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G.NA Tries To Teach 4Minute….

…how to speak English..sorta.

On 4minute‘s “Mr. Teacher” variety show , fellow Cube labelmate G.NA stopped by their dorms in order to help them practice their English.

Unfortunately things didn’t go so far, as 4minute were easily distracted with the lesson, and bickered with each other.


Well at least G.NA tried!


30 Comments on “G.NA Tries To Teach 4Minute….”

  1. Andrew says:

    What is the age difference between G-NA and the Four Minute girls, because you’d think G-NA was an adult talking to children in that clip? It is so odd how immature both Korean boy and girl idols seem to be.

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    When Hyuna sneezed, it was so cute~
    And then J Hyun said, I hate you. hahahhah
    ji hyun does have a baby face…. she looks exactly the same as her past pics.
    She’s really pretty!

    • Telephone says:

      It wasn’t cute. It was really awkward. Most civilized people from civilised countries cover their mouths. Then she started flopping around like a child.. So embarrassing for a Canadian to have to find out that’s the heritage she abandoned.

  3. SouthKoreanDream says:

    I had no idea GNA spoke suck good English! I’m very impressed!

  4. dan says:

    figure part of idolizing everything american includes learning to speak the language.

    • Telephone says:

      Gosh, I agree. Look at how desperate these Korean people are to be american. It’s hilarious watching them. Hahahahaha

      Basically it’s all a bit pathetic, but kind of funny.

  5. chaimoon says:

    As I have said over and over again, if these Kpop idols want to make it big internationally, they should learn to speak English. They may not like it, but that’s the way to communicate with the world! Just do it guys!

  6. Jessie says:

    Korean always want to be American, in the drama, the rich boy girl always goes to study in America …u can see that from their flashy clothes and lame English, I am Korean born American, when I visited Korea they thought I was a god..which I didn’t understand why…because I speak English and rised my eyebrows when a Korean teenager asked me where to go to City Hall…

    Oh by the way…Korean males love seeing immature girls act and giggle like pre-teenagers…they called it ” aegyo”…which I don’t get it why…and it pretty disturbing for me because I swear to god, these girls are mature enough for you all to be called ”ahjumma”

    • Telephone says:

      Fair comment. It is is big grim how they act, which is probably why the canadian lady looked at them like she wanted to run away.

  7. weissman says:

    Korea is not the only country where its trendy/cool to emulate US POP Culture as much as possible (Japan, Tiawan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China PRC to name a few) . One thing that funny is that US Teens dress amazing like K Idols and J idols and don’t even realize it

  8. Kexia says:


  9. Kexia says:

    haha. if failed. =o=
    some comments are kind of hurtful, on the girls’ sides , actually.

  10. riki says:

    lol. i feel so bad for having to deal with them. i cant belive hyunah is such a goof ball. so funny lol.

  11. Jessie says:

    No it’s not racist…I am being honet…yes there is Korean wave now, means that world is paying attention to Korea Trends, all I can say is that Korean are perfect just the way it is, I am proud to be a Korean and I live in New York for almost the rest of my life, what I don’t understand is that why Korean should dye their hair blonde, and and get plastic surgery in order to be looked like westerners…
    G.NA is mature one when I saw the clip above, and she is kind of ” what am I doing here?” which I understand why…and the clip is for the fun only but c’mon…at least act like their age…and stop act like stupid aegyo…(they do for what?! for men’s ego? that they should feed the need of Korean men who got Prince Charming syndrome?) whoooaaa….

    • Telephone says:

      You’re not really korean, you’re an american. You just abandoned Korea and moved to USA like most koreans do.

      And let’s be fair ‘the world’ isn’t following korean trends, only S.E. Asia is, and a few psuedo-asian american korean wannabes.

  12. […] failing to teach 4minute how to speak English, G.NA complemented the group’s new […]

  13. GRAY says:

    4 minute are dumb and stupid girls…. they can’t even pay attention to GNA…. they are such uncivilized immature brats….. they are so childish!!!!!! they should respevt GNA for teaching them english…..

  14. SammyJoe says:

    Damnnn the 4minute girls are just being themselves. G.NA and the girls are really close, they are like family. Don’t we kind of act the same way with our close friends? Some of you chill with your negative comments and stop with the ‘American’ thing. Btw, @Telephone, it’s funny how you are still here to comment on like the majority of the comments here. If you don’t like this video and how 4minute are acting like themselves, then leave. And just for the record, not everyone wants to be ‘American’ and the fact that English is an international language. SMH.

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