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Jung Woo-sung and Kim Tae-hee reunite…

… to advertise the LG Dios refrigerator.

The two stars starred in the movie, “The Restless“, back in 2006. After five years, they have been reunited as the main CF models for the LG refrigerator.

Refrigerator CFs are highly regarded in South Korea as only the top stars get to advertise such products.

Do you think they will come on top of all the refrigerator CFs, beating stars like Lee Seung-gi (Samsung Zipel refrigerators)?



10 Comments on “Jung Woo-sung and Kim Tae-hee reunite…”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    they look cute~

  2. ashley says:

    I love the dress!

  3. calix says:

    is this suppose to be a newly-wed ref.?

  4. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    love the fridge.
    love kim tae hee

  5. albita says:

    I will love to see them togheter again on a new drama.

  6. Donny says:

    I’ll buy that refrigerator. They are such a nice couple on advertisement. KTH is beautiful!

  7. Telephone says:

    This is shyte. You’re all gushing over a fridge, just because it’s samsung and you samsung is korean…

    .. you’re all sad and pathetic kwanabees.

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