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After School Goes Boyfriend Hunting

Are you ready for After School Boys?

With the success they have had with After School and Son Dam-bi, Pledis Entertainment is now looking to take the male group market by storm.

They have just announced their 1st auditions in 2011, in search of the last member of the upcoming group After School Boys.

You can catch a glance at 2 of the members in the audition video below:

Do you think Pledis Entertainment, has what it takes to make a good male group?


13 Comments on “After School Goes Boyfriend Hunting”

  1. Hh says:

    If after school is the Korean pussycat dolls will after school boys be the Korean chipendale dancers

    • OOOOKaaayy! says:


    • in young says:

      i totally thought of the same thing hahah. like is it gonna be another boy group who’s gonna be half naked on stage, showing off abs/pecs and whatever muscle grps they have…and thats the onlty talent they are gonna have? lols. kinda like their female counterparts? then im gonna skip this one.

  2. Lorni says:

    Love the Marching Band theme music.

  3. dan says:

    they can call it a guy band, but everyone knows all guys in korea are more feminine than the girls. so ultimately they’re looking to start a new girl group.

    • Book says:

      You think it’s going to be YET another bunch of ladyboys wearing bras and pants with CEO-ajhussis chasing them around for favours-for-funding? Then there will be some kind of fake wedding between an obviously gay male and some characterless doll from a girl group.. and everyone in here will say ‘they make a cute couple’…

      .. is that how you see it transpiring?

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    One of the guys is reallly good looking

  5. zee power says:

    love love love this song it is the bast song 4 now that is what i think >_<

  6. twin , says:

    i think ,
    pledis entertaiment should make one boy groups ,
    cause not all girls group will popular,
    but i think if pledia entertaiment make 1 boy group ,
    it will gurantee popular ,
    but the important 1 is the talented ,

  7. MNT08 says:

    ooohh…. im looking forward to them! 😀 lols…

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