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Wooyoung and IU went on 2 dates already?

Talks go around really quickly, and well, a new rumour is out.

During Dream High’s special concert, IU & Wooyoung revealed that they went on two dates together.

Wooyoung said ““After the filming was over,I was really hungry so I went to grab dinner with IU. We ate late at night by ourselves at a restaurant. After paying, I told her ‘next time, you treat”.

Then IU said “After promising that I’d treat him the next time, we went to a meat place. I was a little worried about the bill, and was about to pay, but I found out that Wooyoung paid already. It was awkward during the meal, so we just ate”

I don’t think that anyone expected that the “Milky Couple” would actually go on a date together. Even Taecyeon Eunjung asked again if it was true or not. Then the Kim Tae Woo the MC left a funny comment by saying “I bet Wooyoung just said some cheesy pick-up lines.”

After that little talk, IU went ahead and performed her song in Dream High’s OST “Someday”. And then from out of nowhere Wooyoung intrupted her show by……

Check out the video below of what he did.

What do you guys think? wasn’t that cute of Wooyoung?


37 Comments on “Wooyoung and IU went on 2 dates already?”

  1. tiff says:

    wow, they really should lol

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I think they would be cute together~

  3. cdnpoint says:

    At least the actors still are speaking with each other outside of work. With so many drama episodes in a few months, wouldn’t most actors be keen to be a way from the others to get back to themselves?

    While the couple storyline was a nice drama element, real life is a bit more complicated. Hope that the twosome has space to determine what’s real and what’s not without fans being in that space.

    Thanks for the concert clip, Popseoul!

    • Book says:

      They’re probably not still talking… this is just more f***ing vapid PR for you imbeciles to digest.

      • cdnpoint says:

        Book, I’m throwing a book of silence your way. Time-out in the corner for not following the show’s storylines before posting your attacks here.

        Glad you know what you consider to be vapid PR. Glad you are oblivious to the lollipop–drama sponsor Tous Les Jours supplied the lollipops for Pil Suk (IU) to attach to Jason’s (Wooyoung’s) locker as well as the food in the cafeteria or eating scenes.

        • Book says:

          Sorry, I don’t know much about lollipops, because the people who go around handing out lollipops in europe, typically end up in prison.

          In Korea it’s apparently all the rage.

  4. Sue says:

    I got so fond of wooyoung & IU that I went to HMV grab all 2pm & IU albums… Sweet adoration…

    • Book says:

      “Hi everyone, I’m a gullible consumer.. and I do whatever big companies tell me to do, especially when it comes to buying mountains of cr@p music made by talentless groups.”

  5. trish says:

    awww…. they really do make a cute couple!

  6. BL says:

    I think they would be an adorable couple!!<3
    they are so cute^^
    Milky couple<3<3

  7. hmm says:

    yeah they’re so friggin cute together, i hope sam-dong (kim soo-hyun) and hye-mi (suzy) will follow suit!

    • Book says:

      What possible benefit is there to you in seeing these people forced into an entertainment company enforced relationship? Isn’t the slavery enough that you also want the entertainment company to dictate their love lives also, and pair them up with fellow slaves in some kind of weird slave breeding competition?

  8. addikan says:

    way to go to make a girl’s heart flutter!

  9. panda78 says:

    Hahaha……. Yippeeeeeee At last the Cute Couple went out at last i wish them all the best and i really hope they both become a real couple they are to sweet to be together …

    • Book says:

      Do you know either of them personally in order to be able to say that they would make a nice couple? or are you just reflecting your consumer-slave views that their Entertainment company should tell them who should date who?

      • k-popfollower says:

        Oh my goodness. Dude could you like not comment on everyone’s comment? We understand! You don’t want IU and Wooyoung together. Get over yourself.

        • Didi says:

          That Book person must have so much time in his/her hands to be criticising everyone.

        • Telephone says:

          I don’t think you imbeciles really get it. I have no feeling about this fake manufactured couple, I’m simply laughing at you plebs who don’t seem to understand that this is all manufactured in order to ultimately make you people buy more of their music.

          It’s hilarious.

          • handphone says:

            hahahahhah.. book, and now telephone?
            well i’ll be smartphone then.
            FYI, you are more hilarious. stop bashing here. if you care so much about slavery, you should go and ask whether they really feel like slaves. it is not like you know what they feel PERSONALLY.

  10. asnforever says:


  11. shelovespurple says:

    i’m gonna miss this drama big time :))

  12. hithar says:

    This bitch is such a slut cheating on Taeyang like that. He don’t want you anyways girl.

    • Telephone says:

      Yes, she’s always cheating on this fake relationship with guys in other fake relationships. This fake cheating makes me so angry, that they’d fake cheat.

  13. mili says:

    aaawwwww they’re so cute together!!!!!……

  14. TMPGIRL says:

    hhhhhhhhh thay are great and funny hh lol

  15. stupiddd says:

    i really dont understand why you haters hate on Koreans so much. you tell us, fans, that we have no life but look at you guys just taking time arguing with us. so i guess that makes you guys a no life right? and just because like 90% of the female celebrities had plastic surgery you haters automatically just say ‘Koreans are ugly& they have no talent’ etc. and if you hate Koreans so much why are you even on this website? to diss us?

  16. MNT08 says:

    OMG! THEYRE SO CUTE TOGETHER lols. they shud totally date!!!! ❤ ahhh!!!

  17. […] riding on rumors of dating IU, 2PM member Wooyoung reminisced about paying for her dinner on a recent broadcast of […]

  18. casper says:

    ohh, they really are a cute couple.The performence is really great. I hope they will date more officially.You two are great.Don’t afraid of anyone like Park Jin Young although he is your president,woo young oppa. Just reveal your love on iu quickly. Woo-u fighting.

  19. Yura says:

    OMG! I’m so jealous!! ^_^ they are super adorable! 😀

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