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Lee Hyo-Ri Is Ready For A Comeback

After releasing a plagiarized album last year, can Lee Hyo-ri pull a successful comeback?

Lee Hyo-ri has officially begun preparations for her 5th album, that is set to be released this summer.

Her label  B2M Entertainment revealed, “As early as this summer, Lee Hyori will already have decided the idea of the new album, but it may be postponed due to how many songs to produce as well as the new concept is completely satisfactory. It may take until the fall.”

Unlike her album H-Logic that was plagued with plagiarized tracks thanks to composer Bahnus Vaccum, Lee Hyo-ri is revising each track herself to see if its the right fit for her album.

Are you excited for Lee Hyo-ri‘s return?

Source: Donga


68 Comments on “Lee Hyo-Ri Is Ready For A Comeback”

  1. Marie Tsuda says:

    Where’s the old Lee Hyori ? This kind of hair is not good for her.

  2. Steffi says:

    after a disappointing first one then what’s the point of trying to revise the songs

  3. dan says:

    let’s see how many american songs she can plagiarize on this album.

    • Nokki says:

      Uhh… Can’t wait. *rolls eyes*
      LOL what American artist(s) and whose concept/look will she be ripping off of and claiming it as her ‘hard work’ this time around.

      How is she even still this popular in the industry after all that’s happened with plagiarizing?? She’s not even close to being a mediocre singer nor dancer. And she is STILL competing with the younger idol girls on who is sexier/cuter. Pretty sad. At this stage in her singing career, she should be beyond that.

      • amy says:

        Shes still in this industry because of her face in korea its all about the face you got the looks and zero talent they’ll take you in. Oh in IMO shes still banging considering shes 30 so she could still compete and honestly shee looks alot better than most of the young teeny boppers.

        • ashley says:

          I agree with Amy

          • LoLa says:

            WRONG!..She isn’t popular because of her face…Everyone knows she more than lacks in the artistic department, she’s built her popularity mainly on illusion…her sexy image. Which by the way, is more tacky and cheap in my opinion.
            As over hyped and exaggerated as she is, her name sells in Korea. Remember, in Kpop land, talent has no glory…superficiality does.

            Have a nice day!

            • ashley says:

              I only like her because she is very nice, I’m not really a fan of her music though but I did like her previous album and guess what? I don’t give a flying fuck if it was copied from some nobody singers, it was good to me and that’s all I care about so go take your hate some were else or tell it to someone else because I don’t really care about what u think of her. U can hate her all u want but I’m not because it’s just a Big waste of time.

              • Dan says:

                ashley, your comment is exactly what’s wrong with K-pop fans. You’re perfectly ok with listening to plagiarized music as long as it’s good to you. Honesty and integrity go completely out the window if it’s a K-pop idol.

            • amy says:

              WRONG? wtf .. her face is also what contributes to her sexy image so same thing dont go make it complicated …

        • Nyc says:

          Really!?? She is only around because she is koreas idea of a sexy bombshell lol. And she thinks so too. LoL conceited much??

    • Maggie says:

      Three times the charm,eh? LOL

      Let’s see what happens when it happens the 3rd time. Her concepts are always off of someone else’s so we all know she’s not original there as well.

    • Harry says:

      HA!!! We all need to study old school as well as the new stuff we hear these days so when her shutff comes out we can play ‘I spy’.

      This woman must listen and study music videos of other artists to get ideas from lol during her down time from the music scene and in between, make CFs to earn her living.

    • Book says:

      I can already hear the ripping in anticipation of this great event.

    • bd2 says:

      Uhh, people.

      It’s not like Hyori actually plagarized the songs (unlike say, Avril Lavigne), but the songwriter(s) that her production company hired.

      They just need to do a better job of checking out the songs.

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    It’s good that she’s going through it carefully.
    I can’t wait for her comeback! Hope it will be awesome!!

  5. maggie says:

    Hyori is always the hottest !! Fightinggggg

  6. Pops says:

    Let’s hope for the best, musically and including longer hair – Lee Hyori Hwaiting!

    • Book says:

      by ‘the best’ do you mean more music ripped off from american artists?

      • amy says:

        Shut Up .. We fuckinig get it ..

      • bd2 says:

        Uhh, Hyori is not the songwriter.

        I’m sure you are hatin’ on Avril Lavigne for ripping of American music as well.

      • Jo says:

        I was pretty disappointed when I heard the songs that had been ripped off. They initially announced that Hyori had taken an active part in producing and and recorded the songs with her own flare. But after hearing they were ripped off, then hearing the originally English recorded songs, apart from language they sounded exactly the same, she never added any of her own flare into those songs at all, she’s just another puppet who can’t sing nor dance very well. She’s the epitome of the superficiality in kpop.

  7. Don says:

    I think she’d fail, after plagiarizing and an ugly haircut.

    • Book says:

      She’s already failed, so take that as read.

      • 100% agree with u. Her voice is really suck…not even mentioning the previous scandals…

        and she’s way too far from sexy…

        Can’t think y koreans thought Hyori is the sexiest… ?

        I think she is way too far sexy from Kim Kardashian

        • Magazine says:

          Kim Whoooooo?

          • Der says:

            LMAO sorry to burst your bubble but kim has a fat ass thats fake and it’s what she’s known for, I also don’t find her personality attractive, she’s an attention whore, literally have you seen her show? well those are my reasons why I don’t really like kim’s body but I do think her face is flawless, but people say it’s fake too. ehhh but it all depends on preference. for me i don’t think Hyori’s all that sexy or hot either lol, but i like her personality and I think thats what really makes people like her.

  8. Der says:

    Wow All you must really not have anything better to do but hate on hyori. I mean we all make mistakes and stuff just let her do her thing, do you really think she cares about what you think cuz if she did she would’ve stopped performing long time ago.

    • Book says:

      We’re not ‘on’ her.. we’re nowhere near her so how could we do anything on her? And we’re pretty sure she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, which is why she did a lot of songs which were allegedly ripped off from other american acts.

      • Der says:

        LMAO, wow you must really have nothing to do? just hating on every nice comment people make? and if that doesn’t make you a no life hater idk what you are. Don’t get me started, so what if they’re her fans, they obviously like her for a reason? and if their reasons don’t apply to you then stfu, like anyone cares, if you don’t like her, and you think she’s all this and that why bother looking her up or w/e, you’re no better than an obsessed anti-fan lol, omg I don’t hate her nor do I love her, but i don’t mind her? but I don’t see the point in all you’re doing. Just give your opinion then sit down jeez. Know that you can’t please everyone, everyone has their own preferences so stop shoving your opinion in everyones face!!! p.s. GET A LIFE…

        • ashley says:

          Thank U Der, I don’t like a lot of other Kpop artist but I don’t go around bashing their fans and read every post about them I just don’t pay attention to them. more people need to learn to do that.

          • TelephoneB says:

            I don’t even like K-pop, so don’t call me an anti. I have absolutely no feelings about k-pop other than it’s talentless and vapid, but that makes it all the more fun.

      • dkopsunintended says:

        haha. and you got brain too small to think other than hating on others.

        • TelephoneB says:

          I’m not ‘on’ anyone.

          • amy says:

            Seriusly ? WHAT A TROLL..

            • amy says:

              LOL@ telephoneB
              if you dont like k-pop then you are an anti .. IDIOT.
              If you dont like something than your an anti- of it.

              • amy says:


                • Telephone says:

                  Do you mean ‘there all just’ or ‘they’re all just’? Because the former one…

                  ..MAKES NO SENSE.

                  You americans really do have sh!tty schooling.

              • Telephone says:

                Do you mean ‘you’re an anti-‘ or do you mean ‘your and anti-‘ because the latter one…

                ..MAKES NO SENSE.

                • amy says:


                  • amy says:

                    & i came here to discuss lee hyori not about grammer so dont bother commenting about my grammer cause i know you don’t give 2 shits about my grammer your kinda just nit pickin buddy.

  9. ninie says:

    Fake face and fake songs !

  10. dk says:

    Let’s be straightup.she’s not really an artist/singer.she’s more like a sex symbol/icon..people don’t think of her as a singer..more like a sexy more,no less.and quite honestly,if she was sexy to many people, those people probably don’t think she is sexy anymore

  11. nana says:

    Too bad with her last album, cause I actually thought it was her best(excluding the plagerized tracks). The songs that she actually wrote herself were great and I loved CCBB! Can’t wait to see this diva back on stage!

  12. okies says:

    Anti’s and their insecurities……
    Hyori’s comebacks have always been hot and this one will be no different!

    • Book says:

      Anti what?

      Are you talking about how fanatics are so deluded they don’t know what they’re doing? because that’s very funny.

  13. LoLa says:


    If she’s such a hot commodity…why hasn’t she ever tried to debut in the States?

  14. Emily says:

    ??? By the way she always hottest. love Hyori. figthing! =)

  15. ISABEL says:


  16. Ashley says:

    Nhh..her comeback isn’t necessary. I think she should just stick with reality shows.

  17. junebug says:

    YES! I’m so ready for her to come back! All those saying sh*t about her are just insecure about their bias group or artist! This woman has become an icon and korea’s sweetheart because she’s smart and dedicated! There are plenty of hot and gorgeous kpop artists out there but none have achieved her success! U-go-girl!

  18. benny says:

    she looks better with short hair

  19. TMPGIRL says:

    wooooooow l was witing for her come back gogogogo lee hyo-ri

  20. Christine Ebio says:

    Thank God there were some positive comments on here on I was about to flip a shit on the haters. I love Lee Hyori and I hope to be only one of her loyal fans that will back her up on her comeback this year! How superficial can you haters out there be? Do you think people want to plagiarize ppl’s work willingly only to 110% effort in promoting it to be sued and cause scandals that tarnish your career and reputation? How dense can you be? People who are put in this situation shouldnt be put down…….the entertainment industry isnt for everyone…if it was then all you haters would be out there making it on your own and making your own music since you think it’s soo easy……where world the world be if we didnt build off of ideas? learn from our mistakes? shit cut the world some slack. if not the world atleast one person.

    • Toilet says:

      You were going to ‘flip a sh!t on the haters’?? What pray tell does that involve?

      Are you basically another filipina-viet-malay looking for a K-farmer husband and talking tough online in case someone male and korean comes in so you can try to dry hump them?

      I do how you try to rationalise stealing people’s music just because you’re filipino and you’re not allowed to say anything bad about your k-gods.

  21. liz says:

    If it was just about looks and sex appeal, every hot girl could be kpop queen, but Hyori’s smart and dedicated and she knows her game. That’s why she’s where she’s at now. Love her or hate her, she has become Korea’s sweetheart and anything she does will be big! I look forward to seeing Ms. Divalicious on stage again!

  22. Ysogrouchy says:

    One day soon, the ‘haters’ will be proven right!

  23. johnnyk says:

    people like Book make me lose faith in all of humanity. Poor thing….poor thing.

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