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KARA Takes A Ride On The “Jet Coaster Love”

Will KARA‘s latest single take over the charts?

Despite a nasty  court case against their label DSP, the cover art for KARA’s latest Japanese single have been revealed.

Titled “Jet Coaster Love”, KARA returns to their cute concept origins, with 3 brand new tracks.

CD only





  1. Jet Coaster Love
  2. Ima, Okuritai “Arigatou”
  3. Jet Coaster Love (Instrumental)
  4. Ima, Okuritai “Arigatou” (Instrumental)
  5. SOS (Army Slick’s 2011 bavtronic mix) (CD Only First Press Bonus Track)

The full single will be released later this month but you can check out the main track below:

Are you looking forward to KARA‘s new single?


20 Comments on “KARA Takes A Ride On The “Jet Coaster Love””

  1. Soccer says:

    I love the first picture. The unnis all look so pretty 🙂

  2. dan says:

    another example of using the same plastic surgeon. it’s the same girl

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I love their cute concept! It totally fits them more than their Lupin concept.
    Great pics too.

  4. Book says:

    Clearly made for the japanese market…. with all the dance moves shamelessly stolen off ‘perfume’ by the looks of it….

    .. actually I’ll take that back, this Korean dance troupe are too shyte to even mention ‘perfume’ in the same sentence.

  5. Henry says:

    They’ve already gathered the momentum on the Japanese chart so I wouldn’t be surprise if they’d perform well again.

  6. queenbqty says:

    Good luck to Kara! Keep rockin’ Japan! Hope you guys destroy DSP!

    • Don Bigote says:

      Tis bitches totally crapola. 2NE1 would wipe d canvas wid tis plastic wonders once tey debut in Japan as they’re doing now in Korea. Bom 100x > KRAPA.

  7. ohmygwash says:

    … does anyone else see their fake smiles?

    • Book says:

      Does anyone NOT see their fake smiles?

      Well the usual delusional fanatics won’t be able to, they can’t see anything and just come on and type ‘i loooove this’. The funny times are when they start telling the star who they are and then say ‘if you’re still single when I’m 25 we can get married’ .. it’s hilarious.

    • jieun says:

      kpop cutesy girl groups do it all the time. the ones with the worst exaggerated cutesy fake smile that wants to make you barf is SNSD. But that’s what the ahjusshis like.

      • in young says:

        totally. this is super fake and act cute, i couldnt even get past 15 secs. and get someone else in the center other than hara pls.

    • bishoujo-sama says:

      I can see it, its awkward -_-

  8. showalter says:

    Disgustingly cute is what their best at!

    • Book says:

      Is it just because you’re american that you don’t know the difference between ‘their’ and ‘they’re’?

  9. hithar says:

    Generic, plain and boring. Yep that’s KARA for you.

  10. […] release of their 3rd Japanese single, the full MV for KARA’s “Jet Coaster Love” has been […]

  11. pol says:

    many ahjussis will like this.

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