’ behind a desk in the Marine. This relentless whining about the rich kids and celebs having an easy time in the military ad nauseum is getting tiresome.

            Do get a life, ok ? Better yet, get into the military yourself to REALLY KNOW the real deal than just shooting from the hip. Quote some hard facts instead of the pathetic dribble running down all and sundry and get off that high horse of your so-called ‘realism’. Arrogance has no boundary as far as you’re concerned.

            Goodbye !

            • Book says:

              I don’t think I would be able to do the korean military, sitting behind a desk for that long would finish me off.

              The fact is, this is all an advert for the military to make it seem like preferential treatment doesn’t occur. So they get some K-pop star and spray him with a bit of mud, and say he’s loving the marines. The fact is, he’ll see the desk next to the CEO’s children and be home every night enjoying a slap up feed more than he’ll see the sea.

              if you don’t know propaganda when you see it, then that’s your issue sonny-jim, not mine. Besides, you’re not even korean so what do you know about it.

              • HyunBin Forevah says:

                Omo, omo……”I don’t think I would be able to do the korean military, sitting behind a desk for that long would finish me off.”

                Is this Book fellow implying that he’s a celeb or a rich kid from one of those chaebol family ? Did he not complained endlessly how these groups of ‘useless’ end up behind a desk in the military? So why is he including himself into this group ? Liar, liar pants on fire. Haha….caught him red-handed. Give him enuf rope and he will hang himself.

              • jp says:

                Book, are you saying your a Korean and you hate your government? If this is true, this is another totally different topic.

          • jp says:

            Oh Book, I used “exceptional” because I have a double meaning to it. “Exception + he’s the best (my opinion). This is another way in writing online. Just to show you. It’s OK if you don’t get it.

  18. PAT3365 says:

    i am going to miss him

  19. HyunBin Forevah says:

    Instead of answering to the question whether he is a celeb or a spoiled rich chaebol kid , Book or Telephone or whatever has conveniently tries to divert attention and blab about cliches. Haha… if the cliche fits you to a T, why reinvent the wheel? Wanna another cliche……’same shit, different shovel’ haha, recognize this? Whether it is from Book or Telephone, or Dan or Roger, it is the SAME SHIT. How about another…..pot calling kettle black.

    Now i am beginning to doubt he’s a korean afterall. A compulsive liar will always remain a liar for the rest of his/her life.

    • Toilet says:

      Why would you doubt I am korean when I never said I was korean?

      • HyunBin Forevah says:

        Omo…omo…now you have yet another nick by the name of TOILET ? Are you serious….??? Of all the many many many names….you have chosen Toilet? hahaha……. that says it all !

        “Besides, you’re not even korean so what do you know about it.”
        Did not your other schizoid self Book pompously implied that he’s korean and ONLY he has the right to make comments on all things korean ? Surely besides being a compulsive liar, and with such condescending attitude to boot, you’re not now adding selective amnesia to your ‘overcrowded’ personality ?

        Whoa….wonder what you look like behind that comp? Scary……

        • Spoon says:

          The fact is, you’re an indovietmalaypinay who hates their own culture and spends their time roaming one after another korean pop site hoping that they’ll magically become korean or alternatively a fisty korean farmer will rescue them from the hell that is living in indovietmalaypinayland by importing them from the catalogue to their farm in busan.

          It’s nothing new, it’s happening all the time to folks like you.

  20. InfamousLIN. says:

    awww what? he’s joining the military already? -__-
    2 years is too long, Hyun-bin is gonna be missed ):

  21. HyunBin Forevah says:

    ” Folks like you” ?

    Hahaha…….. presumption carried to the extreme could one day do you in. So folks from Indonesia, Vietnam and the like are beneath you, is it? I have traveled to these asian regions and I love the food and the lovely sights and of course the warm hospitality of the friendly people there. Why are you so angry with these people ? Were you rejected in some way perhaps ? Try to be more accomodating and open and you would be surprised how you need not be so lonely afterall. I noticed that their culture is pretty fine and am sure they do NOT hate their own culture. So stop having these hateful thoughts about them. Such injustice……

    And why your condescension on the poor korean farmers of Busan, eh ? haha. By any chance, perhaps one of your sisters were married off to one of these farmers and you could not get over it ? Take a deep breath and count to ten every time you want to rant off your depression and anger here, ok ? From all your postings, one could see you have this deep, deep anger towards the koreans, the viets, indo, malay and pinnay (or as you put it indovietmalaypinnay). Is that all? Only a handful afterall. One would have thought you hate the whole world.

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