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Daesung & Seungri Go Gay For Chinese Website

With the Hallyu Wave at is peak, companies are using idol’s images for all the wrong reasons.

BIG BANG‘s Daesung & Seungri‘s image have sparked controversy, as the appeared on a sexually explict gay Chinese website.

On the website the two are clearly shown pointing at the site’s banner to promote the website,  which is clearly  not what the original photos were meant to be used for.


This is not the first time such incidents have occurred for Korean artists, but fans showed their frustration towards the website for  its damaging image.

Source: My Daily


101 Comments on “Daesung & Seungri Go Gay For Chinese Website”

  1. VVIP says:

    >”< ..OMG

  2. Ki Ran Pu says:

    so I went to the website and *nosebleeds* yeah i saw them.. xD
    I feel shameful *blushed* So much yaoi

    • Telephone says:

      So basically you’re attracted to gay men. Is that because heterosexual men are threatening to you? Father issues?

      • Dovey says:

        In what way did she ever state heterosexual men were threatening to her? And when did she ever state having father issues? If a girl likes yaoi, then she likes yaoi – isn’t nothing much to it.

      • Michelle says:

        Hahaha!!! So men who like watching lesbians have mommy issues too? What a fool. I think this happened to Tiffany from SNSD too? Her pic was used in an asian porn site catering to non-Asian men. I don’t think she cared much. But yeah it must be disconcerting.

        Too many unattractive men so they use pics of famous people to promote. What is ironic is that Seungri and Daesung aren’t the closest from BIG BANG. They are awkward with each other due to their different personalities.

        • Telephone says:

          Tiffany is some annoying sounding american kwannabe, no? Who the hell would want to look at her in any pornish way? Can’t they just go to a normal website full of hot chinese or japanese ladies… rather than looking at failed american who didn’t want to work at a hagwan?

          You don’t know them, you don’t know their personalities, you know nothing about any of these people beyond your delusions about who these people could ‘possibly be’ based on your watching of tv.

          What’s ironic is you seem to think K-pop stars are heterosexual.

          • Michelle says:

            Maybe you are right. I shouldn’t trust what they say in interviews too much. Who knows? Maybe behind closed doors they are having a twink fest but the same could be said for you. Hell, even me cause you don’t know them or me either, same like I don’t know you.

            • Telephone says:

              I know you find men who look homosexual attractive, which in itself says a lot about you.

              • Mylan Harris says:

                Um, I think Telephone blew this completely out of proportion. This is just a simple comment from a yaoi fan. Maybe you should loosen up and stop making such a big deal of it. Besides, its hot.

                -In all seriousness, calm down. The picture was just to attract more people in search of what this website shows. Plain and simple.

              • sphantomhive says:

                dude.. wat’s u’r prob?? d ony thing said is dat she like yaoi.. n u kinda drag things 2 unnecessary stuff.. d hetero n koreans being homo.. n tiffany.. u got issue.. telephone..

    • Vwoodsen says:

      what website ?

  3. nakayla says:

    hey stop it… don’t spread those nonsense rumors… i absolutely sure that they are not gay at all… geezes recently big bang is very popular, and they start getting a lot of nonsense rumors from over the place.

  4. Steffi says:

    big companies will do anything to get hype on themselves even if it means ruining the reputation of people

    • Telephone says:

      They have no reputation in China, and Chinese people think all korean males dress like gay men anyways, especially the pop stars. So how has it damaged anything?

      • AL says:

        who are you. stop commenting weird stuff on other people’s replies.

      • erica says:

        Who are you? You’re so annoying. Get a life bro.

      • eryna says:

        watch your damn mouth bro….
        korean guy was not like that at all….

        • Telephone says:

          Yes they are. I just asked my chinese buddies and they all said ‘they look a bit gay, and spend all their time crying about japan’.

          So go argue with them about it.

          • Michelle says:

            Really? Cause the Chinese aren’t necessarily your go to guys for proper behavior concerning the past. Alot of Chinese still resent the Japanese for their atrocious acts during WW2. Not that I disgree but they shouldn’t talk about the Koreans as if they are that much better.

            One thing you are kinda right about is their somewhat like of feminine looks whether in men or women. Not all though, but that is a matter of personal taste and not something you label an entire country on.

            • Telephone says:

              You simply like K-pop because ‘hetero’ looking men threaten you.. and the way you get around this threat is to watch pop with ladies who are dressed like some infantilist fetish, and men who are clearly very very camp behaving like ladyboys.

              It’s understandable really…

              • Michelle says:

                Hahaha….That would mean that I’m threatened by all straight men and I’ll be honest. There ARE very threatning looking men around my neigborhood (Think Anderson Silva from the MMA) but there are also casual all-american types too. Men range. I’m assuming all these men are straight and my interactions with them (sexual or not) have not dwindled down before or after K-pop.

                I don’t want to sleep with them (K-pop stars) and I actually am not aroused by man-man or woman-woman sex.

                I defended that girl because you are wrong. You aren’t Sigmund Freud and some of his ideas concerning sexuality live in the hearts of post-Freudian psychologists but are not accepted whole-heartedly by the psychology community anymore. I have a father and a mother who raised me from childhood and my interaction with either of them is normal (I think so anyway but maybe you can detect something is wrong with me because I listen to C and K-pop as well as Malaysian and Turkish music. I also listen to girl groups, boy groups, individual artists, duos etc. Does that reveal something about my tragic past that apparently to you has screwed up my sexuality?)

                • Telephone says:

                  I actually think you’d find me Post-Jungian and besides I was being a little untruthful, I really think you’re an american trying to find something exotic which doesn’t exist in your own life, therefore looking towards the orient.

              • girk says:

                get a life will you
                we do it for the love of the culture and learning about other humans who are different from us

                if you have a fetish its your problem you pansy

                • Spoon says:

                  Yes, you hate your own indovietmalaypinay culture and now you’re begging to be Korean.

                  I find watching you people beg to be korean quite fun, so I’ll just stay here and watch it.

                  ..and yes, you have a yellow fetish.

        • Lee says:

          yea korean are not gay
          like jaebeom he not gay

  5. dan says:

    nothing new. glad they’re finally out of the closet.

  6. suigintou says:

    actually i love yaoi 😉 but not this one -____- eerghhh it’s kinda embrassing for me *because yaoi i seen was just manga*

  7. dave says:

    Well Korean guys and their touchy feely is pretty much an easy target for gay connotations.

    • . says:

      you too. with your pink profile picture <-

    • Telephone says:

      Freud would suggest that it’s a Oedipus issue. Where most of the girls on this website are attracted to gay men simply because they experienced Father issues or some heterosexual trauma earlier in their life.

      Most K-pop fangirls are typically hiding this or have repressed this trauma, become attracted to unachievable non-threatening gay looking K-pop stars and the companies manipulate this to make money.

      • why not? says:

        oedipus issues have to do with mothers and sons. Get your Greek mythology straight.

        • Telephone says:

          My apologies, and you are quite right, I actually meant Electra issues… I should know, because I just saw it at the opera.

          • Telephone says:

            Actually wrong again, that’s about wanting to kill your mother and sleep with your father.

            I’m going to just call them ‘father issues’.

            • amy says:


              • Toilet says:

                I think you are getting a immoral fetish and a knowledge of psychological and classical greek texts mixed up.

                Freud and Jung are PSYCHOLOGISTS. OEDIPUS and ELECTRA were from the greek classics. One being the daughter of agamemnon, and Oedipus was the king of Thebes, if I recall.

                I guess you people wouldn’t know.

                • amy says:


                • Toilet says:

                  I guess ignorance is bliss for you folks, so I understand.

                  Don’t read anything by Freud or go to any Opera’s by Richard Strauss and you’ll be fine.

  8. zee power says:

    really please tell me is not real please

  9. Kergy says:

    I am shocked and appalled. Such a sad day for the gay community… to be related to those hacks.

  10. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    really? u r gonna use daesung and seungri whom ive never heard went to china to work with someone. these rumors really grinds my gears friggin assholes!!! WHO DO U THINK U R YAOI WEBSITE OR SOME SHI+ LIKE THAT!!!! do u want to die!? 😡

  11. ylper says:

    wtf?! yg should sue this company. It’s hurting the image of daesung & seungri! tsk!!

  12. queenbznutz says:

    I don’t get why the most flaming homersexual member g@ydragon didn’t make it in this pic?

  13. SouthKoreanDream says:

    I think I’m gonna be sick!!!

  14. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i thought China usually bans these sorts of websites….

    • Telephone says:

      Why would they ban a website advertising gay korean men? What else would korean men do when working in china if they couldn’t go trying to get second wives and trawling through k-gay websites?

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        no, that’s not what i meant.

        • Telephone says:

          Maybe the website is for rich gay chinese guys to find a korean ex-k-pop life-partner. Because now chinese are really rich, the Korean guys probably want the chinese businessmen to look after them once they leave their slave contract in Korean pop and chaebol CEOs have thrown them aside.

      • Michelle says:

        Woah buddy why don’t you fuck one of them and get it out your system. Do you dislike gays, Koreans or all of the above? I hope you realize that gay men come from all races and ethnicities. Even anti-gay Iran isn’t “safe.” Ha, you are a riot though but seriously, Was a man inappropriate with you when you were a little kid. Is that why you have “issues”?

        • Telephone says:

          I don’t hate anyone. You seem angry about the fact korean pop has a homosexual core, and I’m pretty sure most objective people would agree.

          • Michelle says:

            Hate is a strong word. I said dislike. Okay you don’t hate them so why the defense? Actually you could ask the same from me. I actually like their strange behavior. Maybe there is something wrong with me but I don’t enjoy it sexually. Its just amusing to watch. If there is a strong homosexual core in the K-pop industry then that is their formula. Men who are straight don’t have any reason to feel threatened. It’ is not as if they are going to pop out of the screen and rape you or change your mind about what you find attractive.

            Some men feel threatened by other men’s sexuality. Your posts reveal this because you speak (not hatefully but certainly not respectfully of gay men) and you label some women’s sexual behavior as a disorder. What did you mean to say earlier? That if these gay-loving girls would find the right man they would start to think more like you?

            You sound like those men who laugh about lesbianism. They find it cute and just a silly (or threatning) state of mind in a woman. “Something is wrong with you because you don’t find men attractive. It can be fixed if you fix your daddy issues because it was a man who screwed you up (your father)” Some peope are fucked up idiots who are constantly confused or change their mind year after year, I’ll give you that but I still think you are throwing a huge blanket over very complex human sexuality. The majority seem to know what they want. That means there are straight men who know they are straight, gay men who know they are gay and bisexuals who apparently know they are bisexual.

            • Telephone says:

              I don’t dislike gays, and I laugh about lesbianism because some men believe that lesbians actually look hot like on the TV. Besides a lot of people argue bisexuality is a myth.

          • Michelle says:

            P.S. You aren’t objective if you insult Korean men because your Chinese friends tell you that they are all girly, crying pussies. I’m not objective either so quit acting like you actually care about psychology for the sake of “revealing” something about the people you reply to.

  15. Melissa says:

    I can’t believe it
    this is wrong
    I hate this site

    • Telephone says:

      Good. Go back to with your rubbish opinions which are basically all “i love ” and don’t think about coming back until they de-lobotomise you.

  16. Kk says:

    i cant put my finger on korean guys are gay and chinesse aren’t because most people who are not asian cant tell the difference between chinesse, korean, and japanesse in a single glance so when someone said korean’re gay and chinesse aren’t, for us, you all gay, so what’s the point? all of my gay friends drooling over asian idols well except for japanesse, most of them are too skinny with an exception for ken hirai ahahah lol

    aside all those irrelevant comments, relax fans….remember gaga, nicky minaj, the biebs, katty perry? they all have the gays on their side, and it’s an advantage. they can make it big…well literally *grin*

    • Toilet says:

      They’re easy to tell apart. Chinese guys all have the same parting in their haircut, glasses and suit, Korean guys are all sleeping in gutters, smelling of sick and soju, with their wife’s blood on their fists.. and Japanese guys are all chasing the ladyboys because they think they don’t have aids.

      That’s typically how it works.

  17. Lorni says:

    I have to give credit to the blurring of the images *round of applause* lol u can still pretty much make out the shapes lmao!

  18. Stacey says:

    i find this interesting, sexuality doesn’t mean a thing to me. I’ll just be pissed to find out someone used my image to promote something without my awareness…and wow i spot a major troll here. Being bi is a myth? lmao omg woa that says a lot about the person who believes that.
    anyway i still love Big Bang music<3

    • Toilet Telephone says:

      Are you saying it’s not a myth and you’re in fact bisexual, which is why you find k-pop ladyboys attractive?

      • stacey says:

        If i were saying what you just tried to make seem to imply that i said, why didn’t i actually state it to begin with? Trying to pull an answer out of an assumption from nothing, gives you no actual fact. i didn’t mention my sexuality, nor have i stated i’m attractive to these k-pop idols. i enjoy their music. if bisexuality is a myth to you, believe it. I just find that concept extremely laughable; as well as you trying to get a raise out of nearly everybody on here. XD

  19. girk says:

    can anyone ban or remove “Telephone” comments
    they are offensive, homophobic and therefore inappropriate
    for this website

  20. gir says:

    can anyone ban or remove “Telephone” comments
    they are offensive, homophobic and therefore inappropriate
    for this website

    also Toilet Telephone and Toilet
    are highly inappropriate in fact this whole headline should be taken down

    • Telephone says:

      Why should my comments be banned? You seem to fail to understand what freedom of speech is. They are appropriate insomuch as I’m supportive of these people’s choice to be on a gay site and I supported someone in their choice to be bisexual.

      I don’t really understand what you’re so offended by? You want to tell me?

  21. Misa Lee says:

    So when i read about it the first thing that came to mind is photoshopped and that’s just what they did. Because that picture of them wasn’t taken for that use.

    • Spoon says:

      How do you know it wasn’t? You spoke to them on the telephone to ask them personally OR you’re just making up some random shyte to go with a delusion you have in your head.

      • amy says:

        OH MYGOD

        aka Spoon,Toilet.Telephone?

        LOL! I thought you gave
        up trolling!! Dude I love your comments they’re offensive but f*ckin hilarious and true : )
        Seriously I can tell when a comment is randy bumgardner’s .Having multiple identities cannot hide your style of intellectually offensive way of commenting : ))

  22. Kasey says:

    Sorry to say, most of the gay men I have encounter are dead right gorgeous, so, yeah, if the site holds hot gay men doing the nasty, hell, I wouldn’t want to click away from the site either just like guys wouldn’t flip away from a porn when it has hot chicks doing the nasty with each other, so who ever is trying to be an angel here, it’s not working. You probably spend all day watching it yourself. Not that I do watch it, but I am saying I am not going to shy away from it and not take a peek. Just saying the truth and no I don’t have father issues. Just telling you straight out. I am only human after. Don’t hate when I have the courage to state the facts.

  23. kelly says:

    Truth is, the people who made that site probably have no idea who Big Bang are. (As much as these international fans like to think they’re so well known all over Asia…but they’re not.) At most the makers of the website probably just searched up “gay looking men posing queer” and got that picture and thought “perfect” and stuck their image on the site.

  24. ariana says:

    Hehehe… telephone/spoon/toilet stopped commenting after someone blew his cover (I find that pretty funny)… Anyway, I honestly think its their business. If its true, its true. If its not real, its not real. The only thing that matters is if you like their music or not. And as for telephone/toilet/spoon, that’s his own opinion. As my dear granmother says, “An opinion is like a mouth. If you don’t have one, you’re screwed.”

  25. Hello there, simply become aware of your weblog thru Google, and located that it’s really informative. I am going to be careful for brussels. I?ll appreciate in the event you continue this in future. Lots of folks might be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  26. Chany says:

    Someone could’ve photoshopped that you know. People seem to always believe what they see and not think about the possibilities behind it. It could be real but hey, DaeDae and Suengri are just friends.

    That website really shouldn’t have stolen BIGBANG’s picture. It goes against copyright

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