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Song Ji-Eun & Bang Yong Kook says “Going Crazy”

Secret’s member and main vocalist Song Ji-Eun just released her MV ft Bang Yong Kook. The song is called “Going Crazy”.

The MV is really interesting with all that setting and background, and well, it really mashes the title. Confused? Watch the MV below:

So what did you guys think of the song and the MV? Hot or not?


9 Comments on “Song Ji-Eun & Bang Yong Kook says “Going Crazy””

  1. Hh says:

    The music video is like flashing lights by kanye west and the song reminds me of llove the way you lie

    • Book says:

      WHAAAT??!?! you’re saying koreans stole a video and a song…. NEVER, that seriously NEVER happens (except for all the time).

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    …..i don’t like her in blue hair… doesn’t look good on her….

  3. nerdiklown says:

    min hyo rin looks good here

  4. taipomi says:

    she looks like narsha

  5. hithar says:

    Who the fuck is Ji Eun again? It’s all about Bang Yong Kook his husky sounding voice is really interesting.

  6. Z says:

    Awww I feel so bad for the guy in the trunk!
    I like the song it’s catchy. ^^

  7. Lala says:

    Who is the guy tied up?

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