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Bae Doo-na dresses as a member of SNSD ….

for the latest issue of High Cut!

“Hoot Hoot Hoot……Shoot Shoot Shoot”!

If actress/model Bae Doo-na has not shooted her way into your heart…then you’re not human! After portraying the warm-hearted and sexy singer in the drama “Gloria“, the talented star transformed into a living doll for the March #48th issue of High Cut.

SNSD are considered beautiful living dolls and Miss Bae’s photo shoot concept was Doll….Person?

Did she succeed? Will you be purchasing your copy of Bae Doo-na‘s issue?

Sources: Hancinema and Sports Chosun


8 Comments on “Bae Doo-na dresses as a member of SNSD ….”

  1. xyer says:

    the last pic is scary

  2. THE TRUTH says:

    I loved her on Gloria, I was sorry when the drama ended. I look forward to her next project. She looks so adorable in her photo spread. Keep up the good work Miss Bae.

  3. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    i know her in god of study

  4. Lynn says:

    She looks miserable.

  5. tuk says:

    I love Bae doo na

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