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Japanese Magazine Predicts The End Of Girls’ Generation?

The fall of an era? or just harmless gossip?

With the  current dilemma facing KARA, the Japanese media has become fixated on learning the way the Korean music industry handles its artists.

Japan’s weekly magazine “Real Live” may have gone too far, though in their article “Was it just KARA? SNSD may also disband“.

“Real Live” found the group’s “diversity” to be a factor in their fall commenting, “The group is divided into high school graduates, college students, and Americans.” And that “because seven of the nine members are 21 years old, there is a quite a bit of rivalry.”

“Real Live” also  brought up past issues from Yoona lifting Tiffany’s skirt, to rumors of Jessica cursing at Seohyun.

“Real Live” finished saying, “Because SNSD saw the ramifications of DBSK’s disbandment they know that it’ll become difficult for them to work if they betray their agency. There is a high possibility of one or two members withdrawing from the group. “

Fans were none too happy with ‘Real Live”article, “This is ridiculous,” and “They wrote this because of an inferiority complex as a result of the Hallyu wave.”

Did the magazine go too far in its content?

Source: Star News




71 Comments on “Japanese Magazine Predicts The End Of Girls’ Generation?”

  1. Chicken says:

    It can be true. Everything in this world is just uncertain…

  2. Steffi says:

    speculation is a high topic these days everything is now speculation it won’t be confirmed unless the company itself actually admits the facts, as for now its all rumor

  3. kimmyno9 says:

    acually i agree snsd has high disbandment rate because they are not like other groups like suju and shinhwa who protects there members more than anything else. I’m not saying that snsd doesnt protect there members but its just that i think that harmony within the group is really lacking.

    • czak says:

      i agree. I remember how Taeyeon wanted to withdraw being a leader.
      for me that shows that SNSD as a group has a more disconnection as a group than any other kpop group out there..

      • jelly says:

        It’s not true. It’s just a joke that Taeyeon brought up in a variety show. For me, the girls really love each other. Sorry, but I truly believe in the ‘Soshi’ bond.

        • missy says:

          the articelw as wrong but I’m sure the group will end soon…

          that groups is just like destiny’s child when they were 4…and that group was actually 4 real friends not put together by some entertainment group.

          beyonce did everything adn theothers were just props..and you know how that group ended….
          same with PCD..with one girl dominatingt he group.

          in SNSD = overrated yoona (who can’t sing) is the main image.and then people know jessica….and maybe the maknae…

          but you can tell the group is bias. seriously,
          I would be pissed to be in that group..and yoona gets most of the attention…

          That group is together because of a contract..and once that contract ends..the group ends.
          Those girls probably don’t like each other..
          i mean they even said yoona gets special treatment….

          just like pcd and destiny’s child..SNSD will fall apart
          someday….before or after the contracts end.

          • ashley says:

            really to me it seems like all of them get special treatment because I never read any news about them being over worked falling a sleep on set or getting seriously injured like other SM artist and u think they would since they dance in high heels all the time.

            • missy says:

              well..alot don’t get oveworked because they are popular.

              yoona is the most worked and makes the most money in the group…and then jessica, taeyeon, and seohyun..

              I think the other just do snsd activities…..

  4. 0001 says:

    anything can happen. fans can’t prevent their stars not to disband. when they want to disband, they will and no one can stop them.

  5. Maggie says:

    LOL just noticed something….check out their legs in this pic vs the article right below w/SNSD & KARA. Its more of a before & after of their legs shots…the legs are really elongated and slimmed in the other article compared to their stumpy legs here.

    Just sayin’ not hatin’.

    • Telephone says:

      They’re korean.. Koreans naturally have stumpy little legs, but they use photoshop and other technology to make them look like they’ve got long legs like chinese girls.

      • Cookietart says:

        Poor jealous chink…thousands of chinks go to Korea to have plastic surgery to look more like Koreans. And you think that Chinese gooks have long legs? LOLOLOL. Ya wish XD

        • Telephone says:

          Gook is short for ‘hanguk salam’ which means a korean person in korean. So I cannot see who you’re trying to offend other than Josunjuk. Other than that, chinese people have naturally longer legs, and because less of them have to go to have plastic surgery they normally stay in China or go to Japan. Korea isn’t really somewhere they think about.

          Besides, everyone knows Koreans have little legs, big round faces, little eyes, no boobs and skeletal bodies. It’s how their genetics make them, just they hate their own genes.

    • Cutiepie says:

      Yea what the hell is wrong with thier legs it ugly

  6. 7 says:

    We have to admit that a lot of new artists are taking over the top spots and its obvious that SNSD don’t find its place anymore in the chart so this could be an indication that their popularilty starts to decline. Nothing lasts forever.

    Nevertheless those very nice songs such as “Into The New World”, “Etude”, “Baby Baby”, “Touch The Sky” will always be a part of the wonderful memories of millions of fans worldwide.

    This is not an obituary but I have to say SNSD will always be remembered.

    • blossom says:

      SNSD will be remembered? in a good way or bad way?
      i think SONE will remember them in a good way but the other fandom arent. they just remember SNSD as a girl group who always bring disaster.
      the only good thing that SNSD have is SM Entertainment.

  7. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    they probably onlysaid it so the magizine could sell. they cant really tell the future.

  8. azri says:

    Hey, telephone:) This is a public site, not some toilet for you to s*** in. Do something like that again and I’ll track down your IP address. I’m about 80% sure that you’re Chinese, and about 20% sure that you’re some foreigner with this obsession over Chinese people. Whichever it is, get over it.

  9. ylper says:

    it could happen but its unnecessary to publish it until it actually happens

  10. cherri says:

    Obviously they haven’t seen these girls together or they’d think differently! These girls are closer than other groups I’ve seen and whether they disband or not, they’ve got enough girls to keep the group going.

  11. luvSuJu13 says:

    it’s a possiblity. i agree with the people who said that they all agreed on TaeYeon’s withdrawal of the leader role. i think they are all very…self-conscious and egotistic, no offense. of course, they’re celebs so they should care about their appearance, but seriously? they should be supporting their leader, rather saying, “yeah we thought so too”. at least the younger ones should have a word in this discussion or help support Taeyeon to continue the leader role. i think they only cared that they won’t be noticed if taeyeon stayed leader. please, youre in the biggest, known girl group.

  12. HappyLyn says:

    SNSD will disband, yes, but not now, probably several years from now. They have passed with flying colors the hardships & sacrifices together as a team which is really hard to break. It is natural for them to have relationship problems within the group but these people have all good heads on their shoulders & knows how to handle & solve these problems immediately so as not to break the bond & sisterhood that they have protected for a very long time. I know they are not perfect & each of the members knows their individual strengths & weaknesses but with their good training, rapport, & kind hearts they have come this far still strong & doing their very best to give entertainment to people around the world. These are just some of the reasons why they are very successful. We fans will just pray for them no matter what.

  13. queenbqty says:

    Oh, what a happy day that will be, when the plastic suckfest will finally end. They will have time to personally pleasure more ahjusshis and actually make some money to repay sm ent for the hundreds of plastic surgery procedures they’ve had and all the awards that were bought and the media payoffs!
    The most hated (so called) band in kpop will finally go away, so no one else will be subjected to such massive talentlessness and won’t have to see their mostly fugly faces and scrawny anorexic boy bodies. Woot!!!!
    I want a lifetime subscription to this magazine because its the best!!!!!

  14. hottestjen says:

    they won’t last long. publicity and popularity may tear them apart. i can just see it.

  15. KATh says:

    i think it is true, the fans just dont want to hear the truth :/

  16. ashley says:

    oops sorry 4 replying to almost everyone but a lot of u are really funny and speak the truth so yeah…lol

  17. jaxlee says:

    i know as an 100% fact that they don’t all get along.
    which is INEVITABLE because there are 9 girls in their 20’s fighting over attention.. all living together.. and all very different personalities.

    does that mean they will break up? no.
    but i know they’re not all friends.

    how do i know this? i’m actually good friends with one of the members.
    but like i said, they wont break up because of that..
    they are a group and love eachother as group members.. individually though they don’t all love eachother. they fight a lot. but they get through it cuz they are SNSD.

    my friend says it’s difficult but as SNSD members, they fight through the problems. but still there is tensions among some group members. it happens. it’s REAL LIFE. not fantasy everyone loves eachother land.

    • puppylova says:

      oh really? you make friend with one of them? is it Tiffany? or jessica? I make friend with LSM then. FYI, bestfriends or not, anything can happen in show business. It’s an unpredictable world. you’ll never know. like, I didn’t see it coming when DBSK split up. Just sayin’

  18. Jessie says:

    I agree…9 nine girls fighting over attentions, clothes, make-ups, and spotlights…it can be really nasty fights…if u don’t believe it then check your siblings and ask ur self how many time time you caught in a shouts with them (and they r u blood-related siblings!), I heard that the youngest of SNSD still using formal words to others and Jessica is too silent, Yoona is too self-absorbed (I watch in KBS America that she refuse to go out without her make-up artist draw fine lines of eyebrows), and Tiffany is little bit “dumb” offense ladies…I like their songs, i think it’s pretty catchy, but living together without fists and tears? Hah!.fans…suck it up and see the truth…they r not living in a dream world without fights.
    Girls bands r now growing up so fast, I even find it funny for their band names (HAM?!!) but they r amazingly pretty and great in dance (singing?…well…)
    And I agree that there r three division in K-Ent, the teenagers, the 20s, and the Americans…Jessica is really proud of being well in speaking English, they called her it’s her talent, well I wouldn’t call myself has a talent if I know Cyliric if I lived in Russia..
    Koreans r sooo weird if it deals with their startruck and idolness…the just want to see what their eyes want to the end, SNSD would break up someday, weather it’s because of the contract or other issues..SHINWA, TVXQ, even Rain with his former agencies…The popularity stands for at least 10 years only, that’s why TVXQ had to sign 13 years of contract, because SM knows that they just have that length of year to sell those boys…and after that..many old boybands become comedians..which consider as embarassment.

    • MYAMY says:

      but poor SNSD. they wont go anywhere if they break up. SNSD dont have any skill or any individual talent. they only know how to curse, how to complain, how to tease their sunbae and whatever.
      dont compare them with TVXQ, Shinhwa & Rain coz they are more better than SNSD.

      • Olivia says:

        maybe SNSD wouldn’t end up anywhere, they r too specific, but there is always acting possibilities, because Korean artist is such a awhole package (u should sing, dancing, acting, modelling), all the ways to the money ladies.

        I always consider SNSD as non-talented celebrities except Taeyon (that girl can sing), the others r just eye candies, but Korean love them (that’s the fact). but about cursing and teasing is soooo true…I watch in KBS (U know how close KBS and SM ent r) Yoona and Jessica were cursing over a pair of shoes (check also celebrity x-files).
        Iam not looking for flaws, everybody have it, but Gosh! People! SNSD is not saints!…I am sick of seeing people dumbfounded about them.
        They aim their songs for uncles and daddies, that’s pretty scary…reasonable but do u think it’s little bit fetish?
        TVXQ, SHINWA and Rain r extremely talented, they make their own songs, theydance off their butt, they chose the future they want, they r true artistes…but SNSD enjoy such huge – all-access ..I never heard them passed out or get into emergency room for fatigue or excess working…I just heard it from Brown eyed girls, 2NE1, MBLAQ and TVXQ (they r deadly talented), on the other side we all know SNSD is really freakkingly thin, logically it’s impossible to know they r just doing fine with their dances and schedule (and they wear high heels all the time).
        And never connect my opinion with racism, and plastic-surgery anti, asking for attention, or whatever u called people like me…and I am Korean.

        • Telephone says:

          You’re unlikely to be korean. If you were really korean you wouldn’t need to tell people that you’re korean.

          This implies you’re probably an American heritage-leech who lives in and or around LA. That’s because LA is the mecca for Koreans.

          I guess I did pretty well there.

  19. Olivia says:

    K-Ent has division..70ers, 80ers, 90ers, means they always group with the same year of they were born, iy you were born in 1990es then you should end up with KARA and half of SNSD..this fact is really funny for me becausse they even make hats and shirts to claim that!!!

    And have u ever see that there so many Rookies end up in so-not-important variety shows while the others end up in such exagerated topics about how pretty, how ‘honey’ her tights is, and how blond her hair is? well that’s is K-Ent…
    All I can say is …please no dirty words ladies…it’s not worth a dime, also fans…face the truth, everything that starts will ends…like Jessie wrote “suck it up and face it”

  20. Catie says:

    About talents, there was a huge fuss about live performance of SNSD, they used this technology to check the true voice of celebrities, the erased the instrument and the analyse the voice, SHINEE was great, the funniest is when it turned to SNSD, each member got only 3 seconds (at least), and the youngest member got only 3, 45 seconds (”oppa..oppa..sharanghae”…that’s all!), Yoona got 4 seconds (” run…run…”) and the longest r Taeyon and Jessica…and all i can think was…dude! too much members, too pretty, to cute, too sexy…! no wonder people blinded !!! well I could be like that if I were a realtive of Lee Soo Man (his face looks like pervert!) got dozen of Plastic surgery and dance hell-out of my body…at least BEG, 2NE1, Miss A r sexy, great dancers, great rapper..and u know what…they can sing! Plus Plasticfantastic.

  21. […] Japanese Magazine Predicts The End Of Girls’ Generation? […]

  22. Sai says:

    In my opinion, if they disband they can blame it on contracts, company or just about anything else. However, I will always believe it is because they are alot older than anyone realizes and in their business once they reach a certain age they always turn to acting or modeling to keep their careers going or moving. In other words, has anyone ever noticed that bands in Korea have a short life and never stay together for a very long time.

    • ashley says:

      yeah compared to Japanese bands Korean groups never last that long

      • Toilet says:

        the performance groups are just a branded façade or ‘skin’ to an entertainment organisation which can quite simply just drop the group and pick up a new one within a few weeks.

        It’s that simple. Just replace it when people get bored.

    • 7 says:

      Just to keep track the group SNSD is already 4 years. And their members are not among the oldest compared to other girl group since they are just 20-21 years old compared to others which has members with 23-26 years old (i.e. Kara’s Park Gyuri = 23, 2NE1’s Sandara Park = 26, f(x)’sVictoria Song = 24.

      • Toilet says:

        … yeh, but they collectively have no talent.

        How come you think it’s all about age and not about musical ability or skills? quite typical for a fanatic to be rubbish, eh.

        • 7 says:

          Can’t you see whose comment I’m replying to?

          Quite typical for a moron to butt in and come up with a stupid conclusion without understanding the flow of the conversation.

          • Toilet says:

            OOOO.. we have an angry and upset fanatical imbecile do we? You’re not having a conversation, you’re making some nonsensical statements. And we’re laughing at you.

            • 7 says:

              An imbeciles is a mentally retarded person who lacks ability in logic and reasoning. And that person is you.

              Our conversation doesn’t make sense to you simply because you can’t understand it.

  23. Maron says:


    SNSD 4-EVER ❤ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. liz says:

    Highly unlikely since SM has renegotiated some of their contracts and these girls live better than most idols these days. SNSD is their top group right now and and I think SM is willing to accommodate the girls more than their sunbaes since they don’t want another disbandment happening.

  25. Toilet says:

    I think this is as a result of an inferiority as a result of the Hallyu wave, because everyone knows that the hallyu wave is currently decimating american music at the moment, and people in South America and Europe cannot move for K-pop.

    I think it’s more about Korean pop groups begging their way into the Japanese charts… and they’re probably quite right. Some of them will probably leave… they’ll probably go to live in USA near LA.

  26. Kasey says:

    No comment,if it is too good then there is something hidden behind it.

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